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Most Fashionable Neopians: Haunted Woods Edition

by spukl1


As fall rolls through, Neopians flock to the Haunted Woods to celebrate. This is Miss Prickles, the fashionable Uni, and I am here to report on the best and worst of Haunted Woods fashion. Now I tend to like sparkles and shine, but you all know that most of all, I love a dramatic outfit, and the Neopians of Haunted Woods SERVE the drama! As I walked around the Woods, I got to meet many of the iconic bunch and understood their desire for cloaks and capes (there were plenty of chills!). The Haunted Woods shows us dark and spooky in many forms and their fashion was uniquely-stylish! Now settle into the mist and get ready for the Best and Worst Dressed of the Haunted Woods.

     Best Dressed:

     1. Arnold. Arnold was the best dressed and the best host in the Haunted Woods. He charmed me with his wit and strength! His green pinstripe vest is classically Haunted Woods and will never go out of style. With minimal accessories, just a bowtie and hammer, he evokes a simple, yet polished Mynci who works hard for his money (and fairly, though he is often accused otherwise!). Arnold was kind enough to show me the local clowns and provide me with the BEST spooky food I have ever had. A true gentleman with style and class.

     2. Ilere. You know how highly I think of all the Faeries' fashion, and Ilere is no exception! This dazzling Earth Faerie is a bit cloistered, but she knows how to create a fashionable air of mystery. Miss Ilere gives the essence of being too cool for YOU (not me of course!). In shades of green, she blends wonderfully with the dark woods, and the deep shades let bright eyes stand out. A cloak is practicable in this part of town and hers is tailored perfectly. She leans into her legacy with flattering emerald lipstick and traditional Earth faerie braids. Ilere even manages to keep a perfect manicure in the woods. A+ to the queen of the shadows, I certainly hope all her witchy dreams come true.

     3. Gilly. Haunted Wood’s sweetheart, the great Gilly, has grown into such a chic young lady. We will get to her outfit shortly but her auburn hair is surely her best accessory. A short bob with bangs can be hard to pull off but Gilly wears it well, she styles it with a flip that makes it oh-so-chic! She promised to send me her 10-step routine to keep it smooth and sharp even in all of that Haunted Woods fog. Gilly keeps her makeup simple which allows her grey-blue eyes to shine, especially when the light of her lantern provides a subtle glow (cute and useful)! Gilly keeps her classy look with a simple white blouse, grey skirt and brown flats which are timeless and versatile. Instead of leaning into boring, she elevates her look with a stunning red cloak and matching gloves. Ooh-la-la! This is a high-quality piece, let me tell you! I adore how the cape ties below her chin and how the bright colour makes her stand out. Faboo, Gilly, Faboo!

     4. The Spooky Food Shopkeeper. Now let me tell you while he is known as the Spooky Food Shopkeeper to most of you, he is known as *REDACTED* to me. He is *REDACTED*, but he is a mysterious fellow so he just doesn’t want you to know that. Now you know I love a little dramatic flair, and the Spooky Food Shopkeeper gives us that. He slays the makeup here with contrasting white, black and red PLUS those eyebrows?! They are fake, but they are fierce! What I love most is that he embraces his angles. His bow tie and cape are severe, leaning into that spooky vibe we all seek when we go to Haunted Woods. He certainly makes an entrance!

     5. Megan. Yes, my girl Megan brings a little something extra to Haunted Woods and that is colour and movement. She is one of the few who can pull that many accessories. Megan is a shade of pink which is not common amongst the Neopians of Haunted Woods and that immediately makes her stand out, but beyond her natural beauty, she has a commanding presence. As a fan of music and dance, she is always in motion and her outfit compliments this! Megan wears a dress of many layers, seemingly complex until you realise it isn’t! With a simple sheath and vest, she improves an almost boring base with a striped sarong and paisley headband. While many others would not be able to pull off this conflicting pattern combo, Megan powers it all together with her iconic golden coins. These create cohesion, movement and a touch of fun! While that is enough to celebrate, we have to take a deep dive into the real reason she made the list: her jewellery. Her jewellery is all 14-karat gold which ties into her golden coins. It is rumoured that her matching emerald earring and ring set is a gift from King Kelpbeard himself! I personally think they should have been given to me, as I look great in green, but I digress (for now). Megan piles on a few more simple golden rings and bracelets, letting her emerald pieces shine, while leaning into her bohemian style. Bravo Megan, the styling is superb.

