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Petpet Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!

by twinkle_jazz
The King of Meridell - Valentines Day Special

Don't forget all the lessons...

by sir_serene
Everybody likes gifts!

Show your friends some love!

by chocokelle
Some Kind of Varsity Valentine

The triumphs of high school Yooyuball. Collab with luc187

by kuroneko_kitty
Valentines Day at Kelp

It's the best day of the year!

by juli_puff
Dinner with the Scarlets: Valentiney

New color, same old Paint Brush jokes.

by june_scarlet
A Creative Contest Valentine's Day

Whatever prize you seek, don't bank on it... Happy Valentine's Day, creatives!

by i_lovee_icecream
A Happy Ending?

Have a Happy Valentines Day!

by lunensis
Fancy Meeting You Here

Happy Valentine's Day!

by logical_loophole
Royal Pain: Valentine's Day

Rejection is so heartbreaking :(

by winner19955
Glory Days: A Lovely Gift

Take notes everyone!

by darkpassage
Random Oddness: Valentines

Enjoy your Valentines chocolates!

by mistyqee
Don't regret your Valentine's Day gifts

Valentine's day is time to gift your loved ones sweet things they might love. Or not. Collab with oi_tio_to_na_globo

by crankylovebird
A Loves Sacrifice

What? You really didn't expect an Usukigirl to have high standards?

by rebeccanmn
T3H Praedius

Should Gelerts even eat chocolate??

by arttimo
Love at First Sight

The mightiest tentacles!

by valokki
Love of Chocolate

"What's Valentine's Day about?"

by serebii251
The Suffering of a Heartthrob

Umbra found themselves as the new IT person, but people don't understand that not everyone loves the same

by ariane_black
The Floating Islanders - Valentine Veil

If the speech check doesn't give you away, the smell will.

by yankeesrule244444456
Handmade with Love

"...This will be perfect!"

by pikcel
Cavities: Valentine Admirer

There's No Greater Love

by thegoddesofxweetok1

Some fancy chocolates there.

by twillieblossom
You've Got Neomail

Who could it be from..? Collab with blazing_coolz

by tian174
The Right Valentine's Gift

"Flowers? Oh... okay..."

by midnight_tango
A Dangerous Time of Year

Current wait time at the Healing Springs: 5 hours

by mix_star
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"Grey to Fuchsia" by yuumeria
RINGGG! The old alarm sounded exactly at seven o’clock, same as yesterday, same as the day before. Edgar Rutherford turned gingerly in his bed and rubbed his eyes, crusted with fatigue from another night of unsteady slumber. The Grey Moehog reached over to his nightstand, slapping his hoof against the moth-eaten wooden surface a few times before finding the alarm clock and turned it off with a grunt. Edgar Rutherford of 253 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central had another bland, listless day to look forward to. He ran through the day’s expected events over in his mind as he lay in his bed, squeezing out a few extra minutes of rest from a well-oiled routine established over many years. Make the bed, wash up, eat two hard-boiled eggs with a glass of milk, iron his shirt, head to work… With another grunt, Edgar got out of bed. Shouldn’t a night’s rest invigorate him? Instead, he felt like he had powered through hard labour instead. The years are creeping up on him, he thought bitterly as he rubbed the base of his neck, trying to loosen the tight muscles. Edgar had been living in this house on Wishing Well Drive for nearly twenty years. He picked this street precisely because of its hope-invoking name. Which, as time ticked on, turned out to be rather ironic. He folded up his blanket neatly, smoothed out the sheets, and headed to the bathroom. In the dimly lit mirror, he found his reflection.

Other Stories


Valentine’s Day at Kelp
"The Maitre D' arrived at Kelp early to set up for the special Valentine’s Day dinner. When the restaurant first opened, it was booked and impossible to get in but nowadays..."

by spukl1


Grey to Fuchsia
"The old alarm sounded exactly at seven o’clock, same as yesterday, same as the day before. Edgar Rutherford turned gingerly in his bed and rubbed his eyes, crusted with fatigue from another night of unsteady slumber..."

by yuumeria


Wearing Your (Broken) Heart on Your Sleeve This Year
I’m just going to say it - not all of us enjoy Valentine’s Day. As Neopians, we are far too familiar with heartbreak.

by jackie247


Which Valentine's Gift Are You?
"Ah, Valentine’s Day. The season of hearts, glitter, and roses. The air is full of love, our hearts are full of joy, and- if you’re anything like me- your mind is awash with the same question you face every year..."

by jjensen687


Who said Programming was Easy?
"Garfalox stares at the screen, numbly pressing keys and watches the light bars go up and down on another screen. Sighing deeply, he checks the clock..."Collab with vicunas

by greenj12356


Knight & Squire: Preface
"Lisha remarked as she began unrolling the bandages on Rowan’s lower torso. The Yellow-gold Aisha mumbled something under her breath. Rowan jumped back as he saw Lisha’s hands glow purple, 'What the...'"

by terpsichorean_writer

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