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Short Stories

Chapter Thirteen

Her name is Xandra. My name is Xandra. The similarities stop there. So why can't people just accept that?

by kittenkutie936

It's time to go to school.

Giving one last despairing glance at herself, Jodie swings her backpack over her shoulder and leaves her room.

by maraqua_berry

The Last Dance

It was a lovely night out, bright and sparkling and young, with a full harvest moon that hung low over the empty streets. They laughed as they ran down the sidewalk...

by jokerhahaazzz
A Memory of Disaster

Aurikura closes her eyes, remembering the day clearly. She was in the Golden Dubloon...

by thelonetiel
One Neopet's Treasure

When two friends go in search of adventure, things may not always go as planned!

by chavo_guerrero
Isadora's Curse

Today, Isa was on a mission.

by dizzyblackberry
Heart of a Hero

Jessica was a huge fan of the Defenders. She had posters of every member of Neopia's defense force on her room's walls.

by wolfsaver654
Lost and Found

I drifted along. The sun was warm at my back, and down below, all the neopets scurrying along looked so tiny, so adorable.

by mckinleybooksfan
The Adventures of Lazerfluf of Antegeroth

Recently, a new knight had joined the Royal Bodyguards, a bumbling and unlucky (but very brave) knight by the name of Lazerfluf.

by lasergu
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"Lucky" by maraqua_berry
Jodie hates the rain. She looks grimly out of the window at it, then switches her gaze to the mirror, to herself. An orange Aisha stares back at her. There are dark rings under her eyes, and her mouth, no matter how hard she tries, refuses to twist into a smile. She looks every bit as miserable as she feels. It's time to go to school...

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