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Top 5 Baby Neopets for Beginners

by bluewolfpaw


So, you've finally saved up enough Neopoints for that ever-elusive Baby Paintbrush, or maybe you got a lucky visit from Jacko the Phantom Painter! Whatever the case may be, you have your Baby Paintbrush ready to go, and your goal in mind- get one of those adorable, angelic-looking Baby Neopets, stat! But wait! Have you stopped to consider which Neopet species will be the best choice for you and your Neo-family? Did you know that each Neopet species, ESPECIALLY as babies, requires vastly different amounts and methods of care? Well fear not, dear reader! As the proud owner of several Baby Neopets myself, I'm here to let you know the top six Baby Neopets for beginners!

     6.) Baby Kiko

     Baby Neopets can be fussy, picky, and they're notorious for getting into everything! At the very least, however, you won't have that last problem with the oh-so-adorable Baby Kiko, as they don't even have legs! As long as you and your Baby Kiko stay on dry land, you'll never lose track of your new Pet. Enter the water with your Baby Kiko, however, and all bets are off...

     5.) Baby Kougra

     You may have heard the stories of Baby Kougras being difficult, particularly when it comes to their destructive tendencies, but I'm here to tell you that that is not the case UNLESS you let your Baby Kougra stay bored for a long period of time, and I'm sure you wouldn't do that, dear reader! Regular nail clipping is an essential part of Kougra grooming, and Babies are no exception. Keep your Baby Kougra's nails trimmed and make sure to provide them with plenty of toys and mental stimulation (same as you would with any Baby Neopet!), and you'll soon find a Pet that is not only ludicrously adorable, but curious, smart, and a lightning fast learner! I've known several Baby Kougras to be brainiacs who read hundreds of books a day, even going on to win awards for it! Baby Kougras are excellent Pets and quite adventurous when it comes to trying different foods or experiencing new things and would be a promising choice of Pet, even for a Baby Neopet beginner.

     4.) Baby Skeith

     "A Baby SKEITH?!", I can hear you exclaiming, "Don't they eat everything?!" Well yes, yes they do, dear reader. And believe it or not, that's part of what makes them so easy to care for! While other Baby Neopets, in fact, I would even venture as far as to say MOST Baby Neopets are fussy eaters, preferring a very specific kind of Baby food one day and a bottle the next, Baby Skeiths are happy to eat whatever you put in front of them! Did the Neopian Fresh Foods shop discontinue your Pet's favourite flavour of Gaga Grub? With other Baby Neopets, this would surely lead to tears and maybe, if you're unlucky, even a destructive temper tantrum! The Baby Skeith however, like almost all Skeiths, is no picky eater. Your new Baby Skeith will happily eat almost anything you put in front of them, making mealtime a breeze! This is sure to be of benefit to a Baby Neopet beginner, giving you one less thing to worry about with your new Pet.

     3.) Baby Peophin

     Peophins, in general, are known for being serene, a bit quiet, and calm, and the same goes for Baby Peophins! All Babies will have their moments of crying fits and tantrums, but you can expect less of those when adopting a Baby Peophin. As the owner of a Baby Peophin myself, I can attest to the fact that they are usually quite well-behaved and content to play by themselves or colour quietly, making them an excellent choice for Baby Neopet beginners!

     2.) Baby Kau

     Baby Kaus are known to be sweet, snuggly Baby Neopets who tend to stick to their owners like glue! If you're okay with a Pet on the clingy side, a Baby Kau would be an excellent choice for a Baby Neopet beginner. They like to follow their owners around and watch and even try to mimic what they're doing. They also tend to easily and quickly take a shine to any older Neopets you might have, making introductions to the family much easier!

     Special Mention:

     Before I announce the number one Baby Neopet for beginners, I'd like to give a special mention to one Baby Neopet who ALMOST made the list, but I couldn't in good conscience put it as part of the ranking. That Pet would be the adorable, lavender-hued Baby Usul! Usuls generally have a sweet, sociable and friendly disposition, and Baby Usuls are no exception! They'll make friends with your other Pets very quickly, and are more easy-going than some other species of Baby Neopet. The reason I didn't add the Baby Usul to the list, however, is the same reason even regular Usuls can be surprisingly difficult Pets for beginner owners- they are incredibly fastidious and picky about their grooming habits. Even the most laid-back Usul requires you to brush their fur multiple times a day, and with a Baby Usul, in addition to all of the regular problems that can pop up with Baby Neopets, you'll have to stay on top of their grooming like it's your job! If you've owned Usuls in the past and are familiar with their unique needs, however, then a Baby Usul could very well be a great Pet for you!

     And now, for the number one Baby Neopet for beginners... *drumroll please*

     1.) Baby Pteri

     Come on, you had to have known it was coming! The Baby Pteri hasn't even hatched yet, so it's incredibly easy to care for. You can still read them stories or dress them up, but the Baby Pteri never throws fits, cries for no reason refuses to eat its food or any of the other things Baby Neopets are notorious for. And even though Baby Pteris are just eggs, they somehow manage to still look ridiculously cute to boot! I mean, have you seen one in a bonnet? What an absolutely egg-scellent choice for a Baby Neopet beginner!

     And so there you have it, dear reader- my opinion of the top six Baby Neopets for beginners, as the owner of several different species of Baby Neopets myself. Baby Neopets are just about the cutest Pets this side of Neopia, but they do require a lot of preparation, commitment, and patience, so regardless of which species you end up going with, make sure you're ready for that before using your Baby Paintbrush! I hope this article helped you, and I wish you and your new Baby Neopet lots of fun adventures in Neopia!

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