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New Series

The Return of Destiny

"Nice to see you again, dear reader. I mean, I, The Storyteller of this story, would be nothing without you. Thanks for caring about what I have to say. Especially for this magnificent story that I have rescued from the confines of Neopia." collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused
Lost Origins

This is the story of Haileyyyyyy the Island Uni and Iron_Flipper the Island Bruce

by fuzzballjesse
Nyx the Captain of the Guard

A Gelert finds help in an unlikely place

by rkbear
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"Celebrations for All: Doc’s Hybrid Holiday Proposal" by homsar_eggplant
A meeting room is lost in a tense silence. The faint hum of lights feels more akin to several bombastic trumpets. At the head of the board table, a purple Grarrl in the finest of Neopian Central formalwear is finding himself going back and forth between two small towelettes, as if to wipe away sweat. Investors, financial advisors and research analysts fidget with briefcases, papers and whatever else they can get ahold of.

Other Stories


Illudora Day
"The Kyrii twirled his beard around one gloved finger. 'Oh, I don’t know. They seem surer of themselves than they let on. And even more so…of each other.'"

by flufflepuff


Clash of Holidays: An Account of Magic VS Thievery
"Something has happened! It appears that there was a glitch in the switch to Beta and all of the Neopian holidays have been released. Keep a watchful eye for anything unordinary, and make sure to report all suspicious activity to TNT."

by sleepiestkitty


Twelve Neopian Holidays
"You see, when TNT was... doing whatever it is they do behind the scenes, something went wrong. Somehow, all the holidays ended up on one day! So today, we celebrate every holiday at once."

by fhn_ladybug


Top 10 Neopets April Fools Jokes through the Years
"Since then, TNT has been surprising users with funny, strange, and sometimes terrifying April Fools pranks each year on the 1st day of the month of Eating." collab with coconut_rat and corrina404

by theguy2020


M*YNCI didn't age well...

by ssjelitegirl


Holiday Scramble
Can you unscramble these holidays?

by birdinggal

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