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What Your Altador Cup Team Says About You

by spikegalactic2000


It’s that time of year again – Altador Cup time! The games are in full swing, and everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting to see which team will emerge victor (and waiting to reap all the sweet sweet rewards for all their hard work!) So, which team did you choose? It’s a hard thing, committing to a team! But it’s a known fact that all the different teams have quite different vibes, and as a result, certain people tend to gravitate towards certain teams. Read on to find out if this intrepid journalist can guess what sort of person you are, just based on your team of choice.


     You’re a bit of a wild card. You’re pretty lazy most of the time, which means you get counted out fairly easily – but you get a kick out of occasionally proving everyone wrong. (But once you’ve made everyone regret underestimating you? It’s back to bed. Eh, you’ll try again next year, right? Maybe. If you can be bothered. So, probably not.)


     Look, you’re a bit too competitive, alright? You need to chill out a bit. You kind of stress everyone out. I’m sorry, but it’s true. (There are also a lot of rumours about you, but I’m not going to address those. Journalists stick to facts, not conjecture.)

      Darigan Citidel

     You like doing well, and you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work. Also, you like it when people think you’re edgy and mysterious. (In actual fact, you’re pretty predictable and secretly love stability, but nobody needs to know that, right?)


     You’re loyal and you have a heart of gold, and everyone loves you. I bet you’re just cute as a button, too! (And hey, so what if you’re not, you know…actually any good at sport? Ssh, who said that?!)

      Haunted Woods

     We get it, Halloween is your favourite holiday. You probably decorate more for Halloween than Christmas, don’t you? And your costume game is next level. We’d point out there are 364 other days in the year, but we’re not here to burst anyone’s bubble or yuck anyone’s yum. You do you!

      Kiko Lake

     You’re chill, polite and your friends’ parents all love you. You mostly don’t concern yourself with other people’s drama, and have no time for negative vibes. You just wanna play Shootout Showdown and then bounce. Plus, uh… you really like Kikos. Nothing wrong with that.

      Krawk Island

     Life’s disappointments don’t get the better of you, you just pick yourself up and keep going. You’re passionate about who and what you love, and you try your best at everything you do - but you don’t take yourself or life too seriously, and that’s what everyone loves about you!


     You have something to prove and you’re making it everyone’s business. So what if everyone is a little scared of you and your ambition? That’s not your fault. You have no time for fakes or phonies. You don’t have heaps of friends, but the ones you do have are more than enough.

      Lost Desert

     Let’s be honest, you’re a little all over the place, aren’t you? Consistency isn’t really your thing, but sometimes you use that to your advantage, and when you do it’s time for everyone else to worry. You like being unpredictable! Life wasn’t meant to be boring.


     I don’t know how to explain this, but you give off the vibe of someone who is always late to parties. That’s not necessarily a bad thing! It’s better to show up when the party’s in full swing than be the first one there and have to stand around making awkward conversation, right?


     You have a bit of an entitled attitude, but honestly? We don’t really blame you. (Well, most of the time. Alright, we blame you a little.) You have some really strong beefs that no one else wants to get in the middle of, and you really know how to hold a grudge. But you take care of the people you love, and that’s all that counts.


     If the Maraqua fan likes to show up for parties, sometimes you just don’t bother showing up at all, do you? We get it, you have cooler things to do. We respect you for that, even if we’re a little intimidated by your Pant Devil-may-care attitude.

      Mystery Island

     I’m calling you out on your poor attention span. I’m sorry, but it has to be done.

      Roo Island

     You’re an anomaly: the class clown that actually manages to get good grades. Back to the party analogy: you’re the first one through the door, you come bearing snacks, and you don’t stop until everyone around you is having a good time. No one begrudges you when you achieve your goals, partly because you deserve your success, but mostly because you give off such good vibes. Keep on keeping on, Roo Island!


     You have a lot of PRIDE in your team, don’t you, girl? You’re just interested in trying to find gold at the end of every RAINBOW. We’re all a bit intimidated by you, but in a good way. A very good way!

      Terror Mountain

     You hate being misunderstood and underestimated. Just not enough to, you know…do anything about it. You’re more concerned with other things. You’re probably off with Moltara, doing things the rest of us aren’t cool enough to understand.


     You’re a get-in and-get-out sort of person – you’re not into wasting time. You’re also a bit of a traditionalist, and kind of hate trying new things. Hey, someone’s gotta be mid.


     According to the journalists’ code of ethics, I am forced to disclose my bias, as this is my team. But, putting bias aside… you’re probably really, really pretty and smart. I bet you have great hair, and everyone likes you. Great work!

      How did I do? If I got it very wrong – or very right – please, no slipping Piles of Dung through my letterbox. It’s happened before, and it took me way too long to get the stink out. Journalists are so maligned…


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