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Edna's Quest #11 - So Very Wrong

Newbies, don't make this mistake!

by toffeedatepudding
Saly's Club: Fishing

Book issues? Many.

by djudju22_8
Kougra Stories- Looking for a job 6/9

Yoshiko and Sorami are looking for a job; will they get one?

by tachiki
A Gaggle of Gobblers: Gangee

This tiny Petpet has a voracious appetite and will eat almost anything.

by fireandice92
Flapjacks - Wishing Well

Take that, Wishing Well!

by geckobubbles
As You Were - Part 04

I'm going to face my doom.

by crainwater
Speak No More: Superheroes

Watch out, evil doers, Yellow Sparrow's in town!

by laehlani
The Truth About the Dung Faerie


by terabithian
Bad Puns #2.5: NT Avatar Woes

Why do you always draw NT comics?

by cactusthorn2151
JubJub Mania: Stinky

Do you ever...

by nickel158
Locked Comics: The Purpose of Codestones

I would like to enroll in...

by lockednloaded21
So Says the Slorg!

Guest artist edition!

by supercheezee
Please Keep Your Hands Off of Me

What now...

by iggy_b_puff

I should really have another male pet...

by big_spider
Comic of Misfortune- Compliments

Truly one of the kindest things to say to a zombie.

by mutantte
100 Kinds of Crazy - Snowager

Any fight can be one with a kitten.

by kouger233
Coltzan's Shrine

You find a shiny dubloon lying in the sand.

by sparkleunisterii
Ventures #2

Intro Part 2. Featuring a slightly petulant Lupe analyst.

by neo_coaster363

A critical evaluation...

by bellisimo_star
Sugar and Spice and Everything Else

Lutaris seem to have some abandonment issues...

by squareular
A Mind of Our Own: Eyebrows

Those are pretty big eyebrows.

by sastu
Muckla and Customization

The NC mall! Makes all your wishes come true! *wink*

by lovisa966
Just Cake #9

Silly or smart? Hmm.

by flameshard
Neopia's Weird Toys...

...and their even weirder owners.

by girlpower836
Staring Contest

Don't play it with a fish.

by matsuda__hekino
My buddy Ghalactic


by snuffie

Revenge is sweet.

by zieloh
Aspirations: To Play?

A dance or a lace!

by optimystique
Dr. Death's Day Off

A small adventure with two of my pets, who are wondering what Dr. Death does on his days off.

by viirli
Under A Rock (Part 1)

What did I miss?

by misfit_vampire
Xweetok Family - An Artist's Dilemma

I suffer from this too...

by 5966001
Recipe for Disaster: The Visitor (part 1)

How cute. An un-wanted poster.

by prismfire
The Floating Islanders - 25th comic

We should have an avatar for this many; then again, we're still working on the wishing well avvie.

by yankeesrule244444456
Life as a Giant: Hide and Seek!

Sometimes being a giant isn't easy. (Happy 6th Birthday, Azelli!)

by partialtobananabread
Faerie Bubbles

We haven't gone on vacation in a while.

by flamingoez
Tangeriiine's Birthday #5

Everything was all set for Tangeriiine's birthday...

by mistyqee
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Guide to Stick Fishing

If you take a trip to the Warf Wharf, home to the hustle and bustle of the island, the centre of theft and trade, gambling and competitions... and, anti-climatically... colouring pages? Anyway, yes, if you take a trip to Warf Wharf, you will notice that when there are no ships at the harbour, the occasional petpet or two will pick up a stick, tie some string around it and begin fishing...

Other Stories


Heart of a Hero
Jessica was a huge fan of the Defenders. She had posters of every member of Neopia's defense force on her room's walls.

by wolfsaver654


Chapter Thirteen
Her name is Xandra. My name is Xandra. The similarities stop there. So why can't people just accept that?

by kittenkutie936


The Comprehensive Guide to Stick Fishing
If you take a trip to Warf Wharf, you will notice that when there are no ships at the harbour, the occasional petpet or two will pick up a stick, tie some string around it and begin fishing.

by sphericalice


Mini Guide to Treasure Keepers
There are essentially two things you will be doing throughout most of the game – exploring and managing your shop.

by taviela


Visions II: To Save an Ogrin - Part Three
"Hey, Nil," someone greeted from her blind side. She cried out and turned around. It was Hanso, grinning stupidly at her.

by yotoll


They Think it's All Over: Part Eight
The Judge added, "I told King Altador about your plans."

by herdygerdy

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