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I recently obtained the item Bridge to Nowhere Background and noticed that it looks completely different from the image thumbnail when used on a pet/viewed on the pet's lookup -- on my pets lookup or anywhere that uses the HTML5 image, it adds really, really intense and opaque purple clouds that do not appear at all in the image thumbnail. I had no idea it was going to look like this when I obtained it and it completely changes the vibe of the background. Is there any way to fix this or is this the way that the background is supposed to look?~offensivedave
Hello! Thanks for bringing this bug to our attention! We have made the proper fixes and your pet should be able to wear this background with no issue now! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! Would you consider adding Golden Jewelled Tiara as part of the Overstock Cleanout Sale? It is so cute but so rare to find. Thank you!~kingambit
Hello! This is a good idea… mayhaps! Stay tuned for the cleanout next week! x) ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! Quick question about the Plushie Carmariller. I assumed it would be a petpet since it's called Plushie Carmariller and not Carmariller Plushie, but was disappointed to find out that it is, in fact, categorized as a Plushie. So my question is, was it named wrong, or categorized wrong? (Keeping my fingers crossed for the latter). Thank you! ♥~xantaquana
Hello! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Rest assured that this has been corrected and we apologize for any confusion but we hope that you will still consider hugging this cute lil' Plushie! ~~ Adler

Now you have launched the new Tales of Dacardia, is there any possibility that the items from Island Builders could be made tradeable, please? i.e. Crystal Plateau Dacardian Shield, Lania Plushie, and Power Gem Background. Thank you!~isabelle888253
Hiya! Yes, we can make them tradeable! Also keep an eye out for these items in the future as they may be made available again in future updates to TADA! ~~Sunpotato

Thank you for all you do to keep this site up and running, it's much appreciated. For whatever reason the Count von Roo Contacts which I've had on my pet lupe doesn't show on my pets lookup anymore and he's not very happy about it :-/. Can someone look into this and fix it? Thank you for looking into this. ~jayhawker
Hello! Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention! We’ve looked into this and have made the fixes, so your pet Lupe should be able to be happy again once more! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! When can we make the Royal Girls in the Styling Studio?!~greyfever
Oh, hey! I think they will- Whoa, hold on, wha- what’s that… sound? Is that extremely faint chanting in the background? It’s getting louder, oh goodness what the-!”ₛₛ ₛₒ ₒ ₙ.. s o O o n… sOo On n N n ₛ ₒ ₒ ₙ”Huh, not sure what that’s all about that… Anyway! The highly anticipated royalty are in their carriages and on the way to visit the Studio within the fortnight! ~~Fae

Hi TNT! I was just thinking- I know fruit and veggie chias don't get a lot of wearables, and for good reason, but wouldn't it be fitting if the potato chia could wear the Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack? :D~bekaree2
Hi there! Totally agree that that would be rather… fitting and make a cool customisation! We will definitely keep this in mind for future Pet Days, thanks for the suggestion! ~~ Adler

Hi TNT, is there any chance we could get some old Altador Cup prizes re-released this year? Some of the really old prizes that are hard to find would be great, like Slushie Slinger Drinking Cap, and perhaps some of the stamps. Thank you!~aquaantoni
Hi there! This is a very cool idea! We are taking note! Thank you ~~Goldfish in Bowl

What if in the entire multiverse, there is a universe that Neopia actually exist? Does anyone in TNT never think or realized that there is a possibility that actually Neopia exist? I mean, the odd of it being real is infinite, don't you think? What if someone from that world just visit our world to visit you guys. Everyone in your team going to be surprised if you think about it. Hope your mind is blowned with this revelation.~jomarcenter2012
What do you mean…it exists right here. ;) ~~Stone

Can we get some pride markings like the flags painted on cheeks for our pets?~xprussia
Hello! Thank you for the creative suggestion! Rest assured there will be some fun pride items releasing soon! ~~ Adler


Hey TNT, I just wanted to say I appreciate the careful approach that you're taking to reintroducing old or inflated items to the economy, from SAP in the advent calendar, to weekly rewards, and neggs and codestones in the daily pools. You seem to have found good rates of release for each of these that don't make them super cheap for their value, but still making them available enough to serve their purposes. Thank you for taking the time to figure out ways to introduce such items in a mostly balanced way!~davymuncher

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