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30 Ways to Prank Dr. Sloth

"Playing pranks is only a natural part of the Neopian experience."

by treeword
NC News: Neopians Prepare for an Unprecedented Sale

"Crowds are gathered outside the NC Mall in preparation for an unprecedented 24-hour sale where every holiday-themed re-release capsule will be made available at once. "collab with marcthegr8est1 and marshclan13_

by swordlilly
Introduction to the Neopian Site Community

Learn more about the petpage-based community sites in Neopia! collab with feraico

by emilyhunter5034
Every Holiday Day Handy Event Schedule!

"A recent Beta conversion of the Neopian calendar had resulted in an error of placing every single official Neopian Holiday onto the same day!"

by pikachu315111

What is Valenristmaween, you may ask? A wonderful question!

by parody_ham
Twelve Neopian Holidays

"You see, when TNT was... doing whatever it is they do behind the scenes, something went wrong. Somehow, all the holidays ended up on one day! So today, we celebrate every holiday at once."

by fhn_ladybug
Top 10 Neopets April Fools Jokes through the Years

"Since then, TNT has been surprising users with funny, strange, and sometimes terrifying April Fools pranks each year on the 1st day of the month of Eating." collab with coconut_rat and corrina404

by theguy2020
What I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing

"Starting fresh can be a wonderful thing. So many new things to find and potential goals you can make. Everyone's journey is different. I thought I would share some of my experiences and maybe give some tips to help new players along the way."

by hottendott
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"The Clash of Two Faeries on their Special Day" by _brainchild_
It was just another day in Neopia... or so Walda the Baby Kacheek thought. She woke up, grabbed ice cream for breakfast (because why not?), and turned on Neovision. Instead of her favourite cartoon which she watched every day at that time, she was confronted by a scene of total chaos. “We interrupt your regularly scheduled programme to bring you a special report!” announced the news reporter.

Other Stories


Illudora Day
"The Kyrii twirled his beard around one gloved finger. 'Oh, I don’t know. They seem surer of themselves than they let on. And even more so…of each other.'"

by flufflepuff


O Lupesomem Brasileiro (Portuguese)
"A consequência de toda essa história foi a punição de Licaon, que foi transformado em um Lupe – com pelos amarronzados, olhos esverdeados como a pedra preciosa Jade, e garras afiadas como navalhas – capazes de cortar até mesmo o mais forte dos materiais."

by guga_dodi


Nyx the Captain of the Guard
A Gelert finds help in an unlikely place

by rkbear


The Return of Destiny
"Nice to see you again, dear reader. I mean, I, The Storyteller of this story, would be nothing without you. Thanks for caring about what I have to say. Especially for this magnificent story that I have rescued from the confines of Neopia." collab with sportsagain and noelia_pets

by venused


Soy Sauce
All-too-common of a situation for petpet owners

by black_kisa


Epic NeoPranks on April Fools' Day!
A matching game! collab with dendeus_271 and marinamilford

by carolina_021

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