Neopets - How to draw the Rainbow Fountain Faerie

How to draw the Rainbow Fountain Faerie : Printable Version

Start by making an oval for the Fountain Faerie's head.

Next, draw a curve along the left side of the oval to create the Faerie's cheek.

It's now time to begin drawing her body. Make two large ovals for her upper and lower body. Then, under the shape you created for her lower body, make two tiny ovals, which will help when you draw her tail.

Connect the Faerie's upper body to her head with a pair of short lines for her neck. Next, define the Faerie's body shape by connecting her upper and lower body. Finally, draw the Faerie's fishlike tail and erase your extra lines.

Now, add a wide "U" shape to the Faerie's upper body for her chest. Then, begin working on her arms by making two narrow ovals for her forearms and a pair of small circles for her hands.

Erase any lines that you no longer need. Next, finish drawing the Faerie's arms by connecting the shapes you made for her forearms and hands to one another and then linking her forearms to her shoulders. Finally, give some more shape to her hands.

At this point, divide her hands into separate fingers. Then, give some more shape to her chest.

Add a large, crescent moon-like shape to the end of the Faerie's tail for her fin.

Erase any extra lines you might have. Your drawing should now look like this.

It's now time to give your Fountain Faerie some long, flowing wavy hair. Also, don't forget to add a pointed ear to the right side of her head. (Her other ear isn't visible because her head is turned.)

Give the Fountain Faerie's hair some texture by drawing waves and curls in it. Then, add a bit more detail to her ear.

Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on her face. These lines will act as a guide when you're drawing her facial features.

Using the lines you made in the last step, draw the Faerie's large eyes. Next, make a short curved line beneath her eyes for the centre line of her mouth.

Continue drawing the Faerie's face by adding her small nose and eyebrows. Next, draw the upper and lower lips to complete her mouth. Then, add eyelashes, eyelids, and a curved line for her irises (the coloured part of her eyes) to finish her eyes. Lastly, give her forehead and cheeks their distinctive water droplet markings.

It's now time to add some more detail to the Faerie's clothing and body. First, make a series of curved lines across her chest for the neckline of her outfit. Next, add a bracelet to her left wrist (which is on your right) and a necklace to her neck. Then, make two short lines for her collarbones. Finally, add a bit of scaly texture to her body and some lines to her tail fin.

Next, draw the fluffy bed of clouds that holds the Fountain. Also, add another cloud to the background to be the point of origin for the Fountain's rainbow. Finally, erase any extra lines you might have left on your picture.

Now, make a rainbow between the cloud where the Fountain Faerie is sitting and the one you drew in the background. Many believe that the rainbow is what gives the Rainbow Fountain its magical colours, you know.

Your drawing is almost finished! Give it some colour using anything you'd like, from coloured pencils to a computer program. Also, be sure to include plenty of shading, so that your picture looks especially realistic. Finally, don't forget to add the Fountain's water!