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Continued Series

The Return of Destiny

Chapter 6: "Opposite Colors"collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused
Venture Capital: Road to the Neopets Stock Market

The final chapter! collab with myncithemonkey

by typlohisioh
Último Minuto: La Rabia del Club Gourmet

The final chapter!

by profebest
Tyrannian Concert Hall Bands: An Origin Story

"Another week, another headlining history of a band that plays at the Tyrannian Concert Hall! Welcome back my gracious readers! This week, as I’m sure you have guessed, we are going to be learning all about one of the true greats- Chomby and the Fungus Balls!"

by honorrolle
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"The Neocola Faerie" by spidey897
Everyone was loathe to admit it, but there were two kinds of dark faerie. The kind that cast hexes, and rehearsed curses, and definitely needed that Fuzzie Bear for target practice- and stop making that face or I'll turn you into a Mortog! You know, that kind of dark faerie. A normal one. Perfectly perfect at being dark and evil and brooding and such.

Other Stories


Tenz the Artist
A story about how a Hissi discovered his talent

by rkbear


Dr. Labray - Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And...
"As a transgender individual, one of the harder things I found when coming out was finding a name that felt like 'me'." collab with LongwoodGeek

by temporaltraveler


A Beginner's Guide to the Art Gallery
Tips on how to get started with the Art Gallery. collab with Malzeno and evilduckeh

by belleprintemps


10 Gifts for the Yurble Lover in Your Life
"Even if you are too cheap to give them a gift for the most important pet day of the year, perhaps this can help you with a gift for a birthday, a graduation, or any other kind of gift giving celebration."

by vicunas


Neopets Out of Hours
What the characters of Neopets really do when you're not there..

by gloomrain


Not The Best Chop
Keep on trying.

by axel_8876

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