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Hey TNT, I just bought an item called "Shuko". It seems like there is something wrong with the description, as it just says "Apr2016" Could you change it to its real description? ~padxe
Thank you for bringing that to our attention! We spoke with Kentari, and he helped us fill out the full description of the Shuko. Now you can learn about this wonderous weapon as you decimate your opponents with it! ~~Aesop

Hi, I tried to use Fluffy Gnorbu Head on my plushie gnorbu but some plushie bits weren't restricted. Could a restriction for "Head Transient Biology" be added to the item so it can work on plushie gnorbu? Thanks! ~major_flirt8888
Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Your Plushie Gnorbu should now have no problem using the Fluffy Gnorbu Head item! Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Thanks for correcting the year in the in description of January's NC Collectible, but a larger issue with the item still remains. In both the name and description of Darigan Toy Shop Keeper Collectible Plushie Handheld, "shop keeper" should instead be one word. Thanks for updating this! ~quailbat
Hello! Thanks for writing in, this has now been fixed! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! This question is for Adler with regard to the poetry contest. Gallery #2700 is coming up fast which makes me wonder something. How will the poems for this particular special edition be chosen? Will they be selected from the Valentine's Day/Valenpain's Day poems? Will they be selected from your favorites over the past hundred galleries? Or will this be a special opportunity to send forth our absolute best? Or something else? Thanks so much! ~flufflepuff
Hi there! Because this Poetry Contest happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, I am happy to consider Valentine-themed entries but feel free to submit a theme of yours for consideration as well! Happy writing! ~~Adler

Hey, just a heads-up that the Toy Bruce Bow Tie is showing up in Uni's even though it's supposed to be a Paint Brush exclusive item. ~Anonymous
Hello! Thanks for the head’s up! This has now been fixed and the Toy Bruce Bow Tie should no longer be appearing in Uni’s Clothing Shop! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi, TNT! So, I've got a request for your regarding Closets. As of right now, when you go into your Closet, there's a list of search categories you can choose when looking for an item- which is good! But... the categories themselves don't make sense. They seem to be a limited list of Safety Deposit Box categories that aren't actually helpful. For instance, I've never needed to search my Closet for Battledome Equipment. But I HAVE wanted to search for, say, all my Lower Foreground Items. Or Shirts/Tops. Is there any chance these could be updated at some point to be more useful? ~loba_negra
Hiya!~ * Puts grey shirt in closet. * Excellent suggestion! Definitely want things to be a lot easier to search for! We will keep this in mind when we start to look at converting the page. ~~Sunpotato


I've been playing for 16 years and my dream has always been to have a Snowbunny. Now admittedly I was always terrible at saving my NPs (who can blame me when the alien vending machine exists?) but this past advent calendar made it possible. So possible that I now have a whole gallery with so many different colors! I truly appreciate recent efforts to deflate and re-release items. :) ~coley03038

Hello! Thank you for the update on the number of Caption Contest winners! It's refreshing to see, especially since the contest is now monthly instead of weekly. I can't wait to try! ~flufflepuff

Congrats on 1000 issues of the NT! There were so many beautiful entries and sentimental retrospectives. Here’s to many more. :) ~twinz504

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