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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"Everyone who was in the house shouted for joy as they just got the opportunity to sing in their favourite radio station, but for Darling, this meant even more than that..."

What Your Altador Cup Team Says About You

It’s that time of year again – Altador Cup time! The games are in full swing, and everyone’s on the edge of their seats waiting to see which team will emerge victor (and waiting to reap all the sweet sweet rewards for all their hard work!) So, which team did you choose? It’s a hard thing, committing to a team! But it’s a known fact that all the different teams have quite different vibes, and as a result, certain people tend to gravitate towards certain teams. Read on to find out if this intrepid journalist can guess what sort of person you are, just based on your team of choice. Altador You’re a bit of a wild card. You’re pretty lazy most of the time, which means you get counted out fairly easily – but you get a kick out of occasionally proving everyone wrong. (But once you’ve made everyone regret underestimating you? It’s back to bed. Eh, you’ll try again next year, right? Maybe. If you can be bothered. So, probably not.) Brightvale Look, you’re a bit too competitive, alright? You need to chill out a bit. You kind of stress everyone out. I’m sorry, but it’s true. (There are also a lot of rumours about you, but I’m not going to address those. Journalists stick to facts, not conjecture.) Darigan Citidel You like doing well, and you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work. Also, you like it when people think you’re edgy and mysterious. (In actual fact, you’re pretty predictable and secretly love stability, but nobody needs to know that, right?)

The Committee of Normalcy in Neovia

Dear Saskori, You are cordially invited to attend the next meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia in your capacity as a Monster Tamer. Your expertise would be most appreciated. Meeting details are enclosed. Sincerely, Chairwoman Mona Hallow *** Hey Melandine! Guess what? I’m going to some super-important meeting because I’m a Monster Tamer! And you said that being a Monster Tamer wasn’t a real profession, and that twelve was too young to have a job anyway. Who’s laughing now? - Saskori *** Dearest Nathanial, My brother, have you noticed Saskori’s foul mood these past few days, since she’s attended the committee meeting? She hasn't divulged what happened there, perhaps you know? Most sincerely, Annabeth Clarke *** Dear Annabeth, Looked into things while in town, found the meeting minutes for the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia. Looks like things took a turn for the worst towards the end, you can read for yourself, I’ve sent them along with this neomail. Regards, Nathan Clarke *** Committee of Normalcy in Neovia Meeting Minutes “From a Seed, Growth” Chairwoman Mona Hallow called to order the meeting of the Committee of Normalcy in Neovia (CONIN) at 6:02pm NST on the 5th day of Hunting Y25 at Town Hall in Neovia, Haunted Woods. Secretary Thomas Carmichael conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: Committee Members: - Chairwoman Mona Hallow

Novas: Why They Should Be Neopia's Next Petpet

The world of Neopia is filled with all sorts of beings - from our beloved Neopets, to their cherished Petpets and their... tolerated Petpetpets. Our lands are graced by all manner of Faeries whilst others are cursed with creatures that do a little bit more than go bump in the night. In amongst these beings twinkle the humble Nova, a star-shaped Mote who has accompanied us on our journey through this world since its very early days. Unjustly thought of as a 'weapon', these little cuties deserve far more than that. I'm here to tell you that Novas of all kinds are worthy of being Neopia's very next Petpet! ... But I should probably start at the beginning... What is a Nova? This little guy here is a Nova! Novas come in lots of different kinds: the original Nova, the fiery Supernova, the sparkly Ultranova and the foreboding Dark Nova. Ultimately, they are star-shaped Motes. Motes are small, magical creatures that help your Pet in the Battledome - some attack, some defend, some heal and some (like Novas!) do several of these things. Most Motes are available to buy at The Motery in Brightvale but Kauvara loves anything remotely starry and stocks the original Nova exclusively at her shop in Neopia Central.

Other Stories
"A Day for Siblings at the Altador Cup" by gentle_lil_queen
The warm morning light shone over the Altador mountains and illuminated the crowds in and outside of the Colosseum. Neopians milled to and fro, chatting about the forthcoming games and what they expected. Just inside the entrance, a Faerie Bori leaned against a wall, tapping her foot impatiently as she took occasional glances outside. She had come on time, but why were the others late? She was lucky the current match-up didn’t hold her interest, but even if she’d rather sit with the rest of her family, she wasn’t going to wait for them during the next round either. Halfway through the current game, the Bori heard a familiar shout, and she turned in time to see a Darigan Lupe run towards her. “Sorry I’m late, Daydream,” the Lupe panted. “Just…” “Just what? Where are the others, Indal?” Daydream asked. “They…” Indal sighed. “They’re not coming. Gimmer came down with Sneezles, and Seep offered to take care of her. They’ll watch the game from the lodge. Flower was called away to work at the last minute.” Daydream sighed. “That’s too bad for Gimmer. But why can’t Flower just take the day off? Is her-” she briefly brought her voice down to a whisper while miming air quotes: “’secret agent stuff’ really that important?”

"From Kass' Right Hand: the Dark Days" by parody_ham
The years leading up to the second war passed in flashes. Fragments. A whirlwind of time whipped by before anyone could blink. One minute, we were leaderless. Chaos reigned. Fear spread through the streets faster than any disease could. But then, Kass came to us like a shining beacon. We were renewed. Reborn. Cheers of huzzah followed his every speech. Never was I prouder to support such a noble Eyrie in his quest to unite our broken land. My Uncle Kass had, without a doubt, proven himself time and time again. There could be no better alternative, no better option for the Citadel during our greatest hour of need. But change did not come without its challenges. We instated a curfew to maintain order. Guards lined the streets at night for civilian safety. Few could doubt that crime had plummeted since Kass’ reign began. The economy prospered. My family’s business found new customers in the growing middle class. Morale, once as low as the dungeons, now soared higher than our tallest towers. Our Citadel was finally strong again, finally proud of our identity. I saw former beggars holding their own as carpenters, chefs, bladesmiths—anything that would help support the Citadel on its path to greatness.

"The Tale of the Techo Blademaster" by precious_katuch14
Most Neopians would cower at the sight of King Terask. The Red Draik stood taller than any of his subjects, with eyes like blazing embers, claws that rivalled the sharpest swords, and knowledge of the most dangerous spells. He glared down at me as though hoping to tease secrets out of me with his gaze alone. “What use have I,” he rumbled, “for another self-styled swordmaster? I already have many blades at my disposal, Techo Blademaster.” I looked him in the eye, a wrist resting on my sabre hilt, and observed his stance. He was not raising a claw to cast a spell or to send me flying into the nearest wall. However, he did dip his head, ever so slightly, and from the corner of my eye, a Faerie Buzz darted out from behind a column, their scimitar upraised. I sidestepped and flicked my sabre out, causing them to veer away and lose their balance. They managed to land on the floor, and I immediately thrust, slashed, and cornered the Buzz until they dropped down, the point of my blade at their head. Then a Skeith thundered forward, mace poised for my head. I danced away and allowed him to try and swipe at me before daintily stabbing at his hands, causing him to drop the mace with a loud clang. The Buzz had recovered, but I traced a dangerous...

Legendary Petpets

This week's issue is brought to you by: Legendary Petpets
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