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Continued Series

They Think it's All Over: Part Eight

The Judge added, "I told King Altador about your plans."

by herdygerdy
More Powerful than Magic: Part Nine

Jazan wasn't swayed for a second by Xandra's talk of power and conquest. He'd heard words like that before – that was the way Razul had talked.

by saphira_27
Torch in the Darkness: Part Five

I gasped. Their homes were in trees? I thought that he would just take me to a nest or something.

Art by ellbot1998

by ellbot1998

Visions II: To Save an Ogrin - Part Three

"Hey, Nil," someone greeted from her blind side. She cried out and turned around. It was Hanso, grinning stupidly at her.

by yotoll
Thyla's Tale: Part Five

"No way am I painting you Christmas. I may be nice for a dark faerie, but that's too nice of a color."

by chestnuttiger787
Learn to Fly: Part Four

I had no idea how many kilometers I was away from Tyrannia. For that matter, I didn't know which direction to swim!

by cactusthorn2151
When Mr. Weatherby Forgot How To Say No: Part Three

I had handed over the seven thousand Neopoints Aaliyah had begrudgingly given to me, without so much as a wince. This soap was right up there amongst the best purchases I'd ever made, I realised with a smile...

by partonsvite
Freedom Reader: Part Three

In front of over a hundred other fourth graders and five teachers? This was a disaster. It was bigger than a disaster...

by little_bunny_heart
Enough Adventure for One Day: Part Four

"I can't shake him off!" our owner, Shannon exclaimed as she tried to pull herself into the vent...

by 2dancers2robots
Just a Little... Different: Part Two

I smiled to myself. It was worth a shot, and if it didn't work, well, it never hurt to have more books around the house.

by nurseryteacher28
Last Place: Part Two

"If anything, it's too late. Some pets get up at midnight on beauty contest mornings to groom and get an early jump on voting."

by peterpuffin1
I'm NOT Losing The Bet!: Part Two

"I gonna win," Brynn teased, unable to speak properly because her mouth was full.

"No, you're noht," Hanso retorted, sticking his tongue out at her.

by chimp_chicken_fish

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Owning a Draik

They cost much more than the average Neopet, and owning one becomes a symbol of one's wealth or dedication to their pets. Upon their discovery, most new Neopians will exclaim: "15 MILLION Neopoints?! Really?" But their bafflement is soon replaced with the yearning for such beautiful creatures – and if there were a list, Draiks would surely earn first place...

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