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How to Make Your Neopet Look Queenly

by swordlilly


Does your Neopet want to look graceful like Queen Fyora? Have you ever wondered why the same piece of fabric can look lovely on a Faerie but awkward on your Neopet? Fear not! After reading this article, you will know how to dress your Neopet in ways that bring out their best features. (Note: this article focuses primarily on shape. For tips about colour, see my older article here.)


     Blumaroos are tall, with narrow shoulders and long legs. Below are two examples of how a Blumaroo can look in clothes:


     As you can see, the clothes on the right look more flattering than the clothes on the left. This is because Blumaroos tend to look good in clothes that emphasize the shape of their legs. When the waistline is drawn up high and the leg-coverings are either very short or very long (not anywhere in between), you can see the Blumaroo’s advantages most clearly. The shirt on the right also has a low collar and slanted hem, which help create the optical illusion that the waistline is even higher than it actually is.

     The same principle applies to dresses: Blumaroos look best in dresses with a high waistline. Pretty Net Dress would be a good neopoint example, while Orange Island Dress would be a Neocash one.

     Another trick has to do with the choice of footwear. In the example I showed you, the shoes and long trousers are very close in colour. This strategy makes the trousers and shoes cohere into a pleasing line. Very short leg-coverings (shorts or skirts) can also work when paired with sandals. The idea is to extend the view of the legs as much as possible.


     Bruces are short and chubby, with cute round faces. Below are two ways to dress a Bruce, one more flattering than the other:


     The second outfit looks better than the first because it is more focused. Since a Bruce’s best feature is her face, the collar area is very important. Scarves, necklaces, shawls, and high collars are all excellent options for framing the face. Take care also to avoid creating distractions in the rest of the outfit. The shirt on the left sticks out under the jacket, pulling attention away from the face. On the right, the shirt is tucked in, leaving the jacket hanging softly.

     With dresses, the same concepts apply: you want to put detail in the collar area while keeping the rest of the outfit simple. Bruce Holiday Sweater paired with Bruce Holiday Dress would be an example of a good neopoint set. In terms of Neocash, Wintry Snow Swirl Caplet and Soft Blue Dress of Spring make for a pretty combo on Bruces.


     Kacheeks are the opposite of Blumaroos in that they have a long torso and relatively short legs. Here are two ways Kacheeks can look when dressed:


     I hope you agree with me that the second outfit is significantly better. The reason is that whereas the turtleneck sweater follows the length of the Kacheek’s torso monotonously, the layered jacket and top create more texture and definition. As a result, the Kacheek seems less restricted and more comfortable; the long torso becomes an advantage, offering lots of room for creative expression.

     When choosing dresses, it is also important to look for variation in shape. Make sure there are parts that are soft and loose to balance out the more form-fitting parts, and avoid dresses with a clearly delineated waistline. Kacheek Pyjama Gown would be an example of a neopoint dress that looks good on Kacheeks, while Floral Tea Dress would be a Neocash one.


     Aishas have long ears, long necks, and equally proportioned limbs. When dressing them in two-piece outfits, consider which combo looks better and why:



     The baggy trousers look better in this case because they create a greater contrast between the top and the bottom. Because of the uniformity of the Aisha’s limbs, going for differently-shaped tops and bottoms can make the Aisha look more graceful.

     A loose top paired with form-fitting trousers – the reverse of the example shown – also works well on Aishas. Maroon Winter Sweater paired with Aisha Disco Dancer Trousers would be an example of that combo.

     I hope you gained some insights from reading this article! Even the subtlest clothing choices can make a difference in how a Neopet looks, and most importantly feels.

     Of course, at the end of the day, Neopets are not Faerie-shaped and cannot rock a gown in the exact same way that Queen Fyora does. But they each have their own unique features that can also be flaunted with the right clothing choices. So do your best to enhance the features that they have, and let them bring out their inner queen.



     Fig. 1, left: Red Blumaroo wearing Cute Pink Wig, I *Heart* Lord Faerigan T-Shirt, Casual Blumaroo Trousers, and Blue Shoes.

     Fig. 1, right: Red Blumaroo wearing Cute Pink Wig, Vintage Darigan Altador Cup Jersey, Hardy Blue Trousers, and Blue Shoes.

     Fig. 2, left: Red Bruce wearing Chic Bruce Wig, Wealthy Bruce Jacket, Cool Bruce Shirt, Stylish Bruce Trousers, Bruce Noil Tamer Shoes, and Flower Purse.

     Fig. 2, right: Red Bruce wearing Chic Bruce Wig, Chic Bruce Scarf, Wealthy Bruce Jacket, Bruce Tuxedo Shirt, Stylish Bruce Trousers, Bruce Noil Tamer Shoes, and Flower Purse.

     Fig. 3, left: Blue Kacheek wearing Galaxy Hair with Flower Accessory, Seasonal Turtleneck Jumper, Hardy Blue Trousers, and Galaxy Socks.

     Fig. 3, right: Blue Kacheek wearing Galaxy Hair with Flower Accessory, Electro Top, School Girl Jumper, Nature Kacheek Necklace, Kacheek Tourist Shorts, and Galaxy Socks.

     Fig. 4, left: Yellow Aisha wearing Aisha Warrior Wig, Fyoras Eyeshadow, Beware of Baby Usuls, Khaki Trousers, Sunflower Sandals, and Rolled Up Treasure Map.

     Fig. 4, right: Yellow Aisha wearing Aisha Warrior Wig, Fyoras Eyeshadow, Beware of Baby Usuls, Eccentric Aisha Trousers, Sunflower Sandals, and Rolled Up Treasure Map.


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