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Every Holiday Day Handy Event Schedule!

by pikachu315111


Don’t adjust your calendar! Okay, that doesn’t make sense. DO-OVER!

     Don’t go out and get a new calendar! Your eyes are not deceiving you! A recent Beta conversion of the Neopian calendar had resulted in an error of placing every single official Neopian Holiday onto the same day! A fix won’t be ready until after that day happens, so unable to ignore it there’s only one thing to do: CELEBRATE IT! This is the once-in-a-lifetime Every Holiday Day, a day when all the holidays happen at once. But there’s not enough time for each holiday to be celebrated separately, so two or more are being mixed together to make an entire day filled with events! We only got 24 hours so get out your day planner and start filling it out using the:



     Twas the night before Every Holiday Day and all were preparing,

     For where they would go with their Valentine, do Faerie Festival quests, eat at the Chocolate Ball, root for in the Annual Gormball Championships, and see the new fruit from Gadgadsbogen and Usuki from the Usuki Doll Convention...

     Oh, and of course, Trick-Or-Treating!

     Now the official Neopian Calendar has 80 holidays on it, but a majority of them are Pet Days; a day dedicated to a single Neopet species. Originally they were going to be condensed into a singular "Pet Days" event, but then it was realized that would just make it no different from an ordinary non-Pet Day. So instead it was just agreed to have Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island offer free training to every Neopet (under the Level 40) for the entire day.


     "Wait, hol’ on a minute, I didn’t agree ta this! How am I suppos’d ta keep open without earning Dubloons? Hey, quit shovin’ back thar! AYE, don’t you be touchin’ that sword! Yes, I can remove my peg limb, no, I will not show you-I SAID QUIT SHOVIN’ AND NO TOUCHIN’!..."


     While most of the events are scheduled for a few hours throughout the day, there are three (well, two) which are taking place throughout the entire course of the day:

     * Annual Usuki Doll Convention (Altador): The Usuki Convention this year is taking place in Altador within the Colosseum (they’ll be putting up a dome covering, thin enough to let sunlight through but strong enough to keep out any wind and moisture). In collaboration with Every Holiday Day, throughout the day they’ll be switching out featured collections to showcase ones related to other holidays. For example, for the Faerie Festival theme they’ll be featuring Faerie-themed Usuki, for Halloween featuring Usuki dressed as famous Neopians, for Mutant Day featuring collections owned by Mutant Neopets, and so on. And of course, they’ll be having giveaways, offering certain Usuki dolls matching the current holiday being featured. They have yet to put up the schedule for the featured collections, but Usuki fans will know it before Every Holiday Day so they can pencil a trip to Altador in on their planner.

     * Annual Chocolate Ball (Maraqua & Lost Desert): The Annual Chocolate Ball is taking place in two locations this year. In the morning it’s in Maraqua and in the mid-afternoon switches to the Lost Desert. The theme is "contrast" and is also in collaboration with Every Holiday Day. The holidays will be split into two parts, each holiday having a "contrasting pair". For example, the Maraqua part will have Illusen Day, Sloth Appreciation Day, Day of Giving, and Grey Day while the Lost Desert part will have the contrasting pair of Jhudora Day, Faerie Festival, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day. Each holiday will be represented by chocolate dishes, the Maraqua part dishes will be cold and have a refreshing feel while the Lost Desert dishes will be warm and have a hearty feeling. To help further emphasize the contrast, at the end each guest will be given a box with the contrasting pairs to take home (for those who didn’t get an invite, a limited amount will be sold a few days after Every Holiday Day in the Chocolate Factory).

     * Cancelled Due To Lack of Interest (CANCELLED): So, um, this is complicated. You see, there were plans for Cancelled Due To Lack of Interest, but because no one was interested, the plans were cancelled. But, if you think about it, it is appropriate for Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest, even though it now means there isn’t anything planned for Cancelled Due to Lack of Interest. So it’s both not being celebrated but is in spirit... by not celebrating it. It’s probably easier just not to think about it and move on.


     With that cleared up (mostly), onto the Every Holiday Day events!


     12 AM NST:

     * Trick-or-Tricking (Haunted Woods): A combination of Mutant Day & Halloween. The day starts with a Trick-or-Treating activity, Mutant style. Instead of going around asking for candy, Mutant Neopets instead run around and prank each other to see who the top mischief-maker is.


