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Neopia's Greatest Hunters

by marinarasaucy


As all Neopians know, May is the month of Hunting. Many Pets celebrate the month by hunting for the best deals in the Marketplace and Bazaar, searching for Neggs in the Annual Negg Festival, and of course scouting for the best meal, whether it’s at a premier restaurant like Kelp or in the wilds of Neopia. But did you know Neopia is home to many top of the line hunters who scour the world for unique objects. Learning about these hunters will give many Neopians tips and advice to embark on their own hunts.


     This formidable hunter was a powerful and oversized Hasee who searched for powerful Neggs. His main hunting ground seemed to be in a cave near the Clockwork Negg. It is unknown how long he stayed in the cave however; he was eventually vanquished by the Ancient Negg Amulet that was located inside the grid-like puzzle. Let it be a warning that searching for power can end up being the hunter’s ruin.

     Ylana Skyfire

     Skyfire grew up in a life of luxury, living in a vast mansion. She broke contact with her family after The Neopian Bank foreclosed on her family home. Going as far away as she could, this Acara traveled to the Virtupets Space Station where she joined the profession of bounty hunting. She eventually was hired by Dr Sloth and was tasked with finding the Cybunny Scout. When Dr Sloth was defeated, Ylana Skyfire left the space station and supposedly continued her bounty hunting. Her story teaches that when all seems lost, one can pick themselves up and start over. Just maybe don’t join a villain’s team.


      This roguish Kyrii devoted his life to hunting treasure. One day he came across a buried temple in the desert. The door was magically sealed and could not be opened by any means other than uttering a code phrase. After several attempts, Ganeel shouted the phrase “Abracadabra” and the temple’s door opened. This Kyrii’s tale shows determination triumphs, one should never give up, and sometimes it is the simplest solution that works.

     Puzzle Hunters Club

     This club is made up of three friends who love puzzles: Max Torra, Maeve Slade, and Birdie Featherheart. These pals are always searching for fun riddles and mysteries to complete together. Even if the puzzles might be challenging, they enjoy spending time together as friends. The Puzzle Hunters Club shows that no matter how niche an interest is, there are always Neopians who share that interest. It also demonstrates that one does not have to hunt for something grand, but that hunting for something small might lead to something even more special, friendship.

     Sir Pompadour

      This self absorbed Skeith gave himself the title of treasure hunter, though it is unknown if he has ever succeeded in finding treasure. He heard of Old Maraqua’s treasures hidden amongst its ruins, and set off. Though his hair may be big, his brain definitely was not. As soon as he learned Maraqua was underwater, he canceled his plans in order to protect his perfectly sculpted hairdo. He now participates in catching Maraquan Petpets to do his searching for him. Sir Pompadour’s tale is a great example of vanity and fabulous hair.

     Corbin and Kell

     They are two monster hunting brothers, whose father was a monster hunter as well. It is unknown what got them into the business, whether their father trained them or they felt a sense of duty. Either way, they received acclaim after the capture and reveal of Scarlet’s true nature as a shape-shifting monster during the Spooky Food Eating Contest. Corbin and Kell are a great example of teamwork and how to bring a bit of drama to an event.

     Gutan Kai

     This Chia is Tyrannia’s hunter and defender. Although he serves two major roles for the land, it doesn’t diminish his pride and loyalty to the Tyrannian citizens. His large teeth and mohawk provide an excellent intimidating attire that scare off the smaller, skittish invaders. His prowess with spear and shield take care of any daring attacker left bold enough to approach. Gutan Kai is the perfect role model of loyalty and devotion to one’s land.


     This bounty hunter Lupe’s reputation precedes him; however some may not know his origin story. When he was just a cub, he was discarded by his parents near the Haunted Woods. Lost and confused, the young Balthazar wandered until he came across the alluring presence of darkness faeries and asked for their help. After being pelted by sticks and stones from the faeries, the young Lupe ran away. Since then, he has never forgotten the cruelty that he experienced and has dedicated his life to hunting down any faerie, bottling them up, and then selling them for a profit. Balthazar’s tale shows that being callous and vile towards another can cause a future of oppression that could have been avoided. Always lend a helping hand and look for those who need aid.

     Gelert Beast Hunter

     This Gelert from Meridell started his life as a simple farmer. When a beast attacked his farm and destroyed it, he wanted revenge. Since then he has been wandering looking for the beast that ruined his trade. Though his tale is short, its theme is revenge. There are many differing opinions on revenge, whether one should seek it or not. A great alternative is The Gelert Beast Hunter could have sought out real estate and taken a claim out from The National Neopian Bank.


     This orange Kougra spends his days scouring Mystery Island’s jungles for his favorite fruit, the Golden Juppie. He may not be a treasure, bounty, or a beast hunter, like some of the others listed before him, but he nonetheless is a hunter. He just happens to search for his favorite snack, just like a lot of Neopians do during a warm sunny afternoon.

     All of these hunters listed shared one thing in common; they had a passion for searching for something they value. Hopefully they have inspired you and other Neopians to pursue something with fervour. Neopia is filled with many different objects, whether it is puzzles, treasure, food, or beasts, there is something for everyone to find this month of Hunting.


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