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Hi TNT! I hope you're all doing well! Do you think in the future some kind of sent folder or even just a neomail overhaul might be possible? I can't be the only one who forgets 2.3 seconds after I send a message what I said/asked. ~~sunfairy6402
Hello! We are currently looking at ways to revamp Neomail and having a sent folder is something we definitely want to add <3 ~~Sunpotato

Hello TNT, will any new teams join the Altador Cup in the coming years? ~~puffelpizza2
Yes, we actually have been discussing adding some new teams to the Altador Cup in the future. The Dacardia Team was teased at the end of this Altador Cup, and there are other Neopian lands that could surely use some representation in the Cup as well. Which lands would you love to see with their own Altador Cup team? Feel free to tell us which teams should join the Altador Cup next through the Editorial, Neomail, or on the Neoboards. We'd love to hear your thoughts! (: ~~Aesop

Hi, Could someone please take a look at the code that's displaying user lookup shields? This was asked in editorial 947 but I don't think the question was understood because the issue persists. the artwork is on the server for up to 22.5 years, but the script doesn't recognize anything past 21, and the max shield is incorrectly set at 15.5 so when you hit 21.5 and later you revert to the 15.5 shield. Also, the font used on every shield except for the 22 and 22.5 year is Coolvetica in case you'd like them to match. Thanks much! ~~skippy263
Hi there! We have addressed the issue and the new shields should be present now. Thank you so much for letting us know! ~~Yarner

Hello TNT! The new Princess Lunaras Kazeriu Collectible is beautiful. I just feel it doesn't fit the lower foreground zone since it's a bit too high for that zone. I would love it in the thought bubble zone, so that it could get layert with lower foregrounds. Also, it would be great if it had hands like the Kazeriu (one of my favorite Petpets). Thanks for making that cute Collectible! (: ~~Anonymous
Hello and thank you for bringing this up! We’re so happy to hear that you're enjoying your very own little Kazeriu right by your side! We have heard a lot of requests about changing the zone on this and for having some little hands sprout out of the Kazeriu. We are happy to say that both of those requests have been fulfilled! Happy customising! ~~Miss Rainbow

DONNNNNNY!!! Last week, the Fire Hydruplit was chosen for PPL. A friend had one that had been attached for 77 days at that point. The list only had 40 petpets on it, and hers was not one of them. It seemed like the script quit running early. For this week's PPL, if you look at the petpet ages, it once again appears that the script stopped short. Looking at both lists, it appears that your petpet needs to be attached for 4,500 days to have a chance at a PPL award (ie, we should have attached them back in early 2010). I would love for this to be fixed before one of my petpets is selected for PPL. *Looks around* Well, I'm hoarding a lot of stuff for the next Charity Corner so I don't really want to give you any baked goods, but I'm willing to name a petpet after you if this is corrected. Many thanks! ~~scatsmom
We also noticed that two of the Petpet Protection League scripts seemed to quit early, so we made sure that the most recent Petpet Protection League script ran fully through without any issues! We will be keeping a close eye on the contest to ensure that the scripts finish running moving forward since we have a sneaking suspicion that some meepits have been up to their old tricks again... ~~Aesop

Hey TNT, My pet is an avid plushie collector and he noticed, that there is a plushie that is simply called "Kougra Plushie". Could you please change the name, because this is clearly a "Tyrannian Kougra Plushie". My pet would be grateful. ~~padxe
Hello! Your pet has a great eye for detail! We have now changed the name to “Tyrannian Kougra Plushie”. Thanks for writing in! (: ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi. I'm writing in with happy thoughts because the items in the Altador Cup prize shop and staff prize shop are exceptional! There is a large variety of items which people will definitely want, from album items to books to wearables to the Rainbow Yooyu to the Thunder Sticks. I'm glad to see a mutant-friendly wearable in the mix; maybe this Mutant Day, we could see some more NP wearables for mutants that are a bit less difficult to come by, as mutants don't have much to choose from. ~~_brainchild_
Thank you so much for your kind words! Our team spends a lot of time thinking up and designing prize shop items, as well as taking into account feedback from the previous year, so we are all very delighted to see users excited about the new prizes we released! We have already begun planning Mutant Day items, and I'm happy to report that NP wearables are at the very top of our list! We agree that mutants need more wearable options, so we are designing a few different wearables that mutant pets haven’t seen before. Be sure to keep an eye out! ~~Aesop

Dear TNT, I have a wonderful idea for a pet and character, but I'm lacking the perfect pet - a Royal Vandagyre. Honestly no other Royal pet will do. It must be a Vandagyre. Now I could customize one with clothing and other items, but I'd still love to see an actual Royalgirl and Royalboy Vandagyre. Please, pretty please, can it be soon? ~~kitavery
I have a feeling you are going to be very pleased to see some of the content we plan to release for a certain Neopian Holiday at the end of this month (: ~~Aesop

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