     3 AM NST:

     * Sludge Glug (Terror Mountain): A combination of Mutant Day & Borovan Day. After the top mischief-maker is crowned from Trick-or-Tricking, all Mutant Neopets head over to Terror Mountain to celebrate with a Borovan drinking contest. Starting with your normal average Borovan, as the contest goes on the Mutant Neopets start adding additional ingredients that only a Mutant Neopet can truly appreciate (and stomach), hence the "sludge". They get in some last laughs as the rest of Neopia begins to wake up.


     5 AM NST:

     * Meridell Day's Early Morning Petpet Watch (Meridell): A combination of Symol Day, Slorg Day, & Discovery of Meridell Day. Waking up early in the morning, Neopians flock to the Symol Hole for the annual Symol Watch. As tradition states, if the first Symol that surfaces see its shadow it'll be six more weeks of Winter. Whether the cold remains or not, Every Holiday Day is set to be a nice day so after the Symol Watch it’s onto the Slorg Watch! While not a major holiday, today is the day farmers harvest their crops, and also when Slorgs appear to eat said crops. It has become a tradition for Meridellians to help their hardworking farmers by keeping an eye out for any hungry Slorg, capturing them, and shipping them back to the Kiko Lakes bogs where they came from (there's plenty of food in the bogs for them, the Slorgs just really like the taste of crops such as Marrow and Juppie so migrate over to Meridell when said crops are ready to harvest).

     * Sloth Day Slime Stockpiling (Kiko Lake): A combination of Slorg Day & Sloth Appreciation Day. While most of Sloth Appreciation Day events happen on the Virtupets Space Station, it first begins in the bogs near Kiko Lake where Sloth loyalists come down to gather Slorg slime. What do they do with the Slorg slime? Only Sloth loyalists truly know and they aren't talking. But they do help clean the bog of excess Slorg slime (which otherwise the Kiko Lakers would have to clean) and look like they're having fun slipping and sliding and splashing around.


     6 AM NST:

     * Fruit Picking (Mystery Island): A combination of Gadgadsbogen & Day of Giving. Around the early morning is when that new fruit appears on Mystery Island during Gadgadsbogen. Traditionally Mystery Islanders would go plant to plant, picking the ripened fruit, and gathering them together in one spot for the celebration. However, with the combining of holidays meaning there are more fruit pickers, the Gadgadsbogen organizers decided to make a new game. Every fruiting plant is assigned a handful of pickers. After collecting the ripened fruit they give half to the organizers for the celebration and split the other half among themselves. They can either keep their fruit or trade it with others with the only rule being one fruit for one fruit.


     7 AM NST:

     * Faerie Festival Deluxe (Faerieland): A combination of Jhudora Day, Illusen Day, Fyora Day, & Faerie Festival. With both Jhudora Day and Illusen Day happening at the same time, Queen Fyora summoned them both and gave them two orders. One was that, after the Faerie Festival Deluxe, both are to stay away from each other for the remainder of the day. The other was, during the Faerie Festival Deluxe, both are to sit on either side of her as they give out quests (both agreed to the terms, Jhudora more reluctantly). And with that, the Faerie Festival Deluxe begins, offering several Faerie Quests to every participant. First Faerie Quest is a random one of the six basic Faerie elements, then one from Fyora herself, and finally a third from either Jhudora or Illusen. Normally you can only pick one (I suggest not looking in the direction of the one you didn’t pick no matter how freezing their cold glare feels), however, those who don't have either of the Avatars they give on their day can accept a quest from each of them. Just tell Fyora you need both Avatars, they’ll both give you a quest, and then you return with both items (and yes, you must bring back both items at the same time). And don't worry about deciding which Faerie’s quest to complete first: Fyora will be accepting both items and giving them to Illusen and Jhudora at the same time.

