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by dinha_reeves


You walk through Neopia Central when you come across a place that is very familiar, yet distinctive at the same time. As you enter the room, which you quickly remember contains several Kadoaties left for a few days by their owners when they travel away, you actually find Meepits in their place, with those staring eyes and their teeth showing, just waiting to be fed.

     Strange, isn't it?

     Was this a new place?

     It’s called “Meepitery”, something you never saw at Neopia before… You wonder if it’s something new, but, where’s the Kadoatery then? Why is it in the same place as the Meepitery? And then… Why does Neopia Central look like it's haunted? It even looks like they've swapped places...

     It all sounds like an April Fool's prank, but while the Faeries work to organize things in Neopia and put everything in its proper place, the Kadoaties - or should I say the Meepits - feeders won't stop going about their routine, after all, there are still several Meepits waiting for food to fill their bellies.

     And while the Kadoaties aren't back there (what must have happened to them in Haunted Woods, anyway?), here's a list of the Meepits that users can feed in Meepitery!

     To feed one, it's very simple, each Meepit really wants an item to make it happy until its owner returns (or the Kadoaties, maybe? If they ever return...). If you have the item the Meepit is looking for, you should click on its cage to hand it over! You'll make the little Petpet very happy, and your name will be displayed there so everyone knows how kind you are.

     Don't forget, each Meepit you feed will count towards a beautiful trophy in your userlookup and when you complete 75 Meepits you will be rewarded with a beautiful avatar of a... well... Meepit?

     Well, it doesn't matter. The Meepits are hungry!!!



     The common Meepit is undoubtedly the most popular type of this Petpet. It has staring eyes that somehow make you feel a bit... um... intimidated. With teeth that big, well... maybe you shouldn't get too close when feeding it. Just in case.

     Their favourite foods are: Eye of Mortog Soup, Grundo Stix, and Veggie Poogle Wrap. (I wonder why his favourite foods are parts of pets or Petpets... I guess it's better not to know.)

     Popular names for this Meepit are: Meepy, Meeply, Mr. Tooth, and Spookadelic.

     Faerie Meepit


     This faerie-painted Meepit has beautiful yellow wings on its back, that's all that differentiates it from the basic Meepit, but somehow it looks a bit friendlier. They can certainly be adorable, but they're still Meepits, even if they live among the faeries. I wonder how they manage to fly with such tiny wings and a chubby little body, but I suppose some laws of physics don't apply to faeries, right?

     Their favourite foods are: Beany Burpers, Dark Faerie Apple and Faerie Fondue. (At least they have no Pets/Petpets parts on them…)

     Some names that can be found on these Meepits are: Hammy, Sir Sprinklelord, Queen M., and Sally.

     Starry Meepit


     With a little blue body and yellow stars drawn around it, this Meepit seems to be looking straight into your eyes. You should not be intimidated by them, but, perhaps the best way to feed it is with your eyes closed...

     Their favourite foods are: Tangy Cheesicle, Mano Root, Doughnutfruit (all).

     The most popular names for this Meepit are: STARY, Gemini, Twinkle, and Sleeper.

     Strawberry Meepit


     This little fellow, who really does look like a strawberry - although definitely not edible (tell that to Florg!) - can't be painted on the Petpet Puddle, but the only way to get it is through the Petpet laboratory. I wonder who would have the nerve to put a poor Petpet to be zapped in a freaky laboratory where a crazy Kookith uses them as experiments. However, after looking at those wide big eyes, I wonder who wouldn't put a Meepit in that laboratory...

     Foods they like best: Chia Fruit Wings (all of them) - again, a Meepit who really likes foods from pet parts. Well, if you're a Chia Fruit, maybe you should find another Meepit to feed.

     The names that come up the most for him: Cherry, Mr. Dots, Larry the Berry, and OMGROFL.

     White Meepit


     This Meepit, which is as white as a ghost haunting some abandoned house in Haunted Woods, has an even more sinister look. Not unlike a basic Meepit, it still manages to give you goosebumps from head to toe. Rumour has it they're good friends, but with those eyes… It's kind of hard to believe.

     Favourite foods: Neggs, Cookie Pizza, Jelly Bean Pizza, and Rainbow Hot Dog.

     Common names for this white Petpet: Bleep-it, Snow, Whitewhity.

     Tyrannian Meepit


     Straight from the ancient lands of Tyrannia, this Meepit differs from its peers with its yellowish colouring and small mustard-coloured spots. It seems to have a little hair on its head, almost making a fringe in front of its big eyes. Somehow, this Meepit manages to be extremely adorable, although I remember that defeating it in the Meepit x Feepit game is not an easy mission at all.

     This Meepit's favourite foods are: Chokato Dumplings, Mint Rolls, and Sloth Brucicle.

     Popular names: *Bites*, Fluffy, :K, u____u

     Grey Meepit


     Coming across this Meepit with a sad, depressed look on its face makes you want to hug it, doesn't it? This little fellow looks like it really needs a hug, or maybe it’s just hungry. It's very important not to be fooled by their appearances, it's very likely that after being fed, their eyes will become wide and frightening again. Remember that Meepits are creatures from Haunted Woods and not the cute Kadoaties we're used to feeding. In any case, it's not very nice to let them starve, is it?

     So you can feed him with some of these options: Wasabi Crackers, Fudge Kiko Lolly, Hero Gyro and Tureen of Olives.

     Common names: Sadboi, Cristian Grey, Baelia.

     Dung Meepit


     This poor Meepit stinks, and maybe that's why nobody wants to feed it. With a grotesque manure-like appearance and flies flying around its head, it's a wonder there are so many of these Meepits in Meepitery, but it's not surprising that they're all starving to death. They look harmless, but their stench must keep pets away, so they go without food for longer than the others.

     Foods this Meepit likes: Ant Eaten Corn Dog and Ant Eaten Hot Dog

     The most common names for this Meepit are: Smelly Meep, Dung, Dr. Stinky.

     Darigan Meepit


     If the penetrating gaze of other Meepits is scary enough, this Meepit's is much more so. The red eyes are a bit... scary. There are also two wings on its back that look more like bat wings. And if you thought teeth were a problem, well, look, this one has CLAWS!

     You can feed it with: Turkey Monster, Fried Trilo Bites, and Reptillian Arm.

     Popular names for the Darigan Meepit: Lord Kass, Redrum, MK, and Darigaw.

     Pirate Meepit


     This rather evil-looking Meepit has undoubtedly come straight from Krawk Island. A wicked pirate, no doubt! With a red bandana on its head, gold earrings, a black and white striped T-shirt and, amazingly, a skull tattoo on its belly. This Meepit is very daring and a big hit with the pirates of Krawk Island. The thick eyebrows over its eyes make it look menacing, but somehow less scary than the other Meepits. Maybe it's safe to feed it.

     Foods this Meepit will like: Chicken Taquitos, Haaaarrd Boiled Egg, Pirate Potato Crisps, and Shell Lollypop.

     Pirate Meepit's most popular names: Yaaaaarrrrr!, Scarblade, Capitain, Black Pearl.

     Well, these are the Meepits you'll find in the new Meepitery! We know they're rather scary Petpets, but you'll see that, at the end of the day, they'll be as happy as any Kadoatie when they're fed and that they are, deep down, good companions.

     Whether this is an April Fool's prank or not, we don't know, but the most important thing is not to leave them hungry for too long, after all, we don't know what they're really capable of...



     You’ve made Mr. Tooth a very happy Meepit.



     Thanks for doing a good deed!<

     (Also, in case you were wondering, you have now fed 1 Meepit in all!)


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