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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 17th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Articles > While You Are Waiting...

While You Are Waiting...

by marlowefsh

FREE ROYAL PAINT BRUSH! Good, that got your attention. Now, we have all been to the new Wheel of Monotony, right? Sure we have! And we know it takes AGES to finish spinning. So what do you do during that time? Good question. What do you think this article is for, teaching you how to talk to Meepits? No, it is simply a list of things you can do while you wait those long minutes.

On second thought, maybe you don't know what the Wheel of Monotony is? Well, it's a new wheel you spin, and get a prize depending on what you land on. And it spins for hours! Got it? If you don't, that's your problem for not playing the newest thing, the talk of Neopia, and you think about that next time!

Now, without further interruptions and worthless introductions about talking to Meepits, here is a full list of 80 things you can do while you wait!

1. Teach your Feepit how to fly

2. Write fan mail to Al the Chia

3. Decorate the Meridell Castle with colorful flags

4. See what REALLY happens when you feed Flouds carrots

5. Ask Sarah the Zafara to tell you everything she knows

6. Have a conversation with a Pet Rock

7. Have a staring contest with a Kiko Squeeze Toy

8. Have a thumb war with a Yellow Chia Plushie

9. Try to reach the Virtupets Space Station by standing on a thousand Neopian Times 3

10. Keep trying until you win Test Your Strength

11. Try and make the Brain Tree be best friends with the Money Tree

12. Count all the grains of sand in your Bottle of Orange Sand

13. Teach Adam how to draw

14. Read every article, comic, and story written by stoneman3x

15. In fact, you might as well read the every Neopian Times

16. Give Matt and Greg the angry programmers Yoga lessons

17. Go on a Melted Chocolate Easter Negg hunt

18. Interview Kass

19. Teach the Tyrannians English

20. Make a popular guild about Plain Red Notebooks

21. Get Dr. Sloth to dress up like Snowflake and collect Neopoints for the poor

22. Find the Neopet with the longest name

23. Find Boochi and demand him to turn your pet into a baby

24. Lose to Punchbag Bob

25. Read all the posts

26. Ask the Neopets Team every question you can think of

27. Convince Fyora to give you a Royal Paint Brush for half the price

28. Make King Skarl laugh so much at your joke he falls off his throne and squishes Lisha

29. Roll the Turmaculus out of Meridell

30. Find 6 rare berries in one game of Pick Your Own

31. Dig a hole in Neopia Central and end up in Krawk Island

32. Climb Terror Mountain

33, Make Jhudora friends with Illusen

34. Get a story about cheese in the Neopian Times

35. Refresh at the pound until you see that cute Bruce from the "Visit the Neopian Pound and adopt me!" sign

36. Lose a race to a Slorg

37. Go on a Ghostkerchief hunt

38. Capture the Snowager

39. Try and cheer up a Grey Lupe

40. Make a Grarrl a vegetarian

42. Convince a Jetsam to buy a Romantic Notebook

43. Wallpaper your Neohome with I Love Mazzews Posters

44. Figure out why there is always a rainbow over Neopia Central on the Explore page

45. Get in the Caption Contest with the caption "I see dead cheese"

46. Take a lovely walk around the world of Neopia riding a Warf

47. Watch a race between a Slorg and a Turdle

48. Use a Red Sticky Hand to move the Haunted Woods to Mystery Island

49. Climb to the top of the castle in Roo Island

50. Interview a red apple on its opinion on green apples

51. Catch a Cybunny with a butterfly net

52. Find a Meepit allergic to juice

53. Get an Esophagor T-shirt from the Esophagor

54. Convince the Chia Clown to let you use his Chia Clown Car

55. Read an article on what to do during the Wheel of Monotony

56. Convince Adam that asparagus is gross

57. Make the Kaus to go on strike so you can drink soda instead of milk

58. Find a bald Kyrii

59. Convince Lord Kass to join Meridell

60. Make Dr. Sloth enter the Beauty Contest...

61. Make Sloth win the Beauty Contest

62. Teach a Skeith how to dance

63. Use a Light Faerie Eraser to rub out Jhudora

64. Melt the Snowager with a candle

65. Carve a Krawk out of a chunk of ice with a toothpick

66. Keep an Usul from grooming itself

67. Lock the Neopets Staff in a broom closet and take over Neopia

68. Neomail everyone in Neopia

69. Juggle a Stone Chair, a Jelly Mirror, and an Apple Juice

70. Put the Pant Devil through a paper shredder

71. Play Kacheekers with a Flishy

72. Make it rain in Faerieland

73. Run around Neopia screaming, get caught by the Chia Police, go to jail, and escape

74. Make Dr_Death smile

75. Eat all the Milk Chocolate Chias in Neopia

76. Make Kyriis love apples

77. Wipe out the population of Bottles of Sand

78. Make dung be Neopia's main food

79. Figure out why the Easter Cybunny came to you in October

80. Get 100 people to join a guild called "hi"

Well, there you are! A whole list of things to do during the Wheel of Monotony! Why, by time you finish, the wheel will be done and you'll get your little Blue Beanbag Chair. And, of course, it was worth it, right? Sure... I hope you find ways to keep yourself amused during those long hours of waiting for that wheel to stop. Have a good day, and remember to watch out for Meepits -- I hear they are trying to take over the world with pumpkin pies.

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