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Neopedia : Eliv Thade

A long long time ago, in a castle that lay deep within the Haunted Woods, lived a Kacheek named Eliv Thade. A puzzle writer by profession, Thade prided himself on being able to instantly work out any puzzle that was brought before him. Visitors came from far and wide, eager to win fame for having finally stumped him, but without exception they all failed. It hardly required any effort for the clever Kacheek to dash the hopes of his challengers, solving their puzzles with ease before turning them away.

This went on for quite some time, until one day, one of Thade's servants in the castle gave him the longest, most complicated puzzle he had ever seen... and, to everyone's amazement, he could NOT work out the answer! For hours, days, and months, Thade kept trying to find a solution, but it was just no use. Each day, the servant would smile sweetly and ask Thade if he had succeeded in solving the puzzle, and each day Thade would storm off in a rage...

For years Thade agonised over the puzzle, spending every single waking moment poring over the books in his library. Somewhere, he thought to himself, it's just got to be in here somewhere! However, despite all the time and energy that he put into finding the answer, Thade's efforts proved to be in vain, as he was simply unable to find the correct solution. Eventually, Thade's obsession with solving the puzzle overwhelmed him, causing the troubled Kacheek's spiraling descent into madness.

What evils lurk within these walls?

It wasn't long before Thade's castle began falling into disrepair as his servants, who were scared for their own safety, moved as far away as they could. Many years later, Thade died alone, without ever finding the answer to his servant's puzzle. However, the spectre of Eliv Thade still roams the cold corridors of the castle, seeking to exact a terrible revenge from anyone who dares to enter....