     * Happiness Faerie Get-Together (Virtupets Space Station): A combination of Sloth Appreciation Day & Faerie Festival. Fun fact, did you know that a group of Virtupets Space Station residents have been petitioning to change Sloth Appreciation Day to Virtupets Liberation Day? However, Sloth loyalists argue that Sloth Appreciation Day isn’t necessarily celebrating Dr. Sloth himself but rather the things that he did which include the creation of the Virtupets Space Station (though they sidestep all the bad stuff he’s done). Why is this important to note? Cause the same group originally organized this event wanting the Space Faerie to give out quests. But, somewhere along the way, of all Faeries the Happiness Faerie became in charge and she’s giving out rather odd quests: for strange pieces of machinery she awards a Neocola coin. NOTE: Due to a Lab Ray mishap, the Happiness Faerie got painted Robot (strange, didn’t know Faeries could get painted)! She’s a bit sensitive about the incident so don’t point it out, otherwise, she’ll start to cry, which is bad cause she starts shooting lasers from her eyes.


     8 AM NST:

     * Matching Costume Competition (Haunted Woods): A combination of Petpet Appreciation Day & Halloween. The first Petpet Appreciation Day event, it’s a costume competition where both owner and Petpet must dress in matching costumes (which can either mean the same costume or two different costumes connected by a theme). The challenge goes beyond just putting on costumes, the Petpet has to want to dress up, be comfortable with what it's wearing, and be a part of the act you come up with. Contestants are judged on creativity, performance, and how well the owner and Petpet work together.

     * Cold Slopes & Hot Springs (Terror Mountain): A combination of Valentine’s Day & Day of Giving. Couples are invited for a wintery getaway in the valleys of Terror Mountain. First ski, snowboard, sled, slide, or whatever else down the snowy slopes and then relax by warming yourselves up in one of Terror Mountain’s natural hot springs. Perfect for action-seeking couples who then like to unwind.


     10 AM NST:

     * Lodge Escape (Terror Mountain): A combination of Halloween & Day of Giving. In Terror Mountain, there’s an abandoned ski lodge where, well, let’s just say bad things happened. It’s said to be haunted... well, at least now it is said to be, at least for this event. Everyone who enters is given an Advent Calendar-like box. Instead of opening a compartment each day, you look for the symbols on the compartments which have been placed around the lodge. When you see one, open the corresponding compartment to receive either a gift, a clue to a mystery, or possibly a scare! A bonus prize is given if you’re able to find all the symbols and solve the bonus puzzle at the end (and yes, knowing when you would have opened the compartments is important so don’t try to cheat by opening all of them before leaving the lodge).


     12 PM NST:

     * Three Kingdoms Day (Meridell, Brightvale, & Darigan Citadel): A combination of Illusen Day, Discovery of Meridell, & Discovery of Brightvale. It’s essentially celebrating them all together (including the Darigan Citadel) in a multi-kingdom fair. Each kingdom hosts its own activities: Meridell has jousting, archery, and cheese rolling; Brightvale has puzzle tournaments, sorcery, and philosophical discussions; finally, Darigan Citadel has games of chance, the Petpet Battledome, and jumping off the side of the Citadel with parachutes and gliders. Illusen is also here, finished with her Faerie Festival duties (and ordered to give out no more quests & stay lands away from Jhudora) and offers to teach a variety of lessons such as baking, archery, casting Earth spells, and how to use a parachute and glider (might want to learn the latter skills before visiting the Darigan Citadel).

     * Only True Friend (Neopia Central): A combination of Grey Day & Petpet Appreciation Day. For a Grey Neopet sometimes their Petpet companion is their only friend (or at least feels that way) but don’t know how to express it. Well Grey Neopets, now is your chance to show your Petpets how you really feel about them by giving them a Petpet version of a spa day! But remember to get some pampering for yourself, your Petpet won’t feel truly relaxed unless you’re also happy.


     * Transmogrification Celebration (Virtupets Space Station): A combination of Mutant Day & Sloth Appreciation Day. Mutant Neopets swarm the Virtupets Space Station as vendors take our their special and rare Mutant items to sell and Grundos Café prepares meals only a Mutant Neopet can appreciate (and stomach). There’s also a rumour that the increased Mutant presence activates some secret lab deep inside the Virtupets Space Station where Sloth made the first Transmogrification Potions and it’s once again producing more Transmogrification Potions and having them more likely to appear at your feet, BUT that’s just a rumour, just like Jacko the Phantom Painter.


