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Short Stories

The Great Petpet Parade

This fun and heartwarming story is about the great petpet parade!

by purplekat20
Lori and the Flight Academy

"Lori always knew that something bad was coming when her mom asked her to stay at the table after dinner."

by speelyrox
The Neocola Faerie

Pulling off a soda can tab without breaking it is considered lucky, and I just like that feeling.

by spidey897
Tenz the Artist

A story about how a Hissi discovered his talent

by rkbear
An Hour With The Library Faerie

"She's always standing at the desk. Her hair's always in her face, but you can tell by her great big purple wings who she is."

by tabascosoup
Violynne and the Cursed Necklace

May 6th, 2022, is the anniversary of when I made my account. This is a story I wrote to celebrate that occasion.

by auburn_sun
Castle Planner’s Journal: The Missing Crevice

As Sir Borodere digs up an old memory, a familiar voice calls for help! How can our Castle Planner help out this time?

by ferretboy85
Reawakening Ties

"Lightning flashed and wind howled in a rather cliché display of theatrics. It was a dark and stormy night and all of that. The Meepits were howling for some unholy reason that we pathetic mortals can never hope to understand."

by kayixu
Dr. Labray - Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And...

"As a transgender individual, one of the harder things I found when coming out was finding a name that felt like 'me'." collab with LongwoodGeek

by temporaltraveler
Dear Old Friend

"We missed you at the International Charity Ball last night. Galgorroth told me that you weren’t feeling well; he said you respectfully declined the invitation but wanted to come."

by parody_ham
Conversations with Fyora

"This is the sequel to my short story for Fyora Day last year - The Faerie Queen and the Draik Who Would Be King, published in issue 937."

by precious_katuch14
During the Fall

"When Xandra turned the Faeries to stone, most of Neopia was keen on helping the Faeries return to normal. However, life within Faerieland was particularly chaotic without the Faeries."

by black_skull725
The Distorted

Throughout history, some stories are prone to losing their meanings. The tale of Toumei the Distorted is no different.

by fallingdaybreak
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"During the Fall" by black_skull725
When Xandra turned the Faeries to stone, most of Neopia was keen on helping the Faeries return to normal. However, life within Faerieland was particularly chaotic without the Faeries. As there is a sizable Neopet population in Faerieland, they suddenly found themselves without a Queen and without the other Faeries.

Other Stories


Interview with Team Shenkuu (Follow Up)
collab with Malzeno

by maryannyks


Some of Queen Fyora’s Fabulous Rarities
"Well, today, in honour of the Fyora edition of the Neopian Times, we’ll be examining some of the most unique retired Hidden Tower items."

by _brainchild_


Venture Capital: Road to the Neopets Stock Market
The final chapter! collab with myncithemonkey

by typlohisioh


Where Are They Now: Heroes, Villians and Icons
"Hello everyone! Thank you for reading the first instalment of a brand new mini-series documenting the lives of famous, and infamous, icons in the world of Neopia after their peak in the limelight."

by mickey_a94_a39


Let's go on an Adventure
Some Petpetpets try to decide what they should do on a sunny spring day ...

by frangypanny


Random Oddness: Denny the Mobster Lupe #3
The ol' switcheroo.

by mistyqee

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