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How To Celebrate Petpet Appreciation Day

Petpets deserve love too!

by gloomrain
What a Coincidence: Dribblet Chair

You could literally make this chair out of anything else.

by jjensen688
Neggroll Recipes

Some recipes are punconventional collab with rawbeee and ghatna

by sunbathr
Self-recognition through the Other

You HAVE to.

by alphachicky
Happy Yurble Day: Word Search [Puzzle]

A Yurble-rific crossword!

by isabelleke49
An Alien World Part 3

Krasavka is no pushover...

by ssj3gotenks18
Guess the avatar by my really bad drawing of it [Puzzle]

Which avatars are these? The world may never know.

by mutantmetal
Bad Idea, Dude: Apple Bobbing

This is not the time for puns.

by fluffy_bumbkin
Neordle 9 [Puzzle]

Another Neordle puzzle for those puzzle fans! collab with spelt

by darkroast
Snowballs shouldn't be a prize...

Always with the snowballs...

by conveyance
A Grey Area: Taking Flight

Sometimes your perceived weakness is actually your greatest strength!

by deadzzi
Spot the Difference Edition #12 [Puzzle]

Can you find the 10 differences? collab with chantluigi and sandralala

by not_sporty
Altador Cup - Garven Hale's Dream

Everyone wants to be like Garven collab with djpedoca

by neschulz
Daily puzzle woes

No hard feelings to the puzzle setter! Some people just got a little excited.

by kath602
When you lose to your neopet at Godori

You were thiiis close. collab with pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie
AC's End - Yooyus' Secrets and Advantages

Keep these handy for next year! collab with aninha_morango and marinamilford

by dollsuki
The Ultimate Altador Cup Crossword [Puzzle]

Take a shot at this winning crossword puzzle! collab with theguy2020

by coconut_rat
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"An Inventor's Dream" by therainbowsheep
”Yer sure ya want me to repair this thing? It'll cost ya 373 NP!" Donny held up a magnifying glass to the bent roller blades and picked up a neon green wheel with a small sigh as he rattled off a quote for arguably his most frequent customer. Sure, the older Bori repaired toys for a living, but he preferred the scenario where he was fixing a toy because a child broke it playing with as opposed to experimenting with it.

Other Stories


An Inventor's Dream
"Donny held up a magnifying glass to the bent roller blades and picked up a neon green wheel with a small sigh as he rattled off a quote for arguably his most frequent customer." collab with shin0bi_

by therainbowsheep


Castle Planners Journal: The Lost Oubliette
"In the deep depths of Meridell Castle, an Orange Bori rubbed the cold, damp late Winter air out of his frigid paws. He descended the stairs toward the dungeons, his least favourite part of the castle."

by ferretboy85


Brute Force Spawning On The Neopets Site!
"I was absolutely thrilled when TNT updated the Meridell Rubbish Dump! It first opened on July 14, 2003, but it wasn’t until recently that people could obtain the 'That’s Not Rubbish' avatar by snagging certain items."

by indulgences


Dia in the Spotlight
"Whimsi Dia has agreed to a short interview just before the Altador Cup. Thank you for your time Whimsi!"

by kaioti


Valrigard's Travels: Freedom
"Valrigard held his breath as well as any expert diver as another dull Purple Grarrl guard stomped past. The guard was not but a few tail-lengths away from where Valrigard was hiding, but his deep blue scales blended in well with the shadows of the rocky dungeon wall."

by mutagens


Farewell, Faerieland
"The Vaughns had sat their daughter down and broken the news as gently as they could. Not that it helped. Divina still wasn’t taking it well."

by 77thbigby

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