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Lucky Dice Dress
Join Lulu on her journey to find King Roo and the missing piece of the Games Room machine. Vote each day and decide where Lulu will go next! Come back each day to see which route Lulu took and claim your NC item prize!

King Roo and me! Tangor used his cool daguerreotype to take the picture, and I added the colour.
King Roo looked grimmer than I've ever seen him when I told him about all of the bugs. It was like the whole world turned a little grey. But he soon cheered up; we have a gadget, after all. Gadgets make everything better. I was pretty glad to get home to Roo Island, even if there is still a lot of work to do.
Thank goodness the gadget started working! There are fewer bugs already. However, Tangor warned us that the sonic wave inverter needed power from the Games Room itself, which means everyone needs to play lots of games, or the bugs will just come right back. Somehow, I don't think AAA will be too upset about having to play more games.

AND... King Roo said I could have this dress! He's been carrying it around since he left Roo Island; he ordered a fancy dice-themed cape, but the tailors got the order all wrong and made a dress, and well, King Roo wasn't going to wear a dress. He'd been planning to exchange it, but since I was helpful, he's giving to me instead!