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Neopia's Fill in the Blank News Source | 18th day of Swimming, Yr 26
The Neopian Times Week 141 > Comics
All Ears

Uh... how are we talking?

by tdyans

Aw, Pants!

Just the right size!

by wolfy1717

Crystalline Neggs

What was that?!

by sorceress_lush

I Wish...

Tales From The Wishing Well...

by dani_1210

If You Only Knew...

Why some people don't smile...

by mindela_me

Krazy Me


by jerk_head

Life Improvised

Are two heads really better than one?

by keng200

My Life as a Strawberry


by ninavogel


What a unique Negg!

by placid_nightmare

Neopia Avenue

"Orange Grundos"

by violinoutoftune

Neopian Mysteries: Solved

A hidden secret...

by pseudo

Never Better

Not again...

by magdan1234

Nonsensicle Sensations

I guess I was wrong...

by petstotaly740

Petpet Tales: Hasee

Hasee vs. Aisha Conflict

by destiny_hunters

Pets These Days

A Crystal Boomerang!

by cruzerchic123

Pets, Petpets, and Petpetpets!

Spyders and their fast metabolisms...

by polemerization

Predicting Fate

The Island Mystic's Prediction

by gooman659

Puddles: A Day at the Lab

Ah, brotherly love and the terrors of the Lab Ray...

by wafflebree

Really Confused

"About A Quiet Boat Ride Home"

by stoneman3x

Room for Two

Summer Vacation - Part Two

by child_dragon

So Cool

The coolest color EVER!

by goldchocobo21


Where in Neopia did Blugthak go?

by ghostkomorichu

The Crazy Kids

Umm... what's that on your Shoulder?

by littleariel05

Tomorrow's Nobodies

How did you do it?!

by sesshoumarus__angel

Trouble and Trub

Out of toilet paper?

by christinetran


Ze fake tongue!

by rainbwoe


"The Secret" by dani_1210 - "You know it needs to be kept quiet. And dark. Did you leave all the lights off?"... more>>

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A Field Trip With Consequences
Nick was able to run for hours before he got tired. The wild pets that he chased often lost their temper and turned against the young Lupe, or just collapsed, or got themselves hurt...

by ssjelitegirl

Doctor Snappy and the Anti-Gravitron 2645
A word here, if I may… you may have already realised that the Doctor wasn’t all there in the Sanity Department. Like his brother, he too was a few clues short of a full Faerie Crossword.

by tambourine_chimp

Remove the Nightmare in Maths Nightmare
Not many people dare play it… especially those infected with math-phobia. Some say it’s difficult, others say it’s confusing...

by precious_katuch14

Spring Cleaning
When young Neopets hear their owners say, “Let’s do some cleaning!” They scream really loud, and then you have to deal with the embarrassment of telling the authorities why your neighbor called for help...

by winter_daze99

A Story of Skyfire: Part One
Behold the blue Acara that will introduce you to a rather untimely fate! Behold the blue Acara that will spread justice throughout the land with her advanced knowledge in martial arts!

by chipster33

Eyes of the Moon: Part One
It was only when she discovered the note, written on beautiful, expensive stationary did she realize something was wrong.

by chocolateisamust

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