     With no offence to my spooky hosts, I still must report the truth! Without further ado, the worst dressed Neopians in Haunted Woods…and let me tell you, their fashion gave me a FRIGHT! Let’s send in the clowns…

     Worst Dressed:

     1. Edna. Yes, the witch of the Haunted Woods is first on our worst-dressed list, mostly because her outfit is so BORING. Go ahead and give us NOTHING, Edna! Is that a zipper at the top of her gown?! I mean really, a button at least would have given a vintage vibe. She looks like a knock-off Vira! She needs much better tailoring! Edna’s outfit is as basic as it comes and that cannot be forgiven (but please don’t put a spell on me, thank you). Her “best” accessory is a pair of silver kitchen tongs?! Someone, please help this witch! At least her Meowclops is cute. *sigh* I’ll be back to help you Edna… as I always say, when someone needs a makeover, I simply have to take over! I know exactly what you need, Edna (glitter).

     2. The Two-Headed Hissi. You would think two heads would be smarter than one, but apparently not when it comes to fashion. The two Headed Hissi guards one of our most fashionable Haunted Woods icons, Ilere, but the fashion doesn’t trickle out of the woods onto their path. Now, I love a double entendre, especially in fashion, but this mutant Hissi isn’t making an enigmatic statement with his clothes, he’s just being a mess. The cravats while matching are misaligned, and the gloves are tattered and torn through wear. I appreciate the top hat on the truth-teller, but its presence amplifies the lack of one on the liar. The Two-Headed Hissi is found on two roads diverged in a Haunted Wood, but I will not be travelling the one they are taking.

     3. Xandra. No one is smarter or kinder than Xandra and technically it may not be her fault that she is so out of fashion (she has been turned to stone for QUITE some time). However, it would be against my duty not to have her on the Worst Dressed list. Xandra’s outfit is layered in colours and style and where this bohemian look works for Megan, it is a mess on Xandra. She just does not have the charisma and confidence to pull off this style. Her shirt is rumpled and her hair is unkempt. Her accessories are brown, dull, and not doing her any favours. Her redeeming factor is that she looks Faboo in the shade of mauve she has chosen and she should embrace that more. My suggestion for Xandra, whenever she gets turned out of stone, would be to pull her hair into a high messy bun, that would give her more of the Library Faerie look. She also needs to lose the belts, and layers, implementing a simple sheath dress in that dusty mauve colour and her accent piece can remain that purple cloak. If she really needs to carry all of those items around, I would suggest one of the classic Haunted Woods Goodie Bags for a pop of fun.

     4. The Slime Titan. Maybe this is not fair of me considering they do not even wear clothing, but the Slime Titan is completely unfashionable. They may be a swamp creature, but they could still clean up when they go out to the visitor area. Made fully of slime, the Slime Titan not only smells but leaves behind a mess wherever they go. They certainly will NOT be invited to my dinner party. They are just a big, mean bag of goo. I think they could up their style with a veil and train, catching their slime like the bride-of-Esophagor.

     5. Harker. This should come as no surprise that Harker is the worst dressed in the Haunted Woods since he is known far and wide as being “poorly dressed”. This makes absolutely no sense based on how many Neopoints his game brings in daily. Maybe he just needs to get out of his corner of the Deserted Fairgrounds a bit more and explore the shops in Neovia. Harker has a patchwork outfit which in itself if not offensive, but it is ill-fitting. He has a hole in his boot and his gloves are…fingerless! It is horrid to look at. Not to mention he is channelling Krawk Island with his beard and earrings, but unfortunately, he is NOT pulling off the pirate look. Harker would do much better with some hair gel and a ponytail. His outfit needs a fresh vest and maybe he needs a bath too.

     Now I would like to thank the lovely Neopians in Haunted Woods for hosting me, I ate some delightful food, played lots of games and met the loveliest people *cough* Arnold *cough*. Stay spooky Haunted Woods! Neopia that is all I have to report for today, and if you do not believe me go ahead and travel there yourself. I am off to my next location; my mission is never finished! Until next time, stay Faboo.

     Fashionably Yours,

     Miss Prickles

     *This does not denote Miss Prickles’ personal preference towards or against any of these Neopians*.

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