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A Yooyu for Every Season

by speelyrox


Everyone loves the Altador Cup, and really, who wouldn’t? It’s a special event that can both bring together all Neopia and spawn bitter rivalries between normally friendly residents of different lands. The Altador Cup is especially special for Yooyus—after all, the Cup couldn’t happen without these adorable creatures’ willingness to get kicked around for a few weeks! But every year, as the Month of Relaxing comes to an end, Neopians turn their attention away from Yooyus to other Petpets. What a waste! These roly-poly fellows are fun and useful (Yooyuseful?) year-round if you’re just creative enough to think of alternative uses beyond Yooyuball. If you want some new ideas for how to play with your Yooyu, read on for a monthly guide to Yooyus throughout the year.

      Month of Sleeping

     Starting out the year, the Month of Sleeping has an obvious use for Yooyus: a pillow! To be fair, you might need to avoid Fire Yooyus if you don’t want singed hair, and Mutant Yooyus are known for being a bit spikey. But the Month of Sleeping is the perfect time to curl up and snuggle with your little friend and dream of the exciting year ahead.

      Month of Awakening

     Yooyuball isn’t the only game where Yooyus excel! As we know from their Crisis Courier successes, these critters do an awesome job delivering messages. What a perfect skillset for delivering messages of Lurve between Neopians on Valentine’s Day! You can even pick a Yooyu that matches your mood—sending a note via Darigan Yooyu certainly conveys a different message than using a Faerie Yooyu for your delivery. Just keep in mind that Yooyus are used to delivering urgent messages to King Altador, so they will do whatever it takes to get your message delivered…even if it means interrupting the recipient during an important meeting with Dr. Sloth!

      Month of Running

     Everyone loves Gadsgadsbogen, what with all the new fruits emerging from the ground. Why not dress your Yooyu up like a new fruit to celebrate? As everyone oohs and aahs over the creative costume, just make sure that they know it’s a costume…you don’t want someone running off with your Yooyu because they think they’ve discovered a rare item!

      Month of Eating

     The month starts off with an entire day devoted to being mischievous and playing crafty tricks. Mutant Yooyus are especially well suited for this day, given their penchant for imitating other Yooyus! An especially impressive prank would be convincing a fellow Yooyu owner that your Mutant Yooyu ACTUALLY IS their Clockwork Yooyu. It’s just a question of how long until your friend notices that the Yooyu keeps ticking, but not exploding…

      Month of Hunting

     Tyrannian Victory Day is fun for everyone, especially Yooyus! Given that the Tyrannian language is easier for Yooyus to pronounce than some other Neopian languages, take the time to teach your Yooyu some new Ugga Ugg words. Or, if your Yooyu wants to try a new sport, take them out for some minigolf…but make sure that you explain two important points ahead of time: 1) They might be a little too big to fit in the hole. 2) It might be a little smelly since some of the balls are made of dung!

      Month of Relaxing

     The Altador Cup typically happens during the Month of Relaxing, but so does another important event for Yooyus…Petpet Appreciation Day! Take some time to let the Yooyus in your life know you appreciate how much they do for you (especially if they’re doing even more than usual, now that you have some new ideas for how to play with them). After all, Yooyus aren’t just great because of what they can do for us (facilitate Yooyuball). They’re great because they’re such fun Petpets!

      Month of Hiding

     What better way to spend the Month of Hiding than playing Kacheek Seek? Your Yooyu can be a great help by rolling into small spaces and letting you know if someone is hiding there! Just make sure that your Yooyu is always seeking instead of hiding…you wouldn’t want to lose your buddy because they ended up squeezing into a spot where you don’t fit.

      Month of Gathering

     Between the Faerie Festival and the Annual Chocolate Ball, the Month of Gathering is packed with exciting days. For sports fans, the Annual Gormball Championships are the highlight of the month. Why not replace the Gormball with a Yooyu? Although Clockwork Yooyus probably seem like the most obvious replacement, given their penchant for exploding, Snow and Fire Yooyus also offer interesting options for seeing just how long a contestant can manage to hold on despite the extreme temperatures!

      Month of Collecting

     Have you been struggling to come up with a good costume for all the parties you’ll be going to at the end of the month? Dress up as your favourite Yooyuball player, and your Yooyu can lend an air of reality to your costume! Or you can do something even more creative—for example, could your Snow Yooyu pose as a snowball thrown by your favourite Battledome challenger? Is your Blue Yooyu actually a blue Negg that you, as the Snowager, are protecting? The possibilities are endless for ways that your Yooyu can contribute to dressing up.

      Month of Storing

     Take your Yooyu to celebrate Neopets’ Birthday! There’s always plenty to do to celebrate. This could be a fun time to teach your Yooyu some Neopian history, since Yooyus may not leave Altador often.

      Month of Celebrating

     How many times have you been frustrated to discover that you forgot to go to the Advent Calendar during the Month of Celebrating, and you missed out on a cool prize? Use your Robot Yooyu as an alarm clock to remind you to head to Happy Valley! Just be sure to remember to put your friend back together before the next day…and make sure he’s willing to explode for thirty-one days in a row just so that you can get cool prizes.

     The Altador Cup is wonderful, but it’s only one opportunity to have fun with your Yooyu! Hopefully, these ideas help you come up with fun things to do all year long. After all, the happier your Yooyu is the rest of the year, the more fun they’ll have once the Cup comes back around!

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