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Kau Day Fair at the Kau Kau Farmgrounds, but Vegan!

by _ahre_


Ahre, reporting live from the grounds of Kau Kau Farms to bring some outreach to the fair goers during the weekend. My heart was called here today to report on the celebration of the Kau, pronounced as Cow, a gentle and kind creature living amongst its herds on the farm. It appears the Kau is treated with a free-range lifestyle, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is acceptable to drink the milk products that the farm produces. Let me take a moment to acknowledge the silly protestors with their call-outs for Kau liberation, and instead, suggest a better way than their cries to enjoy a care-free, dairy-free Kau Day.


     Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk

     The fair is sponsored entirely by Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk. The vegans asked for it, and now advertisements all over Kau Kau Farms are splashed with this soy beverage campaign. The item is exclusive to the Igloo Garage Sale and the Almost Abandoned Attic, so it is affordable but in limited quantities. At least they’re trying, was overheard by a naive vegan convinced by the marketing. My question to all you fair attendees is, Why does Kau Kau Farms have to produce this in such scarcity? Because they don’t want you to have it accessible? It’s time that new soy milks come into the market, not made by dairy corporations. Yes, Kau Kau Farms is on the Neopian Stock Market. They want to please their investors that rely on the dairy, not their customers that want to try consuming less dairy?


     Yooyu Popcorn

     The fields of the farm are filled with other various crops besides soy, such as corn, which is also used as a meal for the Kau. Why not try some dairy-free farm-fresh popcorn? And since Altador Cup is in full swing, if you’re missing out on today’s game and want to celebrate, may I suggest a Yooyu Popcorn? The corn of Kau Kau Farms is exported to Altador, where the popcorn is made. It was imported back in for the Kau Day Fair! The Sprinkling of Salt adds all the flavour, though.


     Vegan Cheese

     The health food artisans are displaying their vegan versions of dairy foods, in hopes that vegan-curious visitors will take a bite! There is a booth giving away samples of their retired Vegan Cheese, so try some today before it’s gone for good! Back when it was released in Year 2, the Vegan Cheese never gained popularity, so the Healthy Food shop vendor retired the item. Who knew that twenty years later, the item would be back in demand as more foodies search for iconic vegan foods! These cheeses can be made from coconut milk, soy milk, or cashew milk.


     Coconut Shell Slushie

     Trying my best here to not give too much attention to the cries out for vegans that do not read food item descriptions and consume an item with dairy. But not all slushies of Neopia are vegan by default, since Kau Kau Farms cream can sneak in unexpectedly! The best alternative is a Coconut Shell Slushie, made entirely of coconuts! Coconuts have been used for many years as a non-dairy option, and the idea came all the way from Mystery Isle.


     Fruity Shaved Ice

     Similarly, milk has found its way into shaved ice! The protesters are never contented, but leave it to the Qasalan Food kiosk merchant to find a humourous solution in Fruity Shaved Ice, or ice on top of fruit syrup on top of ice with cherries on top! Now sure to please any vegan…


     Kau Ice Lolly

     Ice lollies are another food that hides sneaky milk ingredients, so be warned that not all are made of fruit. We are safe to guess that the Kau Ice Lolly is made of dairy-free ice cream alternatives. Every vegan is obsessed with this one shaped like an adorable Baby Kau, and it is affordable considering that is it at the gourmet food stand. It would be a shame if it was actually dairy, but let’s hope that just mentioning this will wake up the Kau Kau Farms to be more vegan.


     Fruit Mallow Grog

     Tucked away in the barn, away from eyes of the younger Neopian visitors, you can find yourself an intense taste of the tropics! You may want to sit down on the bales of hay, as you giggly regale the day’s events to the barn’s residents made of Pirate Kaus, while sipping on a Fruit Mallow Grog. The foam floating in the mug is not whipped cream on this beverage made for pirates, but FruitMallow!


     Vegan Pine Nut Loaf

     Something has happened! The groggy Pirate Kaus have wandered out of the barn to feast on their forgotten pillaged stale Vegan Pine Nut Loaf. We are now live on the scene! Back in Year 20, the Advent Calendar gave out these foods to be inclusive to all. Where did some of this food end up? Stolen from the Money Tree by ghosts hired by the Pirate Kaus, then left to go stale in the barn of Kau Kau Farms until today, as uncovered by this investigative report!


     Light Faerie Sorbet

     As day turns to night on the farm grounds, the Kau Day festivities are ready to come to an end, but hopefully my advocacy will live on in the minds of Kaus, creatures, and others! Let’s end the day with some Faerie magic! Light Faeries have graced us with their sorbet made from fruit, the Light Faerie Sorbet, rather than dairy ice cream or dairy sherbet. Spend your memory of the day with this glowing treat in the dark, as a reminder of the fun ways to enjoy Kau Day.


     Kau Congrats Card

      You just enjoyed a moral, ethical experience on Kau Day, and aren’t you proud that you survived without milk? Milk is specifically made for Kaus, and no other Neopians. It is why when a Kau is fed an item with milk, it becomes instantly bloated! I do apologise for those that may have tried to ruin your Kau Day, and hope that it doesn’t sway you away from trying more foods without dairy! The Kaus thank you! Here’s a card to commemorate this occasion!

     “The text inside reads – congratulations, I knew you could do it!”

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