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A Beastly Underground Prank

by _brainchild_


One sunny morning, Tivlia the Maraquan Blumaroo was returning from her weekly grocery shopping when she almost tripped over a mysterious-looking hole in the ground. Upon taking a closer look, she noticed that there was a ladder leading downward. Of course, she was curious about what may be lurking underground. As a treasure hunter, she hypothesized that there might be some worthwhile items down there.

     After going home and putting away the groceries, Tivlia returned to the hole and slowly climbed down the ladder. Her surroundings were getting darker as she descended, so she had to be careful not to slip and fall. Once she was on the ground, she started wandering around with a lantern in hand.

     She wasn’t really finding anything, to her disappointment. All she saw was a bunch of dirt, rocks, and worms, as well as an underground pond. She was about to go back up empty-handed when she heard the curious sound of scuttling creatures, along with someone crying. Intrigued, she approached the sounds.

     Before her, she saw an army of Talpidats feasting on Neggs which they were hoarding, along with one unhappy Faerie Weewoo. “Wow, I’m so glad to see a visitor!” exclaimed the Weewoo. “I was beginning to think that no one would hear my cries and come rescue me…”

     “Rescue?” echoed Tivlia.

     “Yeah. I was flying when some bullies hit me with a flaming rock and knocked me down the hole. Now I’m stuck in the Talpidat’s Den. My bones are broken from the fall, so I can’t climb or fly up. Furthermore, the Talpidats are no help, since they can’t talk or understand what I have to say. Could you please help me?”

     “Of course. You can ride in my backpack while I climb up the ladder.”

     “Thank you! I’ve been down here for three weeks, surviving on Neggs and water from the pond… It’s so boring down here! I want to leave and go see my friends and family.”

     With that, Tivlia and the Weewoo left the dungeon.


      Tivlia delivered the injured Weewoo to the Neopian Hospital. “I never got your name… What is it?” she asked.

     “I’m Elegancia,” replied the Weewoo. “You are?”

     “Tivlia. Glad to meet you.”

     Just then, a White Weewoo showed up at the door with a worried expression on her face. “Elegancia!” she exclaimed. “I was so worried about you… I never thought you’d return!”

     “This is my sister Angela,” explained Elegancia. “Angela, this is Tivlia, the Blumaroo who rescued me.”

     “Wow, thank you for rescuing my sister!”

     “Sure… I clearly wasn’t going to leave her down there. Anyway, Elegancia, tell us about the bullies who knocked you down.”

     “Oh, them… It was Forest and Trouble, the dastardly pair of Weewoos who bully everyone in sight.”

     “No surprise there,” grimaced Angela. “They knocked me down once, too!”

     “We’ve been having to deal with their shenanigans forever…” lamented Elegancia.

     Just then, Tivlia smirked. “What do these two look like?”

     “Forest is a Mutant Weewoo, and Trouble is a Darigan Weewoo,” answered Angela.

     At that point, Tivlia knew that she had to teach the two pranksters a lesson with a prank of her own.


      The next day, Tivlia saw the highly unpopular pair flying in the air. She observed them and figured out which tree was their favourite to land on. Snickering, she covered the branches with Neopia’s strongest superglue, and waited for results.

     Sure enough, the two Weewoos landed on the sticky branch. “I am so tired from so much flying!” exclaimed Forest. “Let’s take a rest.”

     The Weewoos rested on the branch, unsuspecting of their fate. While they were perched, they discussed their nefarious deeds in great detail, and insulted just about everyone they knew.

     Eventually, it was time for them to take off again. They started to flap their wings, but found themselves unable to move. Both started squawking angrily as they figured out that someone had glued them to the tree branch. “Who had the audacity to do THIS?!” shouted one.

     Just then, Tivlia came out of hiding. “…And who had the audacity to knock other Weewoos out of the sky for no reason at all? They had broken wings. You’re lucky you don’t.”

     Forest scowled. “I don’t know who you are, but you will NOT get away with this! Let us down!”

     “You’re not getting away with injuring other Weewoos. I’m going to leave you both on the branch for a day or two to think about all the horrible things you’ve done.”

     “WHAT?! No! You CAN’T!!!”

     “Yes, I can,” smirked Tivlia as she walked away.


     Two days later, the Weewoos were still stuck to the branch. Someone had cut the branch off the tree to lower them down to ground level… so they could be pelted with garbage by the numerous townsfolk who couldn’t stand them. The two struggled to shake off the trash, and the stench remained.

     “Will you PLEASE let us go?!” snapped Forest.

     “We won’t do it again!” insisted Trouble.

     Tivlia grinned. “I will let you go if you promise to do 100 hours each of community service at the Soup Kitchen. If you try to get out of it, the Defenders of Neopia will show up at your Neohome and make sure you do it.”

     “100 hours?! NO!!!” snarled Forest.

     “Way too much work,” whined Trouble.

     “Well, then, you can just sit on the branch for all of eternity.”

     Forest sighed. “Well, I guess we don’t have a choice. I’m starving…”

     “Me, too!” agreed Trouble. “We both need a good meal…”

     Thus, the Weewoos agreed to the community service and were freed by Tivlia. The next day, after they had taken a bath and stuffed their faces with Neopia’s finest food, they arrived at the Soup Kitchen for their punishment.

     “Hi,” Forest greeted the Soup Faerie. “I’m---”

     “I know who you are,” she replied unenthusiastically. “You two are INFAMOUS for your crimes. Anyway, here is the cleaning cart. You will start by cleaning the bathrooms. Don’t skip the toilets.”

     “Whaaaatttt?!” whined Trouble. “No one told us that we would be cleaning TOILETS!!!”

     “No fair!” whimpered Forest.

     “Too bad. Now clean the bathrooms.” With that, the Soup Faerie walked away.


     Trouble tried to hold the handle of the heavy toilet brush with his talons, but he was struggling. “This is TORTURE!” he exclaimed.

     “I know, right?” answered Forest. “Maybe this lifestyle of pranking people just isn’t worth it…”

     “…Really?! What’s wrong with you?!”

     “Well, we were glued to a tree branch for two days with nothing to eat while we got pelted with garbage. Let’s face it: everyone despises us. Now we have to clean toilets… I think we should stop pulling pranks. We’re just making enemies at this point.”

     Trouble sighed. “I suppose you’re right. After we’re done with this community service, we should move elsewhere, where no one has heard of us, and start a new life.”

     “Good idea.”

     Just then, the Soup Faerie came in to check on the Weewoos. “More cleaning and less talking! I want those mirrors SPOTLESS…”

     “Sure thing...”


     After Forest and Trouble completed their community service, which involved cleaning, stocking shelves, and serving customers, they left the region, and no one knew or cared where they went. The community was just glad they were gone, since they caused trouble all the time. The Weewoos were never heard from again by their numerous enemies. As they never again made the Neopian Times for their shenanigans, it was safe to say that wherever they took off to, they had finally learned their lesson.

     The End.

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