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Novas: Why They Should Be Neopia's Next Petpet

by pikapi20


The world of Neopia is filled with all sorts of beings - from our beloved Neopets, to their cherished Petpets and their... tolerated Petpetpets. Our lands are graced by all manner of Faeries whilst others are cursed with creatures that do a little bit more than go bump in the night. In amongst these beings twinkle the humble Nova, a star-shaped Mote who has accompanied us on our journey through this world since its very early days. Unjustly thought of as a 'weapon', these little cuties deserve far more than that. I'm here to tell you that Novas of all kinds are worthy of being Neopia's very next Petpet! ... But I should probably start at the beginning...

     What is a Nova?


     This little guy here is a Nova! Novas come in lots of different kinds: the original Nova, the fiery Supernova, the sparkly Ultranova and the foreboding Dark Nova. Ultimately, they are star-shaped Motes. Motes are small, magical creatures that help your Pet in the Battledome - some attack, some defend, some heal and some (like Novas!) do several of these things. Most Motes are available to buy at The Motery in Brightvale but Kauvara loves anything remotely starry and stocks the original Nova exclusively at her shop in Neopia Central.


     Once a Nova has helped your Pet in the Battledome, they head off back to space and join their friends living in the outer edges of Neopia's gravity. Kauvara has never revealed how she manages to coax them down to the surface but Motes in general seem to have an affinity with helping Neopets in need. As well as in the Battledome, it is said that Novas protect the world of Neopia itself from cosmic threats such as the Mechanova. Their kindness and selflessness are all wonderful attributes that any Petpet should have!


     Like all full and prospective Petpets, Novas do have a few drawbacks though. As much as they do love helping Pets in the Battledome, it doesn't take much to tire them out. And once they drift back into space to recharge their solar batteries, they much prefer their natural habitat to coming back down to Neopia. I also wouldn't recommend giving one to a Pet who is scared of the dark. As comforting as their warm light would be to begin with... there's a pretty decent chance you wouldn't have much of a Neohome left come daybreak. But if Neopets can have sentient, miniaturised astronomical objects like Nebularis as Petpets then there really isn't anything stopping a Nova from being one too.

     But don't take my word for it!


     Despite their limitations in the Battledome, Novas are loved by many famous Neopians... including by Queen Fyora herself! Though no-pet has dared ask the Lady of the Western Skies why she is so taken by these Motes - be it their kind nature or merely being super cute - her actions speak for themselves. Some of the first weapons (now long since retired) listed for sale in her Hidden Tower included the Rod of Nova, the Rod of Supernova and the Rod of Dark Nova. And one of their many uses? To summon Novas to battle by your side!


     Another ruler with a soft spot for everypet's favourite Mote has to be King Hagan of Brightvale. Though unable to acquire any of the main types of Novas for his land's Motery, that hasn't stopped him from passing on his love of these future Petpets to his niece Princess Roberta. A powerful sorceress who helped to save Neopia from the wrath of the Darkest Faerie, she now watches over the kingdom's Scrollery and stocks it with magical parchments. Though a single Nova is of limited use in the Battledome these days, her Scroll of Ultranova is a perfect starting point for any new battler.


     Travel through Brightvale's eastern forests and you reach another land where the Nova is both loved and somewhat feared. Wielding an Imitation Rod of Ultranova, Lisha is arguably the most powerful royal wizard on the court of King Skarl. Having used her wand to protect her adopted home of Meridell in two different wars, the Ultranova is a symbol of hope for her people. Ordinary Novas, however, not so much. Having rained down from the Darigan Citadel during the Battle for Meridell, courtesy of Morguss, they are treated with caution at the very least. Though it does prove that...

     There's a Nova for everypet!


     With the amount of Novas available for use in the Battledome, the original Nova is uniquely positioned as a potential Petpet to have many different painted versions released as soon as it's promoted. The fiery Supernova could take the place of a Red Nova. The sparkly Ultranova could work well as either the Pink or even Faerie option given Queen Fyora's love for these Motes. The foreboding Dark Nova could be the Black or perhaps even the Darigan version. The Advent Calendar has gifted us both the Holiday Nova (for use in the Battledome) and the Christmas Nova (for decorative purposes only) over the years and either could be the new Christmas Colour.


     The Chocolate Factory that is nestled in Neopia Central's Bazaar is home to many different Nova confectioneries who - with the right sort of magic - could come alive and be Petpets too. (Ethical implications aside, of course.) The Mint Chocolate Nova has already been used as a stand-in for a Green Nova in a Neocash Item. The White Chocolate Nova could easily become the White version, the Orange Chocolate Nova could make an interesting Orange option and the Milk Chocolate Nova could make a good Brown Nova. There are plenty of other Chocolate Novas available but I think the Chocolate Swirl Nova could be the best candidate for the new Chocolate Colour.


     Due to the popularity of Novas all across Neopia, there is a large range of items that could be magically transformed into other painted versions of this future Petpet! Grey Nova was originally available as a TCG Rare Item Code prize but could make a good paintable Grey Nova. The Jelly Nova could be an obvious candidate for, well, the new Jelly version while Nova Breath Mints are a possibility if Candy ever becomes a Petpet Colour too. The same is true for the Nova Cookie and any future Biscuit Petpet Paint Brush but the Nova Sponge Cake could fit in quite well with the Petpet Lab Ray-exclusive Picnic Petpets.

     As you can see, the humble Nova has made quite the impact on Neopia since it first drifted down to the surface all those years ago. Long since having been left behind by the latest weapons available for Pets to use in the Battledome, these little Motes are still loved and cherished across our many lands by beings from all different walks of life. Though there is an argument to be made that all Motes should be magically transformed from 'weapons' into Petpets (a subject for another article!), without doubt, our little star-shaped friends deserve this honour most. A just reward for having floated by our side for all this time.

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