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I was wondering where the WOK (Wheel of Knowledge) was. - Hobo_chick_4eva
It is in Brightvale which is linked to from the Meridell map.

The Gourmet Club issues an "Honorary Member" pet trophy for pets who get into the top 200 on the gourmet list. It would be really nice if you could do the same thing with the Book Award. Please consider this, as many people have spent many NP to get onto that list and only the top 17 readers get *anything* for their effort. It just doesn't seem that fair. - Kittenchick12
That is a good point, I will see what we can do about it.

Does the mysterious shop thingy restock at a certain time? - Gelertgodess
No, it is totally random when things are restocked.

Could you please, please, PLEASE make a mutant day and maybe you could make a mutant uni to premier on that special day.Please will you? Mutants are forgotten a lot now adays with these cuter pets coming out. Please???? - _dragonmonkey666_
You should be really pleased to hear a Mutant themed day is planned for next week where there will be plenty of non-cute things for your enjoyment!

I've noticed that in the new Neopian times layout, there aren't direct links to previous Issues!!! Could you by any chance add them? It would really help! =) - Tsarapkina
That would ne nice, not sure we can do that, but I will ask.

Since neopet is now international, will it be possible to have a Neopian Times in another language? Because my english is not good enough to let me write and article and i really wish i could be able to.... - cacoux
We have had a Japanese version of the Neopian Times for a few months now. There are no immediate plans to do a Neopian Times in other languages, although this is something we would eventually like to have. You can sumbit an article for the Japanese times in the same way you would for the English version.

Could you PLEASE please add a poll about the new look of the Neopian Times? I think people should have an opinion about this. - the67lizardking
Sure thing! A new poll has been added.

What does the Circulation mean on top of the NT? - Comquaq
That is the number of people that have read the Neopian Times.

The bird at the bottom of the menu in the new neopian times is so cute! Is it a petpet or will it ever become a petpet? - Mandaz_monkey
It is a Pirate Petpet called a Weewoo.

Some people make every thing in their shop 1000,000 and over whitch means the only thing you can do is look. This is hardly fair,is it - Mjs_wannabe
It is fair. It is totally up to the shop owner how much they price their items. Some people do not want to sell their things, just have them on display so other people can admire their collections.

I entered the NT with 2 original, entertaining comics yet, I didn't see my comic. What went wrong, can you tell me? - Emotionsocean
It could be that nothing actually went wrong, and your comic will appear in a later issue. Double check that your comics met the requirements for NT entries. If they did try waiting a couple of weeks. We do get way more entries than we can possibly fit in a single issue so sadly, not everybody who writes a great article, story, adventure or comic will appear immediatelly. If your comics do not appear after a couple of weeks, try resending them.

Does submitting a question to the editorial and having it publish credit you once (or however many times you get your editorial questions published) towards the ten times you need for the Neopian Times avatar? - 20charactersmax56
I am afraid not, no.

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