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I've seen listings in the Trading Post that say things like "Buy This Map for Your Side!" Will you please remind everyone that the prizes are Neopoints, so therefore you may not collect them on a side account? I'd hate for anyone to be misinformed and frozen. ~teddysbabybear
While you're welcome to turn in the map on your side account, it'd be a colossal waste of Neopoints, as it unlocks a daily that you can't do on your side account, so really, it's best you don't bother. Please only enjoy this new daily on your main account.

About a month ago, I noticed that Invasion of Meridell had been removed from my Favorite Games page; the game's page explains that it's "down for maintenance." A game that old? What gives? Also... is it ever coming back? It may have been a little dated, but there is a special place in my heart for IOM. ~foghawk
We talked to a programmer and there was some kind of glitch with it. It's been taken down indefinitely. We'll talk amongst ourselves to figure out if we want to put the time in to fix the game. If not, we may release the associated avatar in a different way, or retire it. We'll update you once we reach a decision.

When you receive an item from the Rubbish Dump, or are too slow to receive the item, the image of the dump becomes squished. This same error occurs when you visit the Esophagor after failing a quest. This is likely a result of updating the images but forgetting to change the image parameters on these specific pages to match the new longer images. ~sick_swimmer
That's exactly what happened. We're harassing someone to fix it as we speak. Type. Whatever.

P.S.: With regard to those other questions you're always sending us, we are looking into them.

Why is the Pile of Dung item classified as a weapon?!? ~myaojou
You've obviously never been attacked by a group of wild Myncies before. Really, though, it's not marked as a weapon in any way, so we're not sure what you're talking about; it was, however, a cute (if not bizarrely random) question.

I was lucky enough to be one of the first few to receive a Pirate Draik Egg from the Forgotten Shore daily! I simply wanted to know what the odds were of finding such a treasure in the first week of the map being released, especially since I already have three pirates! I wouldn't want people to think it's some kind of shenanigan. :P ~galaxia777
Oh, so you're the one that caused a bunch of people to write in asking if it was possible to get a Pirate Draik Egg from the new daily! Haha, yes, we can see why people might have raised an eyebrow. Just to get everyone off your back, we'd like to assure Neopia that this, indeed, is a possible prize, and it is very, very rare. As for a pirate fanatic being one of the first to get one, well... stranger things have happened. Lucky you!

It was so nice and warm in that sand.

Now that you've successfully tackled Draik / Krawk inflation, what are your plans for the future regarding unconverted Neopets? Would you ever invent something like an unconverted Lab Ray zap, a Random Event that turns Neopets unconverted, or give Neopets an option to be UC or converted to suit owners' taste? Please remove my username. ~username removed
There are no plans for unconverted Neopets. They are relics left over from the past, and not something we are giving any consideration to in the future. While many players seem to think of them as something like a rare paint brush colour, we consider them to be more like an out of date operating system: great back in the day, but no longer supported.

Hey, TNT! It's Friday and it was a short week! Anyway, I was wondering if you would convert all of the unconverted Neopets one day? ~berryftws
Yes. Next Tuesday, actually. Yes, we're joking. We joke so we don't sob at all the UC questions. No really, you can stop panicking now. They are our bane, but unconverted Neopets can stay UC for the foreseeable future.

Have you ever considered increasing the amount of Neopoints in the prize pool for, say, the Lenny Conundrum, or making those harder? There are so many people who win each week that the winners really get so little. :( ~coolitiger25
The limited pool of Neopoints is actually to encourage players not to share the answer. We try to vary the Lenny Conundrum in difficulty, so that hopefully on occasion a clever Neopian hits the jackpot.

TNT, why isn't there an "instant research" button for the Shop Wizard? Say I'm looking for an item. I type it out, but want to find it cheaper. Therefore, I have to go back and repeat everything. Why isn't there a button that repeats the last search? ~applepasta
Your F5 button provides that function (or whichever button you use to refresh your browser window). :)

Which is bigger, the Krawken or a Titanic Giant Squid? ~theultimatesecret
We believe the Krawken is bigger. Though, as they say, there's always a bigger fish in the sea. Not that the Krawken is a fish. It's more like a cephalopod, but... you know what? You get the idea. Moving on!

So, uhh... are you guys adding more and more image jokes to the bottom of the Editorial to avoid answering all the questions about the Wishing Well avatar? ~tajie
We have no idea what you guys are talking about. We OH, LOOK! A PARADE.

What a fun distracting parade! Yay!

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