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Neopedia : The Awakened

The Awakened Known Members: Lanie and Lillie, Echo, Halima the Enraged, Olabet Shuffletoes, "Brains" Mortigan, Eliv Thade, the Hairy Tongue Beast
Honourary members: Hubrid Nox
Suspected Involvement: War of the Obelisk

The Awakened aren't so much a secret society as a society the rest of Neopia would prefer not to know about. An aimless horde of monsters and undead, the Awakened have united under the adoring gaze of two special little girls. Just what direction these girls intend to aim their brain-loving friends is a subject of much concern...

Brainnss... braaaiiiiinnnsss...

Olabet was hanging out in his grave, dreaming of his favourite treat, when he heard a commotion above. The zombie Nimmo clambered up to find two little girls wandering around the graveyard and leaving what looked like flowers. Ugh, he hated pretty things. But he waited for them to come around to his grave anyway. Maybe he'd give them a good scare and chase them off. Olabet hastily reburied himself in the loose dirt.

The girls came over, singing, and dropped something by his tombstone. Olabet was about to jump out and groan at them when he paused. That smelled like... candy floss? His nose didn't work great anymore, but he had always loved candy floss. He hadn't had any in years.

Curious, Olabet burst out half-heartedly and saw pink candy floss, neatly wrapped and now covered in grave dirt. He seized it and devoured the whole thing, delighted, before he realised they were watching him. Two little girls, identically dressed with bows in their hair and huge eyes.

Silently, one of them held out a second stick of fluffy sugar. This one, even Olabet could tell, was brain-flavoured.

The Awakened rise up

Halima lived in Qasala, where the mummy scared tourists -- or she would if any came by her crypt. Mostly the nights were empty and boring... except for when her friend, a ghostly Hissi knight, visited from far off Meridell. Tonight was once such night.

Echo drifted into her crypt silently, but Halima noticed anyway by the sudden chill. It never bothered her. "Hello," she grumbled. "Nothing happened since your last visit. I'm so bored."

"It is our fate," Echo agreed woefully.

"Do you remember food? I had a craving for Evil Baklava yesterday." Halima clomped upstairs into the abandoned ruin she haunted. Moonlight shone in from the windows and holes in the roof.

"I remember Evil Baklava..." Echo said slowly, drifting after her. Her long hair fluttered in a non-existent breeze. "Someone sent it to my king as a gift, and he was poisoned by it. I failed to defend him. I failed..." Her voice trailed off in despair.

"If only there was something fun to do. Something new." Halima picked at a loose bandage. Even complaining bored her now.

"There was something," Echo said, frowning. Struggling to remember made her appear more solid. "I got a party invitation."

"A party?" Halima perked up. "Will there be cake?"

"And rampaging." Echo nodded. "Lanie and Lillie invited us. You remember them?"

A big grin spread across the mummy's gruesome face. "We should go," Halima said firmly. "It'll be fun."