     1 PM NST:

     * Annual Gormball Championships: Sloth Special (Virtupets Space Station): A combination of Sloth Appreciation Day & Annual Gormball Championships. No one thought it would ever happen again after that rare opportunity when Sloth took over the Virtupet Space Station a few years ago. But it has been announced that, somehow, Dr. Sloth will once again be competing in the Annual Gormball Championships! Last time he did so he swept everyone with ease and won first, will he astound everyone and do it again? A few of the Gormball pros are worried, questioning the legitimacy of the announcement, but Dr. Sloth himself sent evidence he will be on the Virtupets Space Station. So everyone should look forward to an exciting match! NOTE: Due to a Lab Ray mishap, Dr. Sloth got painted Robot (strange, didn’t know Sloth could get painted)! He now looks just like one of his Robot Sloth Clones, even imitating their behaviours! Anyway, please refrain from pointing it out, otherwise, he’ll start shooting lasers from his eyes (what? No, it’s not because he’s crying. What would make you say that?)


     2 PM NST:

     * Royal Visit (Meridell): A combination of Fyora Day, Discovery of Meridell, & Discovery of Brightvale. Having a small break from her Faerie Festival duties, Queen Fyora decides it would only be proper for her to drop in to see King Skarl, King Hagan, and Lord Darigan. And for your average Neopian, this means it’s a good time to see a whole batch of royals all at once! Someone who knows how to work one of those photo-taking boxes will be there to take photos of visitors with the rulers. In addition to those four, some other rulers may also drop in so who knows who else you might get a picture with (and you know what they say, a picture if worth a thousand words, and a picture of royals is surely worth a few thousand more NP on top of that...).

     * Illusen’s Petpet Playpen & Adoption (Kiko Lake): A combination of Petpet Appreciation Day & Illusen Day. Illusen just has a way with Petpets that has them flock to her in admiration. And, working with the Petpet Protection League, has set up a large playpen filled with Petpets for Neopians to play with and hopefully adopt. Each Petpet was abandoned by their previous owner and rescued by the Petpet Protection League. They’re all up to date with their vet visits and have been trained to follow commands. Now all they need is a caring owner like you! And if you’re having problems getting to know your potential future best friend, Illusen is there to help; having a sort of sixth sense when it comes to Petpet behaviour and what they want (Spoilers: it’s food. Usually it’s food).

     * Gormball Dream Minute (Roo Island): A combination of Annual Gormball Championships & Valentine’s Day. The pro Gormball players have agreed to do a speed dining charity event to help raise funds and awareness to get the Games Room back in working order. Thyassa, Brian, Ember, Farvin III, Gargarox, Zargrold, Ursula, and Kevin all will be available for (paying) Gormball fans to spend a few rare minutes with to talk & dine. It’s unknown if Dr. Sloth will be joining the other players, Sloth infamously doesn’t do charity events (cause, you know, he’s an evil villain; "charity" isn’t really his thing).

     * Jhudora’s Favor (Shenkuu): A combination of Jhudora Day & Valentine’s Day. Of course Illusen can’t do anything without Jhudora having some sort of counter-event. Hidden away by Shenkuu’s fog, Jhudora reveals she owns a small manor as a home-away-from-home whenever she feels she needs to get away from Faerieland for a bit. Though she enjoys the peace and quiet, for unknown reasons Jhudora plans on selling it and today just so happens to be the last day she’ll have it. So for the final day there she decided to let her loyal questers spend time with her, as long as they brought a "late housewarming gift". And I know what you’re thinking: "Wouldn’t Queen Fyora have also told her not to give out quests (and stay lands apart from Illusen), just as she did with Illusen"? And yes, yes she did. But these aren’t quests exactly, Jhudora isn’t offering any rewards out, these are just gifts to her. Leave it to Jhudora to not only find a technicality around Queen Fyora’s orders but in a way that’s the opposite of what Illusen is doing...


     4 PM NST:

     * Secret Santymol (Meridell): A combination of Symol Day & Day of Giving. As the Symol prepare to call it a day, they have one more duty to do: making sure their burrow tunnels are clear of obstructions. They gather anything that’s blocking the tunnels to the entrance hole and, once a pile is gathered, push it out like it was a volcano erupting junk. So of course Neopians made a game out of this. Participants would bring small wrapped gifts, throw them into the Symol Hole, and then wait around it until the Symols shoved them out. Whatever lands at their feet is their "Secret Santymol gift" whether it be a wrapped gift from someone else, a lump of dirt or stone, or possibly a random item the Symols had found in their burrow for some reason. And don’t worry, the PPL did an investigation about the practice and the Symols are in on the gift-giving, they find it fun; in fact, sometimes they take interest in some gifts and decide to keep them (mainly food).


