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A Series of Unfortunate Neopian Events - Part 5

We've all been there...collab with joaozanatto

by wuackty
How to clear a room!

Breath in and run!

by thebellmaker
Not The Best Chop

Keep on trying.

by axel_8876
Hair Issues

Let's try a new hairstyle.

by rhagna
How to Get an Island Slorg on a Budget

Feel like you're on a vacation every day... on a budget!

by terragainsborough
They Don't Know

They have no clue who I am. collab with ajekdur

by kat_bus
Random Oddness: Denny the Mobster Lupe #3

The ol' switcheroo.

by mistyqee
Tree Crew: The Hardest Avatar

Why must it be a petpet?

by treeword
Logging back into Neopets..#1

collab with pisces_babe_

by hotredfirefaerie
Don't be Koi!

It's hard not to be coy when you're a Koi...

by i_lovee_icecream
Let's go on an Adventure

Some Petpetpets try to decide what they should do on a sunny spring day ...

by frangypanny
Neo-Crosswordle #3

This one is more challenging than previous ones! collab with myncithemonkey and gollyitsirene

by frankie8492
Bad Idea, Dude: Four of a Kind

Faerie Draiks are irresistibly cute.

by fluffy_bumbkin
Neopets Out of Hours

What the characters of Neopets really do when you're not there..

by gloomrain
RIP: Coming Soon

Some things are just too scary! collab with stellajoy_

by peanutbuttermilk

Gourmet foods are superior.

by ssjelitegirl
Fyora's Maze [Puzzle]

Help Fyora return the petpets to Faerieland! collab with hasse_li_37 and marinamilford

by carolina_021
Fyora Special Issue - Faerie Queen's Scavenger Hunt [Puzzle]

Fyora has amnesia! collab with aninha_morango and tsezar

by dollsuki
Crafty Cold Construction

Hey... how is the tube not frozen?! collab with np_faeries and phresh

by heathernel193
Step Out Shoes

Side effects include nausea, heartburn, and unwarranted confidence.

by bohneevair
This is Me..


by sarasolar
Decisions, Decisions

There are so many teams, but only one can be chosen.

by marpink
Yooyu Magnet

This definitely doesn't count as cheating.

by talacheziggy
Idea Crisis

... right?? collab with Flaiyper

by black_kisa
The Locker Room

Too hot to handle!

by keng200
Altador cup: a summary

Altador Cup: Emotional Damage

by wendydewijze
Fyora Day Crossword [Puzzle]

A Fyora themed crossword to honour the Queen! collab with coconut_rat and preksolanx

by theguy2020
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Some of Queen Fyora’s Fabulous Rarities

Well, today, in honour of the Fyora edition of the Neopian Times, we’ll be examining some of the most unique retired Hidden Tower items. These are things you can’t buy there anymore; they can only be bought from other Neopians for higher prices than what Fyora used to charge---

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collab with Malzeno

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10 Gifts for the Yurble Lover in Your Life
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The Return of Destiny
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Último Minuto: La Rabia del Club Gourmet
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