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Warning! Don't Visit the Snowager in Meri Acres Farm

by tamimarieb


Day after day we trek out to Meri Acres Farm to brave the Snowager. Here we hope to find treasures only grabbed by the brave or an elusive avatar that ranks us among the best. Yes, venturing into Meri Acres Farm and the den of the Snowager might seem like a great and brave adventure, but I am here to tell you the journey isn’t worth it.

     Meri Acres Farm and the Snowager are not worth your bravery and mirth. The destination alone should make even the bravest traveller reconsider their thoughts of entering the Snowager’s filthy den. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove to you that travelling to Meridell and finding the Snowager’s lair within Meri Acres Farm is beneficial to no one.

     1. You’ll be pelted with rock and dirt

     We know that if we stumble into the Snowager’s den and awaken the beast we could be greeted with its fiery wrath. When you wake the Snowager, you’re blasted with dirt, rock, muck, and who knows what else, you are on a farm remember. Is it really justifiable to travel to the Snowager’s filthy, smelly den for a measly prize if you’re going to be blasted by the foulest mud known throughout Neopia? I think not.

     2. The treasure isn’t worth it

     Sure, we head into the lair of mud and gunk to attempt to get the best treasure or avatar but usually that isn’t the case. We’re lucky to make it out with something even worth a mention. I mean you head into that farm and come out with what? An apple core, broken spoon, or squashed tomato. It doesn’t seem like those are treasures worth screaming from the rooftops for.

     3. The journey alone is gross

     Just to get to the Snowager’s den within Meridell you have to trek across farmland that isn’t kept in the utmost pristine conditions for anyone. There are holes littered throughout the route you could trip in, puddles filled with probably more than water, and dung thrown about the place. Why the Snowager decided to call Meridell and Meri Acres Farm home, I will never know but you won’t catch me getting my shoes dirty for him.

     4. It’s hot

     The sun is always beating down on you in Meri Acres Farm and it’s a scorcher. Even if you’re lucky enough to venture to see the Snowager in December when it’s sleeping all day every day, the journey isn’t worth it due to the heat alone. You don’t want to go out there and sweaty or get a sunburn now do you? Why do they even call it a Snowager, it should be a Dirtager or Sunager if you ask me.

     5. You might be attacked by Slorgs

     Near the Snowager’s den is a known piece of farmland that is overrun by Slorgs. These little slimy creatures are known to attack anyone who crosses them and visiting the Snowager definitely isn’t worth the risk of being overrun by Slorgs.

     6. Beware of flying potatoes

     There are two well known areas in Meri Acres Farm that have flying potatoes. You heard me right, the delicious root vegetable is flying through the air and its next target could be the side of your head. Regardless of the way you move through the farmland, there are flying potatoes surrounding you. Being taken down by potatoes might seem alluring but I promise you, the Snowager is not worth injury from this carb!

     7. You might become King Skarl’s court jester

     Are you looking for a career change because it might happen unexpectedly? King Skarl might kidnap you on your way to visit the Snowager and your adventuring days are over, turned into being a court jester for this grumpy king instead. Who wants to spend their days trying to impress a King who barely cracks a smile? The Snowager certainly won’t feel bad for you as it sits on a pile of dirt.

     8.Turmaculus could eat you

     Oh yeah, Meridell isn’t home to one but two angry creatures. Turmaculus sleeps right outside of Meri Acres Farms and if you catch him at the wrong time and wake him up, well he might get a little mad and eat your Petpet as revenge. Visiting the Snowager for an apple core is not worth the life of your Petpet or making Turmaculus angry. Someone really should speak to the King about all the angry monsters in his land.

     9. You’ll spend all your neopoints on Illusens

     Picture it. You’re trodding along the forest on your way to Meri Acres Farm when *poof* out of nowhere Illusens appears and asks you to go on a quest for her. You, being the adventurer that you are, cannot say no to Illusens so you accept only to find out that she wants you to find an item that will put you into bankruptcy. Now all your hard-earned Neopoints are gone, all because you went to see the Snowager and got caught in a quest for Illusens instead. Not worth it, no sir.

     10. You could get mistaken for cheese

     How could that possibly happen, don’t ask me but for all we know someone could mistake you for cheese and next thing you know, you’re rolling down the hill in Meridell. Yes, it seems insane but a new craze has been sweeping Neopia and everyone wants to see how fast they can roll cheese down the giant hill in Meridell, and you might get caught in the crossfire with your slightly brown and yellow attire. You’re already risking being blasted by dung to visit the Snowager, is it really advantageous to be rolled down a hill as well?

     You can see from my numerous points that visiting the Snowager in Meri Acres Farm is a journey you do not want to take. There is no reward to visiting this grumpy worm in its dirty, muddy home and attempting to grab a mediocre reward in the process. You're better off heading to the top of Terror Mountain and attempting to find treasure at the Rubbish Dump in that frozen wasteland instead of visiting the dung-filled Meri Acres Farm with its flying potatoes, attacking slorgs, and numerous creatures looking for an afternoon snack.


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