     6 PM NST:

     * Masquerade Party (Faerieland): A combination of Faerie Festival & Halloween. It’s the three final few Halloween events. Those wanting to show off their costumes would want to come to Faerieland’s Masquerade Party. Show off your costume, see others’ costumes, and dig into a buffet of sweet treats such as pastries, hard and soft candies, chocolates, caramel apples, fruit drinks, and so on. At the end of the party, various awards will be given out for things like "Most Creative Costume", "Funniest Costume", "Scariest Costume", "Best Famous Neopian Costume", and so on until ending with "Best Costume"! Many of the well-known Faeries will also be attending and dressing up (no spoilers, though Kari had already confirmed she’s not dressing as Mira... nor will ever again).

     * Kiss-and-Sweets (Haunted Woods): A combination of Valentine’s Day & Halloween. Halloween generally isn’t seen as a couple’s holiday, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be! Another costume party, but this time instead of the guests coming dressed up they come to get dressed up. This party is more of a game where the couples are separated, put on costumes, and then mingle with the other guests trying to figure out who their partner is dressed as without revealing their identities. At the end everyone pairs up (this is usually where most of the laughs are as you get funny costume pairings), then "couple"-by-"couple" take off their masks. If they’re a matching couple they share a kiss and get a batch of sweets! Wrong pairings share an embarrassed laugh and led to a table of candy. They then pick their partner’s favourite candy to give them once they de-mask and are brought over (which then they’ll also pick their partner’s favourite candy and swap, sharing a kiss then).

     * Boo-Oog-Yum (Tyrannia): A combination of Tyrannian Victory Day & Halloween. Finally, do you just want lots and lots of candy? Well, this final Halloween event is for you! "Boo-Oog-Yum" is Tyrannian for "Trick-Or-Treat" and when Tyrannians give out candy they do so by the bag full! Though remember it’s also Tyrannian Victory Day, the day Tyrannians celebrate the defeat of the Monoceraptor, so there’s just as good of a chance of a large piece of meat or Battledome equipment being thrown into your bag! In Tyrannia they don’t do things small. NOTE: As with previous years, they’re restricting guests from visiting the Battlegrounds where the Oracle and "War of the Obelisk" factions are; the Council of Elders still don’t trust the Oracle and don’t know why anyone does either (though to be fair even the faction leaders are getting tired of the Oracle’s riddles).


     8 PM NST:

     * Fresh Market (Meridell): A combination of Illusen Day, Discovery of Meridell, & Gadgadsbogen. Vegetables from Meri Acres farms, fruit from Mystery Island, and a powerful Earth Faerie blessing them to be healthy, long-lasting, and tasty; if you hadn’t had your chance to get any of Meridell’s latest harvest or the new Gadgadsbogen fruit then the Fresh Market is worth a trip down to! The earlier the better as some food sells out faster than others and the leftovers are sent to Mystery Island for the Mystery Fruit Mixer. You only have this hour to get the best deals on the best vegetables and fruit you’ll ever have, Illusen guaranteed!

     * Brain & Brawn: A Culture Ideology Discussion (Brightvale): A combination of Tyrannian Victory Day & Discovery of Brightvale. A very special event that the academics among us wouldn’t want to miss, Tyrannian "big thinkers" have been invited to Brightvale University to discuss the culture and ideology of Tyrannian in comparison to Brightvale’s (don’t worry about understanding them, the "big thinkers" speak common Neopian). This is not a discussion to determine if one is better than the other, perish the thought, rather it’s to highlight that Tyrannia has its own unique set of knowledge and views and what could Brightvale (or specifically Brightvale University) learn from it to better be educated on not just Tyrannia but the rest of Neopia. Tyrannia too hopes to benefit from the discussion by revealing Tyrannia is more than just brawn and can provide all of Neopia with a unique outlook.

