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Hi there! The Neopian Times has always been the only "creative contest"-style activity on the site that does not give prizes out except for special/themed issues, even though writing for the NT can be really time-intensive. Is there a future in which successfully being published in The Neopian Times could give you a prize from the same pool as the Storytelling Contest, Poetry or Art Gallery? ~ phoenix_through_fire
Hello there! This was a popular request so we recently updated this. All published authors and collaborators now receive a prize from the prize pool along with the Neopian Times Trophy! We totally get that writing can be quite a feat! ~~ Adler

Hi TNT! If you haven't already by the sending of this editorial, could you please activate the Feldon Dinksy Collibridge Stamp? Thanks so much! Please don't forget to put it into the Krawk Island Album! ~ triarthrus_eatoni
Hi there! Trust, we heard all of you about the Krawk Island Album needing some love! She should be officially gracing the page of your Krawk Island Album as of Shoyru Day! ~~ Adler

Hi TNT! My poor Nostalgic Darigan Blumaroo has been invisible since he got his new style. Could you make him visible again? Thank you! ~ anonymous
Hey there! We found 'em wandering around Darigan Castle, looking for some pizza-related snackies. They should be making an appearance at a quick ref near you now! ~~ Fae

Cease thinking TNT! Can you please end this editorial with a version of the YOU KNOW NOTHING poster without any text? Please TNT, don't cry about it, do it for the memes. ~ rielcz
*Thinking ceased* Hello! I will cry about it, but I will also do it for the memes! You’re welcome! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hey gang, been appreciating all the great work you guys have been doing lately! Now I just recently equipped this weird wonky item, Purple Plasma Sword, to my set and I've been trying it out lately but it's acting weird. Is there any possible way that you guys could get Donny to take a look at this item? I believe he'll be able to tinker with and maybe fix it a little bit. Thanks! ~ _vape_
Hello! Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Donny did some tinkering and figured out the problem! Should be all fixed. ~~ Sunpotato


Dear TNT, please tell Chadrick I love him, thank you. ~serebii251

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the new Service Petpet Kadoatie! My Wocky just adopted one (named Bubbles) to be an anxiety-easing companion for her Altachuck, and the two Petpets are now best friends! ~cadetbush

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