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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > Mapping Out Maps!

Mapping Out Maps!

by katastrophekid

GAMES ROOM - Well hello there, I see you've come to learn a bit about buying maps. I am Cody, your Map Informer of the day! After reading other guides about earning NP, playing games, and participating at the Auctions and Trading Post, you should be considering which maps to buy. There are plenty of misconceptions that will be cleared up and some vital mistakes that could very well costs you thousands of Neopoints, so watch out! Here you will learn all about each map, what each can provide, several frequently asked questions will be answered along with a few secrets! So, do you have a pencil, some paper, and you thinking NeoCap on? There's a journey to be trekked!

Okay, let's start with the basics of mapping. Hidden around the Neopets site are nine pieces of a map that can/could lead to riches! When you see a part of the map, come to this page and you can see your progress. When the map is completed, you will be able to collect your prizes! Each actual map piece is an item, and this means that it can be stolen, traded, sold, auctioned, disintegrated, and so on... so be very careful! Next, there are 5 different types of maps to collect: The original, Spooky, Underwater, Space, and the most popular, the Secret Laboratory Map!

The Original Treasure Map pieces can be searched for as "Piece of a Treasure Map". Nowadays, they cost about 11k each, keep that in mind. Well, logically the ENTIRE original map would cost about 99-103k. So, let's take a look at the math here, 11k per map piece and there are 9 map pieces, so yeah, just about 99k. BUT, here's the costly mistake most people make. They go to the Trading post looking for the full map, but the asking price there isn't what you'd expect. Instead of seeing you expected 100k average, people want about 150k!! For that price, you're buying 4-5 original map pieces that you aren't getting! This will become a matter later, so keep it in mind. Let's jump out of the negative and on to the goodies, yay! From the classic original, you'll receive ABOUT 10,000 NP and some rare items. The exact items you'll get are random but should have a rarity labeled as "Rare" so completion of this map shouldn't be too bad, it's just how lucky you are...

Secondly, the another classic, the Spooky Treasure Map! The completed version of this map really is spooky with creepy trees, a scarecrow, and a weird haunted mansion. Each piece is called "Spooky Treasure Map", although each piece isn't a full map. The only correctly labeled map is the original. Enough with that, onto the goodies, tricks, and tips of map using and collecting! The completed Spooky map should logically cost you around 64k give or take a few hundred NP. Make sure you remember to always buy every piece from the Wiz, because the Trading Post inflates completed map prices! Although the map obviously costs about 64k, the Trading Post traders want about 80k! If you buy from them, you're buying about 2 more map pieces that you aren't getting. Well, granted you actually gather up the pieces to this one, you get about 10,000 Neopoints and some spooky food. Now, as a fair warning, there are some really cheap spooky foods such as Candy peas for 120 NP (Neopoints). However, there are some really rare and expensive foods like Eye of Mortog Soup and Menacing Brew!

What's that? You're a Maraqua fan who just loves the water? Well there's a map out there just for you! The name is entitled Underwater Map and so are it's pieces. But, there's something different about this map... All of it's pieces are retired! That means no more of it's pieces will ever be handed out or sold by Neopian shops ever again. Once you finally manage to find each scarce piece of this map, you will be promptly given with 10,000 NP and some Sea Food. There really are too many good costing Sea Food items to hope for, so I recommend not using this map. And, it gets worse. The price range is very rocky. Each piece can cost anywhere from 24k to 98k! This is a great misconception to point out. Each piece of a map should be equal as far as cost. Each piece has the same rarity and is just as valuable as any other piece considering you need all nine to complete ANY map. Buying each piece separately has an undetermined cost, but the Post wants about 245k for the entire map. Unless you're a collector or Maraqua or maps, I'd suggest staying away from these!

This next map is for the lovers of astrology and droolers for the Space Faerie. It's none other than, the Space Map. Not much creativity in the name, but that doesn't matter. Another warning before going any farther, the Space is another with retired pieces, so those of weak wallets may want to consider a different map. Anyway, after you've made a goal to collect every piece and journey all the way up to the Space Station, you are cordially rewarded 5,000 instead of 10,000 and some food cooked up from the galaxy chefs. Although the NP and food isn't too dependable as far as profit goes, there is a chance of getting a Battledome item as well. I received a Turbo Flame Reflector the first and only time I completed a space map. Interested? Then let's talk costs. Purchasing every piece one-by-one will probably eat up about 180k of your NP. And, like every map to collect, the traders at the Trading Post tend to inflate the price, so the cost of this whole map there should cost you about 265k. Wow! That's a big saving by deciding to put our lazy habits away for a bit! Regardless, I still wouldn't advise cashing this map in, it's almost guaranteed you'll be losing NP.

*Drum Roll* And now I present to you, the ever-popular king of all maps! The razzling, dazzling Secret Laboratory Lab Map! This one will be costly, but not because it's retired, but because it can prove to be QUITE a Neopoint saver. Now, you won't get any items or Neopoints for collecting an expensive map. What's it good for you ask!? The Secret Laboratory map gives you the secret path to the Lab and access to use the Lab Ray once a day on any pet you have. The Lab ray is completely random, but let's look into it's possibilities. Ever wanted a certain species or color you couldn't afford like that Darigan Krawk or Mutant Draik? Well, here's your chance! The ray can change your pet to ANY available color corresponding to that species! However, it can't zap baby, pirate, or plushie. Don't be sad, there's still Faerie, Darigan, Maraquan, and every other color including the "Lab ray only" colors! What are those you ask? The only way pets can be Robot, Sponge, Snot, and robot are through this wonderful lab ray. The lab ray can also upgrade your pets stats including level, hit points, defence, and movement! Like what you hear? Let's see how the prices and downsides pan out. Some not so great effects of the ray include loss of stats! Don't worry, the ray will never decrease your pet's hit points. Better than nothing! Also, some effects could result in putting your pet down to level 1 in one zap and gender changing! Still interested in buying one, let's take a gander at prices. Individually buying the popular pieces should add up to 360k. Yes, you are still saving Neopoints, because buying the map from the Trading Post will cost you anywhere from 395k, to 425k! That's outrageous...

Unfortunately, we have to come to an end. Hopefully I had taught and informed map buyers and encouraged Trading Post map sellers to consider not inflating their prices. Make sure you always remember to buy each one-by-one, or at least until buying full maps on the post becomes more fairly priced. That's all! Thanks for reading my guide and I hope it helps the newbies as well as our prized veterans.

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