     * On Cloud Valentine (Faerieland): A combination of Faerie Festival & Valentine’s Day. One of four Valentine’s Day dinner offers. Couples are taken into a magical room that simulates how it was like to be up in the clouds. The floor is soft but firm clouds, the walls and ceiling are replaced by a starry night sky with a grand view of Faerieland Castle basked in Kreludor’s moonlight. Couples are taken to a table for two where full course menus await of the best of Faerieland delicacies. After ordering couples have some alone time to talk; the only other sounds are the Faerie lounge band playing gentle atmospheric music in the background occasionally accompanied by a pleasant & soft singer. Finally, the meals are served and when done eating a waiter takes the couple back outside and gives a complimentary goodie bag containing mints, napkins, drink coasters, and other little mementoes.

     * Lonely Together Dinner (Kreludor): A combination of Grey Day & Valentine’s Day. The second Valentine’s Day dinner offer is not just for Grey Neopets but for any two souls who may not be together but only have each other to hang around with. Two seated tables are set up right outside Café Kreludor with a menu offering a few dinner deals. After choosing a dinner deal the duo can use the radio installed on the table to tune into a number of transmission stations from all over Kreludor, Virtupets Space Station, and a few from Neopia. Meanwhile, there’s all of space to admire; stars, comets, nebulas, and of course Neopia and Virtupets Space Station floating in the far distance. The entire dinner deal is brought to the table all at once though customers can take as long as they like to eat. When done the duo can leave, whether they got closer together or not is up to them but at the very least their stomachs are full and they have all the space they need.

     * Petpet Park Pal Picnic (Neopia Central): A combination of Petpet Appreciation Day & Valentine’s Day. The third Valentine’s Day dinner is for Petpet owners who want to hang out with not only their Petpet but other Neopians like them. A strange combination, but not uncommon, so why not a Valentine’s Day dinner for them? Taking place in the largest Petpet park in Neopia Central, there are no tables but rather picnic blankets, tiki torches, and Petpet toys strewn about. There’s also no menu, rather hundreds of picnic baskets filled with both "Neopian food" and Petpet food have been prepared with help from the PPL (remember folks, as much as your Petpet begs and gives you sad eyes, Neopian food is for yourself and Petpet food is made for your Petpet to be delicious and healthy; you’ll be doing both yourself and your Petpet a favour). When you enter the Petpet Park you take a basket, find a place to settle down, and enjoy the time with your Petpet and anyone else who also comes along with their Petpet. Who knows, maybe a mutual love for Petpets may result in finding someone to also love (I believe they call it Puppyblew love).

     * Double Trouble Date (Virtupets Space Station): A combination of Mutant Day & Valentine’s Day. The final Valentine’s Day dinner, event Mutant Neopets love (and I don’t mean a love for destruction, but they have that too). Mutant Neopet couples can make reservations at Grundos Café where they can spend a lovely afternoon glaring into each other multiple sets of eyes. There’s no menu but rather chef Gargarox Isafuhlarg, back from his pro Gormball duties and ready to cook, makes all kinds of Space Food and Gross Food and sends it down a conveyor belt on different coloured plates. Mutant Neopets take the plates they like and chow down, some couples even making it a game to see who can gorge down the most of a certain plate colour or give points to different colours. For a Mutant Neopet, there’s no greater form of true love (though normal Neopets that are easily squeamish may want to look away).



     9 PM NST:

     * Mystery Fruit Mixer (Mystery Island): A combination of Borovan Day & Gadgadsbogen. If you still have room in your stomach or want a nice palette cleanser, any leftover fruit (and any other vegetable or spices) from the Fresh Market is brought back to Mystery Island to be blended into cups of Borovan to end the Gadgadsbogen celebration. Using Jhuidah’s Cooking Pot, a sort of game is played where a batch of different Fresh Market leftovers is put into the pot and it magically creates different blends for every cup scooped until no more combinations are possible, in which case another batch of leftovers is thrown in until no one wants anymore Borovan.


     10 PM NST:

     * Birthday Quest (Faerieland): A combination of Faerie Festival & Neopets’ Birthday. The Faeries can’t very well forget to celebrate Neopets’ Birthday (as well as every Pet Day and individuals Birthday)! It’s yet another Faerie Quest, but unlike the one offered during the Faerie Festival Deluxe, this one is presented by a gift box that is empty except for a piece of paper with an item’s name written on it. Upon putting the quest item into the box and closing it, when the box is re-opened there’s a piece of cake inside. The cake has six coloured candles matching the basic Faerie elements (cyan for air, purple for darkness, green for earth, red for fire, yellow for light, and blue for water)! Instructions come with the cake telling them to blow their hardest at the candles and for each one blown out, they’ll receive a stat increase associated with that Faerie element. And of course, they’ll have a cake to eat too!

