The most fantastic thing in the universe! Circulation: 197,022,178 Issue: 957 | 1st day of Eating, Y24
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A Tummy for the Holidays~

by praline01

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Oh no.
When your eyes are bigger than your stomach...

by hamp


Another Hero's Krawk Island
“More importantly…” Muirgen glanced at Reuben. “Wilhelm kidnapped you from Meridell and brought you here so you could make weapons for him?”

by precious_katuch14


A Halloween Chorus
"There was not a single black candle, Petpetpet skull or sugar skull left in Madeline's stash. The spell she was about to cast absolutely required all three ingredients. That would not do!"

by liouchan


Top 10 Neopets April Fools Jokes through the Years
"Since then, TNT has been surprising users with funny, strange, and sometimes terrifying April Fools pranks each year on the 1st day of the month of Eating." collab with coconut_rat and corrina404

by theguy2020

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