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Continued Series

A Hero's Journey: Squire

"'He said he wasn't good enought to be my squire,' said Rohane, burying his face into..."

by precious_katuch14
Salem of the Sway

I followed closely behind Bee as she led me through the mansion. Both of our hoods were pulled up to shroud our faces in darkness and mystery. With the presence of..."

by skittleskit09
The Timeless Tale

"Two years. It had been two whole years since Rhea's banishment from the Citadel..."

by chlo26
Ashes of the Alabriss

"Brynn spent the next hour talking with Kali; teaching her how to stretch Storm’s legs, telling her what a good listener he was, how he would get excited on the Day of Giving because..."

by salem_822
Elizia and the Krawk Island Boat Race

"The sun was bright in the sky the next morning, the sands warm beneath Elizia’s feet. A trickle of sweat ran down her face..."

by platinum_marauder
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"Uriela and the Chain" by turbomun
On a warm spring night in Neopia Central, the faintest hint of a breeze traveled through the streets, creeping in through an open window that it found along the way. There it entered a little house – specifically, the bedroom of a young Usul, whose fur rippled lightly as it passed over her. The Usul herself took no notice of this, slumbering obliviously, smiling a little at her bright and happy dreamscape. The bedroom itself wasn’t spotlessly neat, but it was at least an organized mess. Scattered all around were signs of the young Usul’s passions: nail polish bottles lined up by color on a vanity table; fashion posters tacked to the walls; a straight-A report card proudly displayed on top of the dresser. Heaped in a corner by the door was her backpack, with her name written across the front in rainbow marker letters: URIELA. On evenings when the weather was fine, Uriela loved to sleep with her window open. The feeling of the breeze ruffling her fur never failed to lull her to sleep. And now that winter was finally giving way to spring, she was looking forward to many more nights of starry skies, fresh air, and gentle winds. But tonight, the wind wasn’t the only thing that entered her bedroom. Uriela stirred when she realized that she had become cold. Still more asleep than awake, she reached down for her comforter, but her wandering hands came...

Other Stories


A Spring Picnic
With a crisp breeze in the air and a dapple of sunlight bursting through the branches arching over the small but homely hut, just within the boundary of the Haunted Woods, Sophie had made a decision.

by betti666


Baking Memories
“Oh no!” Rosie yelled, wafting away smoke as she ran towards the oven. Tugging the door open, she grabbed a dishcloth and pulled out the burnt cake.

by elizabeth197288


A Foodie’s Guide to Tyrannia
Food is a great way to immerse yourself in other cultures, and what location has as much fascinating cultural history as Tyrannia? Collab with surging

by clorox


Neopia's Greatest Hunters
As all Neopians know, May is the month of Hunting. Collab with littlebitdancer

by marinarasaucy


Life Improvised : A Taxing Battle
Some fights come down to the numbers.

by keng200


Faerie Slumber Party
Even Jhudora has special hidden talents.

by starbiology

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