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Continued Series

A Corsair Among the Stars

"Korzara soon found herself standing in a place that shouldn’t exist. It was..."

by zennistrad
Mae's Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Necklace

"By the time Mae approached Fanciful Fauna, the midday sun was completely obscured by the clouds and the first few drops of rain had begun to fall..."

by satintiger
Return to White River

"Dinner was a tense affair, the only sound being the tinkling of silverware against Helene's fine dishes. She refused to talk to him..."

by hzoo_26
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"A Day for Siblings at the Altador Cup" by gentle_lil_queen
The warm morning light shone over the Altador mountains and illuminated the crowds in and outside of the Colosseum. Neopians milled to and fro, chatting about the forthcoming games and what they expected. Just inside the entrance, a Faerie Bori leaned against a wall, tapping her foot impatiently as she took occasional glances outside. She had come on time, but why were the others late? She was lucky the current match-up didn’t hold her interest, but even if she’d rather sit with the rest of her family, she wasn’t going to wait for them during the next round either. Halfway through the current game, the Bori heard a familiar shout, and she turned in time to see a Darigan Lupe run towards her. “Sorry I’m late, Daydream,” the Lupe panted. “Just…” “Just what? Where are the others, Indal?” Daydream asked. “They…” Indal sighed. “They’re not coming. Gimmer came down with Sneezles, and Seep offered to take care of her. They’ll watch the game from the lodge. Flower was called away to work at the last minute.” Daydream sighed. “That’s too bad for Gimmer. But why can’t Flower just take the day off? Is her-” she briefly brought her voice down to a whisper while miming air quotes: “’secret agent stuff’ really that important?”

Other Stories


From Kass' Right Hand: the Dark Days
Change did not come without its challenges... Thumbnail Image made by chantili_doce

by parody_ham


Collecting Cabbages, a JubJub's Gallery
"Currently, in a small area on the outskirts of Brightvale (not far from the Motery), there stands a modest building, a gallery..."

by betti666


Fresh Out of the Oven: New Guild Activity
Do you ever find yourself getting lost in your imagination at The Bakery in The Neopian Bazaar

by amylotti


Novas: Why They Should Be Neopia's Next Petpet
In good times and bad, the humble Nova has floated by our side. What better way to reward their loyalty than making them Neopia's next Petpet!

by pikapi20


Wrapped Up in your own Ideas
Everyone has their own ideas!

by derpyunikitty4_


Shootout Showdown Be Like
What's up with that guy???

by shellshocks

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