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What is Daily Dare?
Every year, Aristotle A. Avinroo (or AAA), Neopia's self-appointed Games Master, challenges Neopians to prove their gaming skills against him. His younger sister Abigail, who's quite the gamer herself, comes along for the ride. During the month of Running (also known as March), you can face off with AAA or Abigail in a gaming challenge each day to win prizes and prove your game-playing supremacy once and for all (or until next year).

Parts of Daily Dare
  1. Daily Dare Challenge - Take on AAA or Abigail in a series of gaming challenges. If you beat or match their scores, you'll win a prize!
  2. Double Dare Challenge - It's double or nothing! If you can beat AAA's score, you'll win AAA's and Abigail's prizes, but if you come up short on your score, you'l come up empty on prizes, too!
  3. Team Challenges - Partner up with a Neofriend to challenge AAA's or Abigail's score and win a special prize!

When is Daily Dare?
Daily Dare will begin at 12:00 AM Neopian Standard Time, Tuesday, March 1st, 2011 and end at 11:59 PM Neopian Standard Time, Thursday, March 31st, 2011. (Neopian Standard Time is equal to U.S. Pacific Time)

What's New This Year?
  1. New Day and Date Prizes
  2. Simplified Trophy Tiers
  3. Team Challenges
  4. Now, when you send a score for AAA or Abigail, it can count toward Lulu and your Daily Dare NC Challenge, too!

New Day and Date Prizes
New this year are the day and date bonus prizes for beating AAA or Abigail on the day a challenge is released. Every time you complete a challenge for AAA or Abigail on the day of that challenge's release, you will win a bonus prize in addition to the regular AAA or Abigail item for that day. These day and date bonus prizes award true gamers who play Daily Dare every day.

Simplified Trophy Tiers
This year we've simplified the trophy tiers and increased the prize opportunities each day. There are four trophy levels this year that you can attain during Daily Dare.

Gold - Beat AAA each challenge day.
Silver - Complete all challenges before the end of Daily Dare, beating AAA at least once.
Bronze - Beat Abigail each challenge day.
Participation Medal - Complete one or more challenges.

Team Challenges
There's a new Team Challenge in which you can qualify for a bonus prize every weekend if you and a Neofriend pair up to take on AAA or Abigail together. See the Team Challenge Rules & FAQ for more details.

NC Challenge Update
New this year, any scores you send in for Daily Dare that beat or match Lulu's score will be counted toward your Lulu prize for that challenge day as long as you've purchased, activated and applied an NC Challenge ticket to that game from the NC Mall.

How do I participate in the various Daily Dare challenges?

In Daily Dare...
Visit the Daily Dare hub page to see which game is being featured in that day's challenge. Before choosing whom you'd like to challenge, you might want to practise the game a few times.

As soon as you feel confident in your skills, choose the score of either AAA or Abigail as the one that you would like to try to beat or match. Once you have selected a Challenge, your choice cannot be changed. This year, you can also choose to take the Double Dare Challenge at certain times during the month or the Team Challenge on the weekends.

To make your selection, click the challenge link under the picture of either AAA or Abigail. Once your score has topped or matches that of your selected challenger, send your score and come back to the Daily Dare page to collect your prize!

If you have challenged AAA but come up short, you will still receive Abigail's prize and be credited with a win over her if you have beaten or matched her score. However, you will not be immediately awarded the Abigail prize for the challenge, so you can continue to try to best AAA's score for that challenge and win his prize. If you are still unable to beat or match AAA's score, you will receive Abigail's prize for the challenge at the end of Daily Dare.

In Double Dare...
To take the Double Dare, click on "Challenge AAA" from the Double Dare link on the hub page. You may also elect to click on the Challenge AAA button. Either selection will then prompt you to confirm your selection. If you are certain you want to take the Double Dare Challenge, click "Double Dare Challenge" and get gaming! Don't forget, you can always ignore the Double Dare Challenge and go up against AAA as a normal Daily Dare Challenge.

In the Team Challenge...
To take the Team Challenge, you'll need to visit the Team Challenge hub. Team Challenges will be made available each Friday through Sunday, beginning Friday, March 4th at 12:00 AM NST. From the Team Challenge hub, follow the prompts to choose your opponent, pick your Neofriend partner, and send an invitation. You can also take part in the Team Challenge by challenging AAA or Abigail as usual in Friday's Daily Dare and then going to the Team Challenge hub any time before 12:00 AM NST on Monday to send out invites to your Neofriends to join you in the Team Challenge.

Once you've challenged AAA or Abigail in Friday's game, you might be asked to accept an invitation from a Neofriend. Once you and your partner beat or match AAA's or Abigail's score (depending upon whom each of you has agreed to challenge), you will be awarded a Team Challenge bonus prize in addition to the regular AAA or Abigail prize for that day. You and your Neofriend will have to best AAA's or Abigail's score prior to midnight the following Monday in order to qualify for the Team Challenge bonus prize. You can visit the Team Challenge Rules or FAQ for more details.

Double Dare
Every once in a while, AAA likes to make things a bit more interesting by setting a Double Dare Challenge, which is a double-or-nothing prize challenge.

  1. If you accept a Double Dare Challenge, you must beat AAA's score on the day the challenge is released in order to win both AAA's and Abigail's prizes.
  2. The nine Double Dare challenges will be spread out over the 31 days of Daily Dare, but it would spoil the surprise to tell you the exact dates! There will be one or two Double Dare challenges per week, though.
  3. Once you have accepted the Double Dare Challenge, you cannot change your mind. However, you may decline the Double Dare Challenge and still play Daily Dare as usual.
  4. You will not receive a prize if you have not beaten or matched AAA's score by the end of the day.
  5. If you beat or match Abigail's score in a Double Dare Challenge but not AAA's, you will be eligible for the Abigail prize tiers, but you will not receive the Abigail prize for the day.