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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 14th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles
A Grand Slam Dear Roxy

You’ve met your match, Slothy, and I just hope that you have the guts to admit it.

by roxycaligirl101

A Neopian’s Guide to PetPet Paint Brushes

So you’ve bought your Neopets petpets, but aren’t sure what color to paint them? Well, this guide was designed to help you!

by sugar6248

How to Keep your Abominable Snowball Safe for Summer

I gasped as I read the Petpet’s description. A great friend... for as long as the weather stays cold. Wait... that couldn’t be right...

by hot_tamale225

Job Surfing: A Guide to the Employment Agency

icture this scenario. You, the Neopet, had just opened the doors to Faerieland’s own Employment Agency when you are suddenly sucked into a crowd...

by yami13331

Kreludor: To The Moon and Back!

Not to far from Neopia is a Neopia's first and only Moon called Kreludor. It is inhabited by Orange and Purple Grundos.

by neomaniac1603

Mapping Out Maps!

After reading other guides about earning NP, playing games, and participating at the Auctions and Trading Post, you should be considering which maps to buy...

by katastrophekid

Remove the Nightmare in Maths Nightmare

Not many people dare play it… especially those infected with math-phobia. Some say it’s difficult, others say it’s confusing...

by precious_katuch14

Shedding and How to Handle It

After a length of steady observation I realized that one of the biggest problems my fellow Neopians, and myself, have to deal with is something that’s been right under my nose the entire time: The shedding of our Neopets.

by charmedhorses

Spotlight Savvy

So you want to be a Spotlight winner, eh? It’s not that easy you know...

by scarrift

Spring Cleaning

When young Neopets hear their owners say, “Let’s do some cleaning!” They scream really loud, and then you have to deal with the embarrassment of telling the authorities why your neighbor called for help...

by winter_daze99

The Perfect Shopkeeper

Employees are the heart of any shop, whether size two or twenty. After all, nobody wants to be treated like a pile of dung by a snobby shopkeeper, do they?

by resurrectedwarrior

The Return of Sloth: The Second Cheesy Movie Title

We begin with our villain. Dr. Sloth. Black-robed, world-domination-obsessed chicken-thing extraordinaire...

by ridergirl333

While You Are Waiting...

Now, we have all been to the new Wheel of Monotony, right? Sure we have! And we know it takes AGES to finish spinning. So what do you do during that time?

by marlowefsh


"All These Changes" by potatorewkiki - She’d always wanted to be a shadowed Gelert, and Kottske knew it very well. But did he have to buy her the paint brush?... more>>

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A Field Trip With Consequences
Nick was able to run for hours before he got tired. The wild pets that he chased often lost their temper and turned against the young Lupe, or just collapsed, or got themselves hurt...

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Doctor Snappy and the Anti-Gravitron 2645
A word here, if I may… you may have already realised that the Doctor wasn’t all there in the Sanity Department. Like his brother, he too was a few clues short of a full Faerie Crossword.

by tambourine_chimp

A Story of Skyfire: Part One
Behold the blue Acara that will introduce you to a rather untimely fate! Behold the blue Acara that will spread justice throughout the land with her advanced knowledge in martial arts!

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Eyes of the Moon: Part One
It was only when she discovered the note, written on beautiful, expensive stationary did she realize something was wrong.

by chocolateisamust

Ze fake tongue!

by rainbwoe

Puddles: A Day at the Lab
Ah, brotherly love and the terrors of the Lab Ray...

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