     * Mutant Cannonball Rally (Krawk Island): A combination of Petpet Appreciation Day & Mutant Day. The last group to show their love for Petpets is the Mutant Neopets and they do so by taking them to Krawk Island to play Petpet Cannonball. Don’t worry, remember these Petpets belong to Mutant Neopets; all of them are hardy and love to roughhouse! The Mutant Neopets play rounds of "U-N-I"; two players face off performing trick shots for the other to copy, if they aren’t able to they get a letter until one loses by spelling "Uni". Both Mutant Neopet and their Petpet need to work together if they’re going to perform all sorts of trick shots. Even though only one Mutant Neopet and Petpet pair will win, all come out of it with a stronger bond between them.

     * Starlight Festival (Terror Mountain): A combination of Borovan Day, Day of Giving, & New Years. Though starting an hour earlier than the other New Years’ events, the Starlight Festival is more about recreating the Month of Celebrating feeling. Everyone is handed a mini-Advent Calendar with 7 compartments, one to be opened at the start and the others to be opened 10 minutes apart from each other (don’t worry, the compartments are numbered). Each compartment contains different flavours of powdered Borovan packets (enough to make one cup), a random item they can choose to keep, trade or giveaway, and then something to celebrate the New Years with (sparklers, party hat, noisemaker, confetti poppers, etc.). When it hits 11 pm you can choose either to stay to watch the fireworks or go to one of the other New Years’ events.


     11 PM NST:

     * Neopia Big Days Bash (Neopia Central): A combination of Neopets’ Birthday & New Years. We finally end this crazy day with the New Years’ celebrations. The main one is the Neopia Big Day Bash, a general celebration of not only New Years but Neopets’ Birthday. Hundreds of giant Birthday cakes are made, cut into slices, and served out; each with a candle so everyone can make a wish. But those aren’t ordinary candles: they’re also sparklers for you to swing around while watching the New Years fireworks. Until midnight party games of all kinds are played and finally gifts from both loved ones and event organizers are handed out.

     * Couples’ New Years Getaway (Kiko Lake): A combination of Valentine’s Day & New Years. The final Valentine’s Day event, while most everyone else is partying in the Neopia Big Days Bash or a smaller party elsewhere, couples can quietly enjoy the fireworks from either a picnic on the beach or dinner aboard a glass-bottom boat. Both the picnic baskets and the food served on the boats have been prepared by a chef from Maraqua’s Kelp restaurant.

     * Neo Galactic Year (Virtupets Space Station): A combination of Sloth Appreciation Day & New Years. While everyone on Neopia is celebrating a simple revolution around the sun, the Virtupets Space Station is celebrating an even more tremendous occasion: the galaxy’s revolution around its universe’s central force! At least that’s what the Sloth loyalists are saying, everyone else just wanted to watch all the fireworks display from all the Neopian lands from up above in the space station; it is quite a fantastic view. Either way, both groups enjoy a nice "galactic" meal and drinks from Grundos Café.


     And that is all the events! I hope this schedule helps you plan out your day and you’re able to do everything you want (and maybe even find some extra time to do a bit more)! At 12 AM NST Every Holiday Day ends as the 2nd day of the Month of Eating begins. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that! Every Holiday Day takes place on the 1st of Month of Eating, April. Hm, wait, April 1st, something about that sounds familiar. Yeah, a holiday is normally supposed to take place on that day, yet I don’t see it listed among any of the events. Whatever happened to:



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All-too-common of a situation for petpet owners

by black_kisa


Missed your every 50th NT publication?
You'll get there!

by f0gged


RIP: Roo Island Pirates
Don't tell the tax beast...

by peanutbuttermilk


What I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing
"Starting fresh can be a wonderful thing. So many new things to find and potential goals you can make. Everyone's journey is different. I thought I would share some of my experiences and maybe give some tips to help new players along the way."

by hottendott

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