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Stylish Wearables for UN-Valentine's Day!

Starring Maldice the Stealthy Draik, Malmagma the Magma Draik, Malumbra the Halloween Draik, and Christine, their owner!

by _brainchild_
Valentine's Day For People Who Hate Pink

As someone whose favourite colour happens to be pink, I can’t believe I’m writing this article. It goes against everything I stand for!!

by ultimatekai123
Wearing Your (Broken) Heart on Your Sleeve This Year

I’m just going to say it - not all of us enjoy Valentine’s Day. As Neopians, we are far too familiar with heartbreak.

by jackie247
Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Wondering the best ways to treat yourself on such a highly anticipated day as Valentine’s Day? Well, follow me through this list of fabulous ways to celebrate.

by candylandtheonomy
Sweet Treats: Pink Gourmet Edition!

"Can you feel it in the air? That sweet vibe of blissful happiness, deep care and waves of wanderlust? Wait, don’t tell me you forgot that Valentine’s Day is coming up. Did you?"

by remidica
Top Ten Valentine's Day Wearables (NC & NP)

Is your Neopet a true sweetheart? Do they constantly shower you in love? Are they competing with Cupid for World’s Cutest Cherub?

by littleprincessmaid
Be Your Own Valentine: A Self-Care Guide

"As the Month of Awakening takes Neopia by storm, filling the streets with the cloying scent of ribbon-tied Dr. Sloth Flower Bouquets and stringing frilly garlands over every available surface, the average Neopian heart finds itself in one of two camps..."

by purplepeggie
Which Valentine's Gift Are You?

"Ah, Valentine’s Day. The season of hearts, glitter, and roses. The air is full of love, our hearts are full of joy, and- if you’re anything like me- your mind is awash with the same question you face every year..."

by jjensen687
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"Grey to Fuchsia" by yuumeria
RINGGG! The old alarm sounded exactly at seven o’clock, same as yesterday, same as the day before. Edgar Rutherford turned gingerly in his bed and rubbed his eyes, crusted with fatigue from another night of unsteady slumber. The Grey Moehog reached over to his nightstand, slapping his hoof against the moth-eaten wooden surface a few times before finding the alarm clock and turned it off with a grunt. Edgar Rutherford of 253 Wishing Well Drive, Neopia Central had another bland, listless day to look forward to. He ran through the day’s expected events over in his mind as he lay in his bed, squeezing out a few extra minutes of rest from a well-oiled routine established over many years. Make the bed, wash up, eat two hard-boiled eggs with a glass of milk, iron his shirt, head to work… With another grunt, Edgar got out of bed. Shouldn’t a night’s rest invigorate him? Instead, he felt like he had powered through hard labour instead. The years are creeping up on him, he thought bitterly as he rubbed the base of his neck, trying to loosen the tight muscles. Edgar had been living in this house on Wishing Well Drive for nearly twenty years. He picked this street precisely because of its hope-invoking name. Which, as time ticked on, turned out to be rather ironic. He folded up his blanket neatly, smoothed out the sheets, and headed to the bathroom. In the dimly lit mirror, he found his reflection.

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The L-Word
"Kanrik rounded the corner to see Hanso frantically doing the trick of stomping on the trash in a garbage can so you can fit more stuff in it. This was unusual because it was..."

by quanticdreams


The Valentine Cure
"For my entire life of 5 days and 3 hours, I dreamed of becoming a Neopian Times reporter. I longed to write with the fancy, blue quill and to own a White Weewoo Petpet. Today, that dream was..."

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1000 Hours Outside: A Tale of Two Friends
"Thoroughly committed to the program, the friends were starting to draw blanks about what to do outside. It seemed they had..." Collab with honorrolle

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Knight & Squire: Preface
"Lisha remarked as she began unrolling the bandages on Rowan’s lower torso. The Yellow-gold Aisha mumbled something under her breath. Rowan jumped back as he saw Lisha’s hands glow purple, 'What the...'"

by terpsichorean_writer


A Happy Ending?
Have a Happy Valentines Day!

by lunensis


The Floating Islanders - Valentine Veil
If the speech check doesn't give you away, the smell will.

by yankeesrule244444456

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