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A Good Night's Sleep

Baby pets require care, love, and every single nanosecond of your time.

by horserider12302

Counting Babaas: A Guide to Maths Nightmare

Ok, so we’ve all heard that thing. You know, the one about counting the Babaas as they jump over the fence whenever you can’t get to sleep.

by uf_gator_bowlr_grl13

Deciphering the Secret Language of the Petpets

Well... it seems the law of gravity is still in effect.

by pk_fire14

How To Be A Great Guild Leader

I mean, you look at a guild and you think, "I could make one much better than that!"

by karlitea

Looks ARE Everything: Part Two

Some change into bold, intimidating, battledome-ready Neopets. Others need to BE changed. Ummm, their diapers, that is.

by stoneman3x

Monotony Mayhem: How To Survive

For hours, millions of Neopians watch impatiently as it spins. And spins. And spins some more.

by xomandajox

Potato Counting: Totally Tuberler or Just Plain Boring?

It's the infamous sport. The game that tests your true knowledge of numbers. No, not that boring Maths Nightmare game!

by fantasy_scifi

Real or Impostor?

Exploding Pizza Pasties: A BIG mistake you really want to avoid.

by branidi

The Font is Mightier Than the Sword

So, you want to have a spiffy font, do you?

by dudeimdude

The Fountain Faerie

As I was walking through Faerieland the other day, I noticed a ray of color and a rainbow...

by girlygrl27

The Top Ten Hotels In Neopia!

Looking for a place for your Neopet to get some rest, relaxation, and a little fun in the sun?

by burrboarder03

Where Did Neopia’s Months Get Their Names?

In the Neopian calendar, the months are named after what goes on during them.

by fjcormier

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"I Like The Way You Groove!" by plushieowner

Get off my back, Ferny I am working as fast I can/ Least I don’t sleep on the job and have a low attention span.

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The MAGAX Chronicles: Part One
He whipped out his battleaxe, slashing at the ghosts as they swarmed around him, making horrible rattling noises as they came, as if they were trying to draw breath but couldn’t quite manage it.

by grimpixie


Hunt for Cadima: Part One
The sea glittered wistfully in the sun; the bird-like Petpets chirped in their trees, the Catamaras and Scados swam, looking for food to eat.

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