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New Series

Becoming NeAccapella

"At the Fantasian Residence, five Neopets reside in this fully functional home. Gryffon Majesty..."

by fantasy_star541
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The Committee of Normalcy in Neovia

Dear Saskori, You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia in your capacity as a Monster Tamer. Your expertise would be most appreciated. Meeting details are enclosed. Sincerely, Chairwoman Mona Hallow *** Hey Melandine! Guess what? I’m going to some super-important meeting because I’m a Monster Tamer! And you said that being a Monster Tamer wasn’t a real profession, and that twelve was too young to have a job anyway. Who’s laughing now? - Saskori *** Dearest Nathanial, My brother, have you noticed Saskori’s foul mood these past few days, since she’s attended the committee meeting? She hasn't divulged what happened there, perhaps you know? Most sincerely, Annabeth Clarke *** Dear Annabeth, Looked into things while in town, found the meeting minutes for the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia. Looks like things took a turn for the worst towards the end, you can read for yourself, I’ve sent them along with this neomail. Regards, Nathan Clarke *** Committee of Normalcy in Neovia Meeting Minutes “From a Seed, Growth” Chairwoman Mona Hallow called to order the meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia (CONIN) at 6:02pm NST on the 5th day of Hunting Y25 at Town Hall in Neovia, Haunted Woods. Secretary Thomas Carmichael conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Committee Members: - Chairwoman Mona Hallow

Other Stories


A Day for Siblings at the Altador Cup
"The warm morning light shone over the Altador mountains and illuminated the crowds in and outside of the Colosseum..."

by gentle_lil_queen


Toot Your Own Horn
Hautboit, Osbeo, and Ruisins are all my pets!

by davidfenton1


Faerieland: A Dozen Years After Xandra
"It has been a little over twelve years since Xandra crashed Faerieland into Neopia..."

by black_skull725


The Committee of Normalcy in Neovia
"You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia"

by june_scarlet


Shootout Showdown Be Like
What's up with that guy???

by shellshocks


Wrapped Up in your own Ideas
Everyone has their own ideas!

by derpyunikitty4_

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