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New Series

Just One Wish: Part One

If you had one wish... just one wish... what would you wish for?

by bumble_bee64
Better than Scones: Return of the Black Pawkeet - Part One

Rose and Alexa are back, and what started out as a simple mishap caused them to be sucked into something huge...

by scribe1020
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Owning a Draik

They cost much more than the average Neopet, and owning one becomes a symbol of one's wealth or dedication to their pets. Upon their discovery, most new Neopians will exclaim: "15 MILLION Neopoints?! Really?" But their bafflement is soon replaced with the yearning for such beautiful creatures – and if there were a list, Draiks would surely earn first place...

Other Stories


The Last Dance
It was a lovely night out, bright and sparkling and young, with a full harvest moon that hung low over the empty streets. They laughed as they ran down the sidewalk...

by jokerhahaazzz


Chapter Thirteen
Her name is Xandra. My name is Xandra. The similarities stop there. So why can't people just accept that?

by kittenkutie936


The Comprehensive Guide to Stick Fishing
If you take a trip to Warf Wharf, you will notice that when there are no ships at the harbour, the occasional petpet or two will pick up a stick, tie some string around it and begin fishing.

by sphericalice


15 Things Your Draik Will Appreciate
It's Draik Day! Today we have the joy of celebrating those expensive Neopets...

by roversydneygirl


Ventures #2
Intro Part 2. Featuring a slightly petulant Lupe analyst.

by neo_coaster363


Staring Contest
Don't play it with a fish.

by matsuda__hekino

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