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Puffo's Predicament - Part 4

Puffo is a mood.

by christie500018
Neordle 4

Another Neordle!!

by darkroast
RIP: Roo Island Pirates

Don't tell the tax beast...

by peanutbuttermilk
Missed your every 50th NT publication?

You'll get there!

by f0gged
Gilly - Fun in the Woods

It's very relaxing… just so long as you ignore the glowing eyes watching you.

by katiekazoo
Dinner with the Scarlets: Holiday Glitch

Meepits been chewing the wires again.

by june_scarlet
Day In the Life of Boochi

Don't mess with Boochi... collab with scrubulator and heathernel193

by kellyclark1115
Talk is Cheap

Collab with 49_g_a_b_r_i_e_l_49 and iam_puma_master

by crazy_allstar
A Gift from the Dung Faerie!

No returns!

by thebellmaker

Do you know what happened to my calendar?

by twillieblossom
Random Oddness: Denny the Mobster Lupe

Time to get a better nickname.

by mistyqee
Pyramid Scheme

Nothing slorgs can't explain!

by howlsilver
Oh no.

When your eyes are bigger than your stomach...

by hamp
R.E. Frenzy - Pt. 1

Something has happened!

by hamster_z
Holiday Scramble

Can you unscramble these holidays?

by birdinggal

M*YNCI didn't age well...

by ssjelitegirl
Mutant Mischeif Part One

What is this mutant getting up to?

by angelpansy
faerie interesting...

Use your wings, darling!

by hiragana
April Fools' Day Retrospective!

collab with gamador and aninha_morango

by dollsuki
Epic NeoPranks on April Fools' Day!

A matching game! collab with dendeus_271 and marinamilford

by carolina_021
All Holidays At Once

Maybe it's best she has her own day... collab with darkobsession

by ohsnap_syndrome
A Tummy for the Holidays~

Wishing your tummy a Happy Valeneggoween Festiday!

by praline01
Soy Sauce

All-too-common of a situation for petpet owners

by black_kisa
April Fools' Word Search

A silly word search for you!

by i_lovee_icecream
End of the Rainbow #2

Everyone deserves a bit of rainbow in their life!

by antonia22301
Wait. What day is it?

Even the Snowager can indulge in a little April Fools now and then.

by andypopo
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"Clash of Holidays: An Account of Magic VS Thievery" by sleepiestkitty
A green clawed hand waved away the pink Acara’s image from the bubbly surface of a cauldron. “Neopia News One! Bah!” Reflected back at the speaker in its mirrored centre was the bitter face of Edna — one of Neopia’s most feared witches. Her mouth was twisted as if she tasted something sour. And perhaps she did. It was the taste of their foolishness. Because how dare they alert the public of a minor mishap!

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Illudora Day
"The Kyrii twirled his beard around one gloved finger. 'Oh, I don’t know. They seem surer of themselves than they let on. And even more so…of each other.'"

by flufflepuff


A Halloween Chorus
"There was not a single black candle, Petpetpet skull or sugar skull left in Madeline's stash. The spell she was about to cast absolutely required all three ingredients. That would not do!"

by liouchan


Twelve Neopian Holidays
"You see, when TNT was... doing whatever it is they do behind the scenes, something went wrong. Somehow, all the holidays ended up on one day! So today, we celebrate every holiday at once."

by fhn_ladybug


30 Ways to Prank Dr. Sloth
"Playing pranks is only a natural part of the Neopian experience."

by treeword


The Return of Destiny
"Nice to see you again, dear reader. I mean, I, The Storyteller of this story, would be nothing without you. Thanks for caring about what I have to say. Especially for this magnificent story that I have rescued from the confines of Neopia." collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused


Nyx the Captain of the Guard
A Gelert finds help in an unlikely place

by rkbear

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