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Brain Freeze: Perfect Altador Cup Slushie Selections

by lunarchronicles


In true Altador Cup spirit, no summer is complete without kicking Yooyus, screaming until your voice is hoarse, and drinking slushies until your brain feels permanently frozen. But when you're craving a bit of an icy kick, there are dozens of options (literally) to choose from, and if you're racing back to see if your team has scored with that Darigan Yooyu yet, you may not have a lot of time to ponder your options. Your Neopoints, and your time, are precious, and both are meant to be spent wisely.

     This reporter has taken the liberty of sampling a healthy amount of slushies from the Altador Cup slushie stand to help you keep your cool, and make your choice while hanging out in Altador this summer.

     The Cloud Slushie: Critics of this particular flavour would say that there isn't much taste to this drink. And, well, they're right. But if you're looking for a safe option at the slushie stand, look no further than the Cloud Slushie. Although it essentially tastes like water (vapour), the Cloud Slushie is a good bet for Altador Cup fans who are a little more enthusiastic than the average spectator. Its pale colours and mild taste ensure that when you're jumping up and down in your seat, screaming for your team, any spilled slushie isn't going to stain your ever-fabulous white Altador toga when you do. Another perk for this particular treat is that it leaves your insides feeling light as air. Only a short time after sipping this one, you'll be ready for another, and what's better than a slushie that makes it easier to drink more slushies?

     The Mystery Berry Slushie: Let's face it. The Altador Cup, while mostly exciting, has its dull moments. Sometimes you've got to wait far too long before the other team gets unfrozen from those power-ups. Sometimes a fluffy-haired Lupe sits directly in front of you and makes seeing the match impossible. What's a Neopian to do? Picking a Mystery Berry Slushie as your drink of choice is one way to combat the Altador Cup blues, not least because the drink itself is the bluest of all. Spend your time staring at the back of that Lupe's head and sucking on that straw, pondering as to what it is, exactly, that you're drinking. Is it a slushie made from Snidberries? Aquaberries? Dear Fyora, please tell me it's not Fishberries...? Before long, you'll forget about any less-than-pleasant aspects of the Cup, so enthralled will you be in your slushie stumper.

     The Cheese Slushie: This reporter recognises that this particular frozen treat might be an unconventional choice as far as slushie choices go. However, there are many aspects of this slushie that make it a perfect Altador Cup treat. Although slushies are the most popular concession of choice at the matches, there are other snacks you might like as well, such as a Jalapeno Pretzel, or some Delicate Faerie Nachos, or maybe even a classic Altador Cup Hot Dog. And everyone knows that these all go much better with cheese – but what if you can’t balance a little cup of cheese all on your own, with your hands all full of food? Have no fear, the Cheese Slushie is here! Beyond the slight conundrum that it is frozen cheese, not hot, it’s the perfect accompaniment to all those other concession items you might have already been thinking about, and comes in a perfect, easy-to-carry cup to boot. And let’s be honest: we’ve all thought about (or actually have) taken a sneaky sip from a cup of cheese before. The Cheese Slushie empowers you to make that happen in a judgement-free way. Sip away, Neopia!

     The Sparkle Berry Slushie: This slushie choice is here far less because of taste (although it does taste quite nice) and more because of its purposes for distracting your opposing team. Beyond its bright blue colour, the main attraction of the Sparkle Berry Slushie is that it glistens like new-fallen snow, and is perfectly primed to dazzle a player down on the pitch right as they’re about to score a crucial, match-winning goal, especially if you’re the kind of fan who likes to sit right up by the pitch, close to the action. And who knows? If you’re the one who saves the match, perhaps the team will even invite you to the locker rooms after the match to meet the fan who saved the day. Sure, there’s the possibility that you might actually distract the team you’re rooting for while drinking this slushie, but this reporter thinks that’s a gamble that’s well worth it. At least it’s not a mystery berry, right?

     The Rock Slushie/Pebble Dash Slushie: All right. This reporter is not really sure who invented these. Even as far as slushie choices go, these are… questionable. Even after hanging around the slushie shop all day, we have yet to see a single person order one of these, and the patient Tuskaninny behind the counter mentioned she couldn’t even remember the last time she’d seen one purchased. (It’s not like rocks go bad, right?) But seriously, we’d love to see someone try one, so please, someone take one for the team (pun intended) and give it a go. Write in if you’re brave enough.

     So there you have it, folks. There are plenty of slushies that didn’t make it into this list: enough fruity flavours to make a Chia squeal in delight, plenty of chocolate or coffee flavours, and the ever-popular lime berry, which comes in fancy cups decorated with your team logo on it. And truthfully, you can’t go wrong! But this list should give you a good idea of some of the more whimsical slushie options that you might like to try next time you’re down at the pitch. Whether you’re daring enough to go for a Cheese Slushie or prefer to stick with a plain old Tchea Fruit Slushie, this treat remains the perfect way to keep cool at the Cup. And who knows? Your new favourite flavour might be just around the corner.

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