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This year, the Altador Cup Committee has decided to hold brief interviews with a select few Altador Cup Players, in a segment we are calling Quick Questions! We will be kicking these off with Foltaggio, the maverick Mynci Captain who led Team Altador to victory during the last Altador Cup!”

Interviewer: “So, how did it feel to take home the trophy last year?”

Foltaggio: “Well, I have a tendency to set unrealistically high expectations and then become crestfallen when they aren’t met, but I have to admit I had a hard time feeling disappointed last year. I mean taking first place for the first time ever for Altador? Even I couldn’t find anything to be disappointed about there!

Interviewer: “And what about Team Altador’s chances of taking home the cup again this year?”

Foltaggio: “We might be starting at the bottom after the first round of round robin games, but Team Altador isn’t worried. We showed that we have what it takes to climb to the top last year, and we have the trophy to prove it!”

[Holds up trophy to cheering crowd]

Interviewer: “Well it sure sounds like last year’s win has inspired quite a bit of confidence in the Altadorian Team. Good luck out there!”

As one of the newest players on the field this year, speedy Right Forward Motor Dahy was also interviewed. However, things didn’t go quite as smoothly as our first one… When pressed about his quick temper by the reporter, Motor ended up assaulting the interviewer. Luckily, the microphone was still connected and able to pick up the short-lived interview:

Interviewer: “So, Motor, you have been turning heads with your fast and loose playstyle, but analysts are predicting your short temper could spell trouble for Team Kreludor. How do you respond to-”

[Midsentence, the interviewer was tackled by Motor Dahy, who proceeded to bludgeon the reporter with his microphone.]

Motor: “So still think [BONK] I have a short temper, huh? [THUD] Wait a minute, was that supposed to be some kind of height joke? That does it! [BANG CLUNK CRASH]

[incoherent screaming]”

It then took the entirety of the Kreludor team to pry Dahy off of the reporter...

Keep an eye out for our next round of Quick Questions, as we will be returning with more intriguing player interviews soon! Soon as our reporter is discharged from the Neopian Hospital that is…

The Team Shenkuu blurb mentioned that Mirsha Grelinek has a girlfriend now. Are we going to see her at some point? I know quite a few people who'd love to draw fan art of them, but we have to know who she is in order to do that. ~~mysticmajin
What a wonderful question! Mirsha's girlfriend might just be making a subtle appearance in one of our upcoming Quick Question segments, so be sure to keep an eye out! ~~Aesop

Hey! It’s been a minute since we’ve had an mini/MME! Any plans in the near future? Please leave my UN out! Thank yooooou!! ~~Anonymous
Hello! Thanks for asking! Yes we definitely hope to do one in the fall- so keep your eyes peeled haha : ) ~~Miss Rainbow

*slides over plate of Altador Cup Cupcakes* Hey there TNT, is there a way to get the tutorial removed from the side bar of things to complete, as it isn't currently doable without flash? The perfectionist in me is having a hard time with the fact that, even with a flash browser, it can not be finished. ~~Anonymous
Hello! * munches on cupcakes * We have been discussing some future short term and long term updates to the tutorial to help improve the overall experience. * wipes crumbs off desk * No release date yet but we’ve been looking into it! ~Sunpoato

Hey TNT! I just noticed there's no end date posted on the current Caption Contest. Can you guys fix that? Thank you in advance! :) ~~crumpetcookie
Thank you so much! I went in and fixed that. Just a reminder that the voting period will be June 29-30, and the winners will be announced on July 1st! ~~Mac

Can you consider adding something in Future Fashions in the NC Mall? I don't really see anything besides 1-2 items a month in there. It doesn't really hold any benefits as intended. ~~invaderzimgrl777
Hello! You have a point- people need their fashions of the future!! But hey, why don't you take a peek and see what’s been dropped in there today? And don’t worry, we’ll be sure to continue dropping more and more items in there : ) Thanks! ~~Miss Rainbow

Pastel Raindorf Antlers, Holiday Hair Bow, Flower Hair Bow, Food-Eating Monster Horns, Spring Flower Head Wreath, Ribbon Faerie Head Wreath, Fancy Purple Hair Bow, Elegant Holiday Hair Clip, Delicate Flower Laurel, Valentine Hair Accessory and Lace Headband ~~you said in editorial 960 that you would change these to static but you haven't yet. When can you do this? ~~_sissiy_sis_369
Thank you for the updated list! With the Altador Cup underway, my schedule’s slowed down enough to begin chipping away at this list. Thank you so much for your patience! ~~Mac

I remember that a few editorials ago, there was a mention that a plot was in the works, and it was about Lutari Island, is that still being worked on or has it been shelved? (Please make my name anonymous) ~~Anonymous
So happy you asked this question! We are actually working on planning out multiple plots right now that I am incredibly excited about :D These do take a long time to put together, but we are tentatively aiming to release the first of these new plots next year. Although the Lutari Island plot will likely be the second or third of these plots already in the works, I can assure you it certainly has not been shelved! And I'll be sure to keep Neopia updated as we move forward with these exciting new plots! ~~Aesop

Hi TNT! Many of us at the NCC would seriously love if some lovely retired items like Cloak of the Night Sky and Night Time Negg Hunt could be re-released for the NCMall's birthday capsules next month. They're wanted by many but not enough of them were created when they were still obtainable at the mall :( I'm sure everyone would appreciate it if you could reintroduce them to the game *heart* please consider bringing them back!! (also please remove my name if published) ~~Anonymous
Hello! Those are definitely some cool items. We appreciate your feedback and we are gonna see if we can try and squeeze some of those goodies into the capsule. Keep an eye out! ; ) ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi there! Recently came back to neopets and was browsing through some books and saw one called "Watch Out!" and the description reads: "Watch out, spooks are about Neopia. This book helps your pet learn how to avoid the nasty natives." I know we were all younger and ignorant back in the day, and y'all probably meant it as "spooky", but coming across this item today really feels outdated and uncomfortable. For those not in the know, "spook" is a racial slur used against black people and combined with the "nasty natives" phrase, I feel this item is not in line with the inclusivity Neopets is trying to promote and is long overdue to be renamed or removed from the site. Thanks for your time! ~~ravenclaw_whitewolf
Thank you SO much for bringing this to our attention! We’re changing the name now, and will be letting the art team know that the cover could use an upgrade as well. ~~Mac

There are 4 wonderful Creative Contests the Art Gallery, Caption Contest, Poetry Gallery, and Storytelling Contest. Its been fun competing and entering in all of these over the years. What would your thoughts be on a single avatar for having placed in all of these contests as evidenced by trophies on ones user lookup!?! ~~andypopo
Wow, this is such a cool idea! Just chatting it over briefly the team was already getting excited about the idea of a Jack of All Trades avatar! Thank you so much for the spectacular suggestion we will definitely look into this :) ~~Aesop

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