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Short Stories

Toot Your Own Horn

Hautboit, Osbeo, and Ruisins are all my pets!

by davidfenton1
From Kass' Right Hand: the Dark Days

Change did not come without its challenges... Thumbnail Image made by chantili_doce

by parody_ham
Collecting Cabbages, a JubJub's Gallery

"Currently, in a small area on the outskirts of Brightvale (not far from the Motery), there stands a modest building, a gallery..."

by betti666
The Tale of the Techo Blademaster

"Most Neopians would cower at the sight of King Terask. The Red Draik stood taller than any of his subjects, with eyes like blazing embers..."

by precious_katuch14
A Day for Siblings at the Altador Cup

"The warm morning light shone over the Altador mountains and illuminated the crowds in and outside of the Colosseum..."

by gentle_lil_queen
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"From Kass' Right Hand: the Dark Days" by parody_ham
The years leading up to the second war passed in flashes. Fragments. A whirlwind of time whipped by before anyone could blink. One minute, we were leaderless. Chaos reigned. Fear spread through the streets faster than any disease could. But then, Kass came to us like a shining beacon. We were renewed. Reborn. Cheers of huzzah followed his every speech. Never was I prouder to support such a noble Eyrie in his quest to unite our broken land. My Uncle Kass had, without a doubt, proven himself time and time again. There could be no better alternative, no better option for the Citadel during our greatest hour of need. But change did not come without its challenges. We instated a curfew to maintain order. Guards lined the streets at night for civilian safety. Few could doubt that crime had plummeted since Kass’ reign began. The economy prospered. My family’s business found new customers in the growing middle class. Morale, once as low as the dungeons, now soared higher than our tallest towers. Our Citadel was finally strong again, finally proud of our identity. I saw former beggars holding their own as carpenters, chefs, bladesmiths—anything that would help support the Citadel on its path to greatness.

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