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Food Analysis with A

The five desserts made in Neopia that will make your mouth water/your skin crawl.

by annikkiadepp_
Brute Force Spawning On The Neopets Site!

"I was absolutely thrilled when TNT updated the Meridell Rubbish Dump! It first opened on July 14, 2003, but it wasn’t until recently that people could obtain the 'That’s Not Rubbish' avatar by snagging certain items."

by indulgences
Kau Day Fair at the Kau Kau Farmgrounds, but Vegan!

"Ahre, reporting live from the grounds of Kau Kau Farms to bring some outreach to the fair goers during the weekend. My heart was called here today to report on the celebration of the Kau, pronounced as Cow, a gentle and kind creature living amongst its herds on the farm."

by _ahre_
A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Petpet Species

Written by Your Local Petpet Shop Shopkeeper

by ferulax
Dia in the Spotlight

"Whimsi Dia has agreed to a short interview just before the Altador Cup. Thank you for your time Whimsi!"

by kaioti
A Yooyu for Every Season

"Everyone loves the Altador Cup, and really, who wouldn’t? It’s a special event that can both bring together all Neopia and spawn bitter rivalries between normally friendly residents of different lands."

by speelyrox
Brain Freeze: Perfect Altador Cup Slushie Selections

"In true Altador Cup spirit, no summer is complete without kicking Yooyus, screaming until your voice is hoarse, and drinking slushies until your brain feels permanently frozen."

by lunarchronicles
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"Kingston the Gentle..Kougra" by rkbear
”And so the bird said to the trees, you shelter me, and I’ll care for you,” Kingston listened to his sister sing as he packed his bags for his next trip. He wanted to find more wild vegetables to add to their new garden. They’d had a much larger garden in Meridell, but Anne didn’t have the heart to dig them all up. She brought as many seeds and cuttings as she could when they moved.

Other Stories


Castle Planners Journal: The Lost Oubliette
"In the deep depths of Meridell Castle, an Orange Bori rubbed the cold, damp late Winter air out of his frigid paws. He descended the stairs toward the dungeons, his least favourite part of the castle."

by ferretboy85


Kingston the Gentle..Kougra
Who says chivalry is no longer around?

by rkbear


Valrigard's Travels: Freedom
"Valrigard held his breath as well as any expert diver as another dull Purple Grarrl guard stomped past. The guard was not but a few tail-lengths away from where Valrigard was hiding, but his deep blue scales blended in well with the shadows of the rocky dungeon wall."

by mutagens


The Return of Destiny
The penultimate chapter! collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused


Self-recognition through the Other
You HAVE to.

by alphachicky


Spot the Difference Edition #12 [Puzzle]
Can you find the 10 differences? collab with chantluigi and sandralala

by